Thursday 11/15 and Friday 11/16

DO NOW: Use analytical notes to analyze the diagram below.

HW: Organize your mock trial notes (class notes + analytical notes + 4 lenses of ES) Create an outline of your persuasive in to You may come watch today during essay, you will be writing it in tutoring. 3:40-4:10pm class on Monday/Tuesday. Watch the 28 minute video on the Atmosphere and take notes t/text.php?unit=2&secNum=1

1. Learning Groups Gallery Walk (40) 2. Tree Planting and Watershed Demonstration by Mr. Trinidad (30 minutes) 3. Global Warming notes (20) 4. Persuasive essay (20)

In your learning groups
Have your Cornell Notes out and be ready to teach your group members. Tape your poster to the wall You will have 5 minutes at each poster to teach your group about your piece. Group members, you should be completing the guided notes at each poster.

GOAL: “IWBAT understand the causes and effects of global warming, eutrophication, acid rain, introduction of nonnatives, ozone depletion, and biomagnification”

Tree Planting Demo
GOAL: “IWBAT explain the importance of tree planting/care in relation to global warming and carbon emissions”
“Be graceful in the wind Stand tall after a storm Be prepared for each season Provide shelter to strangers Stay deeply rooted while reaching for the sky Be still long enough to hear your own leaves rustling." — Karen Shragg, "Think Like a Tree

Watershed Demo
GOAL: “IWBAT explain how my actions can impact the health of my local waterway and how it relates to eutrophication.”

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. “ Proverb

Do you think this could ever happen? Why? Why not?
The Day After Tomorrow

GOALS: “IWBAT explain the difference between climate and weather” “IWBAT discuss the trends on climate change”

Weather and Climate Are Not the Same
• Weather is short-term changes
– – – – Temperature Air pressure Precipitation Wind

• Climate is average conditions in a particular area over a long period of time
– Temperature – Precipitation – Fluctuations are normal

Climate Change is Not New
• Over the past 4.7 billion years the climate has been altered by
– – – – – Volcanic emissions Changes in solar input Movement of the continents Impacts by meteors Changing global air and ocean circulation

• Over the past 900,000 years
• Glacial: Ice age • Interglacial: Not in an ice age

– Glacial and interglacial periods

17 Average surface temperature (°C) 16 15 14 13

11 10 9 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 Present

Thousands of years ago

Fig. 19-2a, p. 494

15.0 Average surface temperature (°C) 14.8 14.6 14.4 14.2 14.0 13.8 13.6





1960 Year




Fig. 19-2b, p. 494

Science: Ice Cores Are Extracted by Drilling Deep Holes in Ancient Glaciers

Fig. 19-3, p. 495

Global Warming

Greenhouse Effect: Process of global warming

Green house gases

IPCC data
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

 What do you notice?

IPCC data (Cont’d)
 What do you notice?

IPCC data (Cont’d)
 What do you notice?

IPCC data (Cont’d)
 What do you notice?

IPCC data (Cont’d)


Waste Heat
 Burning of any fuel automatically releases low-temperature waste heat into the environment.  Sources:
 Internal combustion engines  Nuclear fuel cycle  Coal burning power plants


 Oceans absorb CO2  Remove 25-30% of atmospheric CO2  Ocean currents transfer some CO2 to the deep ocean where it is buried in carbon compounds in bottom sediments for several hundred million years  In 2009 warmest in 130 years of record keeping

What is another source for removing CO2 from the atmosphere?

Oceans (Cont’d)
 More atmospheric CO2 has lead to an increase in dissolved CO2 in the oceans  Increased acidity: CO2 + H2O <=> H2CO3

• Decreases the populations of phytoplankton

Think Box
 What implications might this have for the future?

Persuasive essay
Paragraph #1- Introduction Paragraph #2- Concession (the other side) Paragraph #3 Argument #1 Paragraph #4 Argument #2 Paragraph #5 Conclusion

• Scientists, politicians, and community leaders debate the impact that off-shore drilling is having on our planet. Over the course of the past weeks in environmental science, you have studied multiple perspectives on this issue. Some support policies and procedures that limit offshore drilling. Others do not support such policies and procedures, arguing that such actions will have negative effects on our economic stability.

• Write a persuasive essay in which you convince your readers whether or not we should ban off-shore drilling. Use specific reasons and examples to support your position

Paragraph #1

Paragraph #2

Paragraph #3

Paragraph #4

Paragraph #5