Computer arts

Technical artist (rigger)

“Responsible for creating the technical system that facilitates bringing a static character model to life.” (Maraffi, 2009, P2) g ots/procRig_rig.jpg

-Technical artist works with both animators and modellers

-modern day equivalent of an armature or puppet on strings
- Must design the control system

Colour coded rig 2011

Job requirements: - great knowledge of anatomy -understanding of joints/bones -in-depth knowledge of hierarchy node based structure (such as hyper graph and hyper shade) -animation and modelling knowledge advantageous -show reel demonstrating work and experience

Model only 2011

What I am currently doing? -Learning Python/MEL scripting -Modeling, rigging and animating a head - testing limit nodes - additional research on anatomy - researching current technical artists work such as Judd Simantov from Naughty dog among others - testing others rigs to find new techniques and self criticism on my own rigs to develop further -researching into facial expressions such as work of Paul Ekman
“ (people) have still experienced enough interaction with fellow humans to become a veritable expert on what a face looks like in every emotion and phoneme.” ( Ritchie, Callery, Biri 2007, P.87

How to get a job in this field-Websites such as Will help with obtaining a good quality show reel -Freelance work to gain experience -show good understanding of this specialist area -involvement in community websites such as -develop skills

-contacts via linkedin

Things I need to improve upon:
- Reverse foot set-up skinning -Facial expression and rigging -rigging for games (joint based instead of blend shapes) -restraint and node experiments for techniques such as stretch -finger controls to allow correct interaction between character and environment

-Maya need to expand my knowledge further into 3dmax for flexibility

-Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, lightroom, Flash
-Mudbox -After effects and final cut pro


Maraffi.C. 2009. MEL scripting a character rig in Maya. Berkley: New Riders. Gallat.L. 2007. Procedure rig. [online image]. Available from: _rig.jpg [Accessed 19 Feb 2011]. Ritchie, Callery, Biri. 2007. The art of rigging volume 1. Alias Maya.