Muhammad Asad 11242 MBA-V “C”

Data Collection Methods

1. Interviews

2. Quentionnaires

3. Observational Studies

4. Projective Tests

5. Secondary Data

6. Focus Groups & Panels

1.1. Unstructured Interviews

2.1. Personally Administrated Questionnaires

Participant Observation

1.2. Structured Interviews

Mail Questionnaires

Nonparticipant Observation

1.3. Face to Face Interviews

1.4. Telephone Interviews

By: Muhammad Asad MBA, NUML

   Data can be collected in many ways. in different settings and from different sources Settings means natural or artificial environment Sources means primary data or secondary data By: Muhammad Asad MBA. NUML .

NUML .   Collecting data from respondents to obtain data on the issues of interest Respondents: The related persons Issues of interest: The cause for which research is conducted By: Muhammad Asad MBA.

NUML .By: Muhammad Asad MBA.

NUML .   Undetermined questions For preliminary information Conducted to set some variables By: Muhammad Asad MBA.

NUML .    Predetermined question To get what is needed Same question from every respondent Based on unstructured interviews By: Muhammad Asad MBA.

     Adaption of questions Clarification of doubts Repeating or Rephrasing the questions Costly if respondents located in different countries Respondents can feel uneasy to face interviewer By: Muhammad Asad MBA. NUML .

   Saves time Cost effective Elimination of discomfort By: Muhammad Asad MBA. NUML .

usually within rather closely defined alternatives Efficient way of collecting data By: Muhammad Asad MBA. NUML .  A determined set of written questions to which respondents record their answers.

Questionnaires Personally Administrated Questionnaire Mail Questionnaires By: Muhammad Asad MBA. NUML .

By: Muhammad Asad MBA. NUML .      Good way to collect data locally Time saving Cost effective Scanner sheets can be used Large respondents can be contacted in short period of time Questionnaires can be filled after office hours.

     Questionnaire through mail Wide geographical area can be covered Easy for respondents Low rate of responses Doubts cannot be cleared By: Muhammad Asad MBA. NUML .

facial expressions of joy. body language can be observed Specially very helpful when respondents are children By: Muhammad Asad MBA. statements made and meetings conducted by respondents.     Observation of respondents Collecting the data by the behaviors of respondents Without asking any question Movements. NUML . work habits. anger.

Researcher’s Role Participant Observation Non-participant Observation By: Muhammad Asad MBA. NUML .

NUML .  Researcher works as an respondent at the place Actually becomes a part of the work team By: Muhammad Asad MBA.

observe the employees doing their jobs for several days Physically presence of researcher at workplace for extended periods of time makes this technique very time consuming By: Muhammad Asad MBA.   Without becoming a part of work team Researcher may sit in a corner. NUML .

  To know the mind set of respondents towards related topic To know what do they think about it? By: Muhammad Asad MBA. NUML .

 Word Association Technique ◦ Quickly association of first thing which comes in respondents’ minds  Example: Advance research methodology_____?  Thematic Apperception Tests ◦ Making story after watching a picture By: Muhammad Asad MBA. NUML .

NUML .By: Muhammad Asad MBA.

may not fulfill current needs By: Muhammad Asad MBA.     Data collected by someone other than the researcher conducting the current study Internal or external data of an organization can be accessed through computer or by visiting that organization’s recorded or published information Secondary data may be collected for forecasting It is time and cost saving way Data may be outdated. NUML .

     For exploratory studies Focus Group=One time group sessions Panels=More than one time 8-10 randomly chosen members with a group leader Focus sessions are aimed at obtaining respondents impressions. NUML . interpretations and opinion regarding product or a strategy  By: Muhammad Asad MBA.

NUML .By: Muhammad Asad MBA.

By: Muhammad Asad MBA. NUML .