.977  Facebook Stats:  6.331.619 talking about this .BestBuy – Social Media Presence  BestBuy uses Facebook & twitter as its primary social media platform  Twitter stats:  Tweets: 5962  Following: 751  Celebs and brands  Followers: 279.463 likes ·  52.

 The product info keeps the customers informed of the new stuff they can buy from BestBuy and they also have info on new offers/deals.BestBuy .  They keep the users engaged by posting/teeting on relevant content about themselves and also relevant content on the products and brand ambassadors.Strategy  The posts and tweets are information that is of interest to its customers.  For example. they tweet about Samsung SIII which will be of interest to its customers. .

031.  Twitter stats:  Tweets: 18.045.777  Following: 44. .325 talking about this.539  Facebook Stats:  9.  PepsiCo also has Facebook pages for different geographic locations to engage the users more effectively.PepsiCo – Social Media Presence  PepsiCo also uses Facebook and twitter as their primary social media platforms.194.603  Celebs & employees  Followers: 1.624 likes ·  1.

 They also use this medium to counter any –ve publicity they might have got by giving proper information. .PepsiCo .  They engage users by encouraging them to vote or discuss on various issues.Strategy  Pepsi has separate Facebook pages and twitter accounts for different geographic locations and the various brands under the PepsiCo umbrella  They post mostly on the stuff related to their brand positioning or their marketing campaigns.

online media that supports social interaction. Twitter. under which users send tangible gifts to their loved ones from retailers through Facebook and email Five Keys to Social Commerce Success : • User experience is different on social commerce. • Measure success of your social commerce presence. Increasing social media population hooked onto Facebook.Social Commerce & E-Commerce It is a subset of e-commerce that involves using social media. • Extend your existing store. Social commerce continues to gain popularity around the globe. • Set clear goals for social marketing versus social commerce. & user contributions to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services. etc is set to give a big boost to the already burgeoning domestic ecommerce market. . with the rising popularity of e-gifting. • Social marketplaces are a good starting point.

50. Social Commerce thus becomes the next step forward for the companies to differentiate and innovate.E-Commerce in India reached a mark of Rs. 82 percent of online buyers consider others' opinions. India is the 2nd Largest market for Facebook and 6th Largest for Twitter. Some Start-ups which have revolutionized Social Commerce: • Extole • 8thBridge • Chirpify • LocalResponse . Social networking sites are accessible on mobile phones. According to a recent report.000 Crore last year. it is easy for both individuals as well as organisations to expand their e-commerce strategy into the social commerce realm. A Forrester study shows that when online retailers suggest relevant products. they increase the average basket by 47 percent and the number of products sold by 27 percent.

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