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• Overview of iPAS System • CS Introduction



Overview of iPAS System •28 CSs can be connected to one CSC •32 RPs can be connected to one RPC 4pairs phone line Provided by UTStarcom E1 E1 GW Ethernet E1 RPC PSTN CSC CS 1 pare phone line PS RCR STD 28 PS OSS RP UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 3 .

Topics • Overview of iPAS System • CS Introduction • Troubleshooting Steps UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 4 .

CS Inside GPS Switch Power Switch Power Wire Connector GPS Receiver Connector Phone Line Connector Status Indicator CS Inside Panel Layout UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 5 .

Status Indicator Inside CS Master Slave Line1 Line2 Line3 Line4 LCCH Alarm RESET SWITCH UTSI CONFIDENTIAL Power 6 .

White Brown. White Green. Blue White. Brown 7 UTSI CONFIDENTIAL . White Orange. Green White.BRI Connections Actually BRI slots in CS • • • • Blue. Orange White. White BRI Connection in HCM City • • • • White.

slave and GPS switch should be appropriate level and also grounding connector and resistance should follow the standard • Power on operation: First power off the CS before making copper line connection is strongly recommended.Common Problems • Copper Wire: There are mismatching of lines between CS to CSC connections • Grounding and Switch: Please check master. UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 8 .

then maximum length of copper line 4 Km • If copper line diameter is 0.2K Ohm • DC loop back resistance of lines should not exceed 4k Ohm on load condition • Voltage between two lines should not exceed 2V • If copper line diameter is 0. then maximum length of copper line 5 Km UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 9 .4mm.Copper line specifications • DC loop back resistance of lines should not exceed 1.5mm.

Problems in CS • • • • • • • Cannot make call at particular CS Memory Alarm Trans Power Alarm or CS Block Parameter not download Antenna Power Transmitting Problem Phase Locked Loop Problem Cross BRI Connections 10 UTSI CONFIDENTIAL .

• Version Synchronization Problem • CSC to MDF connection wrong • LCCH Alarm UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 11 ..Contd.

• If line number 1 is working. it means line 1 down. UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 12 .Solutions of BRI Problems • Check the all BRIs connected properly and should not be loose Connections • If you cannot download parameter. • Some time line 2/3/4 is line 1 because of wrong connection at distribution box and MDF. it means line is not correct • Check which line is line 1 by measuring line resistance of each line and check at Netman 2020.

then check from distribution box and MDF UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 13 . white wire does not match with corresponding wire • If you do not get loop back resistance from MDF.Contd… • Sometimes. then check connection between CS and distribution box. • If connection is ok.

. Then check from MDF and CSC connection.Contd. • Swap CSIF card with spare card. • The resistance in the grounding cable doesn’t meet the requirement (4 Ohm) UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 14 . • If all connections are ok. • Take out corresponding CSIF card at CSC and wait for few minute and insert in the slot.

Problem would be solved and can make call. CS shows all status ok in Netman and all BRI good and LCCH status good at CS but unable to make call. sometimes BRI shows good but actually BRI is not good. I found all lines blinking and LCCH blinking even though we take out all BRI but all leds blinking. UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 15 ..Contd. *Some time. It means BRI interface in CS circuit has problem and change CS. In that case. *Sometimes. you will have to check line1 quality. Change the BRI line 1.

We faced such problem at two CSs and found the CSIF of corresponding CS was hanged. Then problem would be solved. UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 16 . you can make call in one direction means if you call somebody and can listen tone and person pick up phone then you can hear his/her voice but he/she cannot listen your voice. So take out card and press IC No UT9651 and inserted again or replaced by spare card.*If at any CS site.

• When downloading program. Please check the following status UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 17 .Memory Failure Problem • Memory problem come because of voltage fluctuation and wrong program or parameter • Check version at Netman and if wrong. then go to site and download program by PCI card. do version synchronization • If problem still there.

• Status/Error led..Contd.No indication means S/W downloading from memory card has not been executed. • Blinking green means application S/W is being downloaded in CS • Steady green means application S/W has been downloaded successfully • Steady red means memory card problem and application S/W corrupted. UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 18 .

that means PLL or trans power alarm. You need to change CS. You must change CS • If Netman shows CS block. UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 19 .CS Block or Trans Power alarm • Trans power alarm is hardware problem.

UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 20 . You must change CS unit.PLL Problem • Phase locked Loop is hardware problem.

parameter_ver_work and parameter_ver_wait in CS status. U1 antenna does not transmit power. please check program_ver_work.U1 Antenna • Sometimes. program_ver_wait. UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 21 . It should be 87 or 61 and 8 at Netman.

UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 22 .Version Syc Problem • Some times. Operation engineers download only program_ver_work 87 from Netman and forget to synchronize parameter_ver_work 8. This problem will be solved. Please do version synchronize whenever download program in new CS.

LCCH Problem • LCCH no indication means allocation of channel has not been started. cable and failure of CSC. • Blinking green means allocation of channel is in process • Steady green means allocation of channel has been completed and communication with PS is ready. • Steady red means allocation of control channel has been failed and communication with PS is unavailable because no slots available and there are many CSs around. UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 23 . Check line.

there is a need of GPS receiver installation under the redundancy configuration N+1. there is no need to use the GPS receiver • If the number of CS in a specified area is more than 30.Solution of Syn and interference • Key word for synchronization of network design • The network clock taken from one source must synchronize all the CSs in the system. • If the CS number in one separated area is less than 6.2s. • The number of CS in slave 3 must be less than it in slave 2. UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 24 . The clock accuracy must be better than 1E-6 • The synchronization threshold of wireless system must be set to 31.

Check Synchronization Status Difficult to make call for subscribers most of time • Causes: Clock is lost in GW or lost in CSC • Counter Measure: Use PHS 35 C/L to check network synchronization CSs in one CSS cannot synchronize each other • Causes: CSC clock (extracted from E1 connection to the GW) problem • Counter Measure: Check the E1 UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 25 .

UTSI CONFIDENTIAL 26 .• A specified CS lose the synchronization • Causes: The CS can not get the clock from the first copper pair • Counter Measure: Check the copper connection between CS and CSC • CSs in one synchronization group lose the synchronization with other CS synchronization group • Causes: Time stamp in the CS in Master is lost or incorrect • Counter Measure: Check time setting to assure that all the CS in master have the same time stamp.


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