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• Malay traditional house in Kedah Darul Aman State have their own unique characteristic and can be seen at its roof design construction and its beautiful structure design.

• Its‟ space design is easy, and its‟ floor plan arrangement can be divide into some primary space like “rumah ibu”, “lepau”, “anjung”.

BUILDING DESIGN • The traditional house of Kedah has long and pitch tebar layar or long gable • The Kedah traditional house commonly have areas like anjung. lepau. • Lepau. the extended living area is used when there is ceremony like wedding .and a room. • lepau and rumah ibu is functioning to separate the area between owner and guests. rumah ibu.


This type of roof gives good shading for the house and as the protection from solar radiation.ROOF • The most common house form is bumbung panjang . It also as the gutter for rain and to prevent the rain from dropped onto the wall or into the building. .

Anjung also can be use as the rest area for the family and the place to chat between friends in the evening. .VERANDAH • Balcony is the element resulting from extension of lepau. Level of anjung is built low than lepau to avoid the stairs from being too high from the ground level.

Its decorating with beautiful and decorative engraving that is very suitable with its function as the area to attend guests. .This area also can show whether the owner is rich or poor by the decoration of this area.LEPAU • This area is used to attend the guests and built lower than “rumah ibu” .

.RUMAH IBU [main house] • Function of rumah ibu is as the centre of the house where it connected others area in the house like lepau.

One of the column is called “tiang seri” situated in the middle where the ceremony to built the house is taken. A line of 4 columns at the front of rumah ibu make lepau one of the most unique area in house of Kedah.Column • Column is one from the main structure. .

• Common floor is used for almost area of the house to support live load and dead load refers to the uses of the area. or death. • Each of these planks will be closely arranged to avoid the interval between the planks .FLOOR • Malay Kedah‟s house has two types of floors which are common floor and seldom floor. diseased. • Lantai jarang (seldom floor) can be found in bedroom at rumah ibu used if there is any emergency.

WALL • Most of Kedah house used plaiting bamboo or „papan cantik‟ as their walls. . To maintain it original traditional value we also has apply papan cantik at our chalet .

DOOR • The main door ( 2 door leaf) is from anjung to lepau. . There also a door (1 door leaf) which connect rumah ibu to bedroom and a door (1 door leaf) which connect rumah ibu to bath room.

This window also built together with jerejak to avoid anyone from falling down onto the ground. This type of window known as tingkap labuh. This window can be found at lepau and rumah ibu area and consists of 3 segments.WINDOW • • • • • Traditional Kedah house only have one type of window. These segments are formed from inflated plank panels. Jerejak also have the function which allows air to flow into the house area and cool the house . especially children.

. so if the stairs is odd in numbers. This stair was built with joint method. people who start with the right step will end also on the right step. we are practice to start the step with the right step. The total numbers of stairs must be in odd numbers because peoples believe it is symbol of luck for the house owner.STAIRCASE • The main stair is situated at the front of the house that is stair at the front door to the lepau. In the Islam.

the air that moves under the floor can cool the floor. it can prevent the house from water entrance during flood. attack of the wild animal and protecting the house from the thieves. safety characteristics is the main factors besides providing comfortable in the house. This show. With the higher floor area than the ground.HIGH FLOOR AREA • Usually. Furthermore. floor design for a Malay traditional house was built higher than the ground level. .

CHALET PROPOSED DESIGN Area for 1 room SpaceFloor BedRoom Bathroom Verandah Area(mm²) 1700X1200 1500X1200 1200x1500 Area for 2 rooms SpaceFloor Room (2 units) Bathroom (1 units) Verandah Living hall Area(mm²) 1900x1650 1400x1200 1200X4100 3000x4500 .

MATERIAL AND FINISHES USED Element Foundation Material concrete Finishes Paint Types of opening - Front door Timber frame solid door timber Timber timber Timber Timber concrete Timber syelek and varnish Composite casement Composit casement fixed - Bathroom door Front window Bathroom window Wall Floor Bathroom floor Stairs cement screed/varnish Syelek syelek and varnish Syelek and varnish Tiles syelek and varnish Roof Nypah Nypah - .

SIZE • • • • FOOTING: 200 X 200 (mm) COLUMN: 150 X 150 (mm) BEAM:150 x 75(mm) ROOF TRUSSES:100 x 100(mm) .


Footing to column .

Column to beam .

Column to roof beam .

Roof trusses .


.1) The site is cleared and the footings and the structural components are laid in their respective positions.

. It is then braced with wooden supports.2) The tiang seri is erected using a pulley and with the help of other villagers.

crossbars and wooden supports. .3) Other columns are erected and are braced by the floor joists.

.4) A temporary floor is made to facilitate the erection of the roof .

5) The alang panjang (girts) and the alang pendek (tie-girts) are erected. .

.6) The tunjuk langit (king posts) are erected and are braced by crossbars.

supported by the king posts.7) The tulang bumbung (roof ridge) is erected. The alang panjang of the serambi and the alang muda is also put up. .

. The kasau jantan (principle rafters) supports the kasau lintang (purlins) which in turn support the kasau attap (common rafters).8) The roof structure is erected.

9) The roofing material made from nypah is sewn onto a wooden spine. The floor boards and the tebar layer are also laid. It is sewn overlapping each other onto the kasau attap (common rafters). .

CONCLUSION • Our proposed traditional house has its own special characteristics and is the most suitable this chalet is because: • Only use mortise and tennon as method of connection • Combine system (precast + in-situ) • ‘Jerejak’ to avoid anyone from falling down to the ground • ‘Tingkap labuh’ for a better ventilation • Use less of expensive material .

Thank you .

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