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Role of the Nurse As a Patient Advocate .

Many ethical. The definition of advocacy varies according to who is providing the definition and the health care setting in which she acts. professional and personal issues are involved that require appropriate education.Registered Nurses (RN) have a complex role in advocating for patients. experience and judgment .


What is ADVOCACY? .

. intercessor Nurses are empowered to be advocates.“Advocacy is the heart and soul of nursing practice” . to maintain by argument.It is giving aid to "a vocal supporter of any cause. to recommend. . one who pleads or speaks for another. It is the very nature of our noble profession that has placed us in this powerful position of nurse advocate.

Nurses work to: .promote health .” . and communities. and they have a good handle on the issues and what the patients need. families.prevent disease . Most importantly. “Nurses are at the front lines of care. Nurses are advocates and health educators for patients cope with illness and stress. nurses now must become advocates for the nursing profession.

practice and patient care environments.Nursing advocacy plays a critical role in keeping patients safe throughout their encounters with the health care system. Since the time of Florence Nightingale nurses have served in this important role. and access to care. advocating for health care improvements related to infection control. This is especially true when a patient is undergoing surgery and anesthesia or is too ill or sedated to serve as his or her own advocate. .

. Nurses play a key role in educating consumers about quality health care.ADVOCATE FOR OUR PATIENTS All practicing nurses should advocate for patients on a daily basis.


Nurses must advocate for quality health care and be educated about the issues that affect health care delivery. .ADVOCATE FOR QUALITY Advocacy does not end at the bedside. It is the goal of every nurse to be an advocate and a champion of quality.

these nurses educate them about illness. To help patients make the best decision regarding their health. ensure that they understand their diagnosis and inform them about all of the possible treatment options. .What does a Nurse Advocate Do? A nurse advocate acts as a connection between patients and their health care providers in order to improve or maintain the quality of care that patients receive.

Patients may be afraid to say what they want because they believe it will alienate their physician.BARRIERS Some barriers to patient advocacy by nurses result from patients who are unwilling or unable to express their preferences. .


“Advocacy is a role nurses are well-suited for. We never want to underestimate the value of our direct-care experience.” . We have something other people cannot speak to. We are on the front lines.

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