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Maintang by volunteers from various areas of expertise including law, the arts, and information technology.

Community Building

Volunteer Program
• Initiated in Nov, 2009, the CC volunteer project does a great assistance in implementation of CC license promotion and legally sharing concept. • Volunteers coming from university campus, IT, education, media and arts fields • Volunteers make great contributions in IT, translation and legal affairs while providing reserve force.

Promotional Activities

Jun 2006, the debut Dec 2007, 5th Anniversary of CC Global Nov 2009, CC Volunteer Communications Sep 2009, CC Beijing: Let’s play together May 2010, CC with OER Dec 2010, 8th Anniversary of CC Global

May 2011, CC Volunteer Communications

Community Building Online CC Platforms

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users/ volunteers open on-line BBS


The official website of CC China Mainland


Collaborating with Various Institutions and Communities

Examples of projects or websites in China Mainland using CC licenses

Recent CC licensed publications in China Mainland

Media coverage in CC China Mainland


The promotional activities of CC China Mainland have been reported by many media organizations including: Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, Guangming Daily, Legal Daily, the People’s Court Daily, China Intellectual property News,China Consumer News,China Culture Daily, China Photo Press, City Pictorial, Beijing Today, That’s Beijing and China Radio International , Beijing TV (BTV).,,,, Judicial Protection of IRP in China, also reported on CC related events.

CC OER Promotional Program
As creative commons’ official project in China Mainland, OER plays an important role in CC China mainland license promotion. In the past few years, we’ve worked with UNESCO, OCWC, China National Library etc. to promote CC license use in OER section. •OER forum •OER Salon •OER online platform •OER research report The public know more about how CC license can help to promote OER sharing in China. More importantly, how to share and reuse educational resources legally. China will benefit from this in the long run.

Current Progress with China’s Ministry of Education

CC China Mainland Project Lead Pro. WANG Chuanyan

CC license

The Open Course in Universities in China Mainland

5th – 10th March 2012, International OER week
CC China Mainland with Sina ―education channel‖ jointly hold a online forum in one of the most popular ―Chinese twitter‖—Sina micro blog. •Theme: Open Course, CER and Creative Commons; •In 1 hour forum, Netizens raised more than 160 question, far beyond our expectation; •Questions focused on: How CC licenses can help promote open course campaign; relationship between CC and OER; IPR with Creation CC license with OER The differences between V2.5 and V 3.0 CC licenses The differences between online open course & traditional school education How to avoid copyright infringement in open course; •It clearly specified that the public gradually turn their attention from open course to CC license itself. The use of CC license will be expand to other educational resources in China.

Q: in the past, we emphasize IPR can protect and encourage creativity. But it seems CC has different view on this. A: IPR needs to make a balance between public welfare and private profits. No matter CC or OER, we focus on create, share and protect. It has the same purpose with IRP protection. Through CC and OER, the public has better understanding towards IRP. Q: what is the relationship bewteen CC and OER A: Based on UNESCO’s definition for OER: resources in public domain and resources published under open copyright license agreement. CC license is one of them. Till now, most OER is under CC license. Without CC license, no OER, no open course.

―CC and OER‖ Educated Youth Gathering,
a very popular series forum in Beijing and Shanghai
Time:10th Aug, 2012, Host: Co-Host: CC China Mainland Place: China Millennium Monument •Theme: the future of knowledge and study •More than 200 participant from various background. From TV producer to scholar, from NGO to government officer etc. •CC China Project Manger: ZHU Handong gave a presentation namely ―CC’s role in OER campaign‖ to explain why we need to OER in today’s knowledge bombing time.

Forum on Creative Commons and Open Educational Resources (Yifu Conference Center, Renmin University of China, October 17th, 2011)

The participants conducted an in-depth discussion on a series of topics including •how to share educational resources by open licenses, the significance of CC licenses to OER, •the domestic OER practice, the experiences in construction of the open platform to share OER, •how to initiate legal sharing culture in the OER domain and promote the prosperity of society and culture. •The forum was broadcasted live on Creative Commons China Mainland’s microblogs of Sina and Netease.

Chinese version of WSIS of UNESCO
•Since 2011, CC China Mainland started OER cooperation with UNESCO •The release of Chinese Version of WSIS signifies: The realization of global OER Chinese online communities and CC China Mainland’s international OER cooperation has just finished its first concrete step forward.
WSIS is the first online community in OER of UNESCO, which based on an open global network to realize the Millennium Development Goals of UN with more than 15,000 members.

“Open Educational Resources in the People's Republic of China: State-of-the-Art, Challenges and Prospects for Development”
•Based on first-hand materials •A comprehensive analytical survey of the current state of OER in China •provides a prospect analysis and suggestions for the future. •Published o IITE website •Co- author: Mr. ZHAO Guodong, from the Educational Technical College of Peking University. •Under CC-BY-SA.

Open Course Upsurge in China Mainland
With easier internet access, portals in China like Netease, Sina, Tencent and other major video sharing websites make their attempt on ―open course ‖

Netease Open Course
Sina Open Course Tencent Open Course

Chaoxing Open Course: owns a special
filming team with more than 750 members to record school courses. The targeted course usually offered by famous universities, research institutes. It have positive influences for China’s open course campaign.

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