After the acquisition of the Belgium-based Pauwels Trafo/Pauwels Group in May 2005.A. was appointed as their concessionaire in India. The company subsequently acquired a host of companies outside India. MSE Power Systems (USA) and ZIV (Spain).E.E. Parkinson in 1927 to form Crompton Parkinson Ltd. R.B. These include Ganz (Hungary). The company was merged with F. and is headquartered in a self-owned landmark building at Worli. . established by James Greaves in 1859.History Col. The name Crompton Greaves Limited was adopted on August 2.B. Sonomatra (France). 1966. Crompton founded R. Crompton & Company in 1878. Crompton Greaves is a part of the US$4 billion Avantha Group. the company has evolved into one of India's largest private sector enterprises. following a courtdirected amalgamation of Greaves Cotton and Crompton Parkinson Ltd. Microsol (Ireland). Crompton Greaves was ranked amongst the world's top ten electrical transformer manufacturers. Over the years. Mumbai. Greaves Cotton and Company.

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Portable. indexing Recommended for use in veranda. . small houses and temporary structures.Wall mounting fans Crompton Greaves wall mounted fans are portable and can be used anywhere and everywhere. terrace. oscillating. Available in non-plastic and plastic models to suit individual requirements.

Wall mounting fans .

Wall mounting fans .

Ceiling Fans CG`s ceiling fans incorporate power and performance. safety and durability. . comfort and style and offer both decorative and economy models to suit individual needs.

Ceiling Fans .

Crompton Greaves Jupiter . 2. 3. 4 blades. 6. Crompton Greaves Cool Breeze – Rs.Prices of some of the CG fans 1.1885 It consists of double ball bearing and decorative segment with 3 blades. 2130 It is of 48 inch with the rated speed of 360 and power is 74 watts. 5. Crompton Greaves Ceiling Fan 48 Inch Aura Metallic .Rs. Crompton Greaves Ceiling Fan 48 Inch Hs Decora . aristocratic design and four lampshades. high grade components. Crompton Greaves Trigger – Rs. 1200 It comprises of decorative segment. high grade components. 1100 It consists of powerful motor. .Rs. double ball bearings and high grade components. double ball bearings. Crompton Greaves Uranus – Rs. and powerful motor. elegant design and decorative segment. 4000 It has pull cords for speed and light control. 4000 It is loaded with four lampshades.Rs. 4.