Age Group(in years


Below 18

18 to 25
25 to 40 Above 40

• Interpretation : The bulk of the customers belong to the age group of 18-25 years.

Income Group(in lakhs)

Below 2.5 2.5 to 4 4 to 10 Above 10

• Interpretation : The results show that the society consists of evenly distributed income groups. .

Preferred Eating Joint Dominos Pizza Hut Mc Donalds Others .

.• Interpretation : The results for the survey show that domino’s is by far the most preferred eating joint among the customers followed by Pizza Hut and McDonald’s respectively.

Preferred Way of Order Dine In Take Away Home Delivery .

.• Interpretation : Major portion of the customers prefer home delivery followed by Dine In.

Use of Coupons 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Regular/Often Never/Rarely Use of Coupons .

.• Interpretation : Coupons are made available to the customers in many ways but still a large percentage of people are not using them.

Spending Amount 60 40 20 0 Below 250 250-500 500-1000 Spending Amount Above 1000 .

or less.• Interpretation : A majority of the people having pizzas prefer their order to be either Rs250-500/. .

Genderwise Preference 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Male Female .

.• Interpretation : Majority of the population visiting the eating joints are Males.

Source of Information Family and Friends TV Ads Newspaper Pamphlets .

• Interpretation : TV commercials as well as Family and Friends are the major source of influence on people while deciding about the eating joints. .

Region South West Region East North 0 20 40 60 80 100 .

• Interpretation : People of the Northern Region have a higher inclination towards pizzas rather than the rest. .

How often do you like to eat out? Almost Everyday 4 Times a week 2 Times a Week Once a Week Once a Month Rarely Eat Out .

• Interpretation : Majority of the population likes to eat out once a week or twice a week. .

Frequency Of Eating Pizza Almost Everyday 4 Times a Week 2 Times a Week Once a Week Once In a Month Rarely Eat Pizza .

• Interpretation : Most people like to have pizza once in a week or maybe once in a month. .

Pizza Type Cheese Burst Veg Special Simply Veg Simply Non Veg Non Veg Special Others .

.• Interpretation : A major part of the people visiting Domino’s love to eat either Cheese Burst or Veg Special.

Ratings For Domino’s 60 50 40 30 20 Excellent Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Poor 10 0 .

• Interpretation : Results show that ‘Delivery’ and ‘Taste’ is the forte of Domino’s whereas there is a lot of scope for improvement in ‘Ambience’ and ‘Presentation’. .

Recommendation Sure May Be Never .

• Interpretation : Results show highly positive response as most people feel good about the services offered by Domino’s and are willing to refer to others. .

Other Than Pizza Garlic Bread Breadsticks Choco Lava Pasta Mexican Wrap Others .

.• Interpretation : Garlic Bread and Choco Lava are the second best options which people like about Domino’s after Pizzas.

Marketing Strategies Since. this will ensure timely delivery and hence. the major segment of the people interested in Domino’s and other eating joints is between 18-25 years hence. . Moreover. development of a good brand image among the customers. it is very important for the outlets to be in strategic locations which should be close to colleges and mass recruiting company sites.

Pizza Hut and McDonald’s are the closest competitors of Domino’s so apart from honing our strengths. Consumer Friendly discount offers are the need of the hour to attract more customers to Domino’s. . we should also learn from them about their strengths and what are the things which customer like the most about them.

 Majority of the orders are received in the rang of 500 or less. .  Family and Friends as well as TV Advertisements are major influencing factor when it comes to deciding on the eating joint so customer satisfaction and customer oriented advertisements and offers should become the key focus. so the main focus should be to provide more variety and introduce new products in the lower price range.

.The people going to eat out do not necessarily prefer going for a Pizza or coming to Domino’s which means that there is an urgent need to provide diversity in the menu card. not only in the range of pizzas but also by introducing some new products which can act as second best options for the consumers. Also. introduction of products which may compliment pizza.

segregation of the counters serving veg and non-veg pizzas might be an add-on advantage considering the ethical values of the vegetarian communities. .Bulk of the customers focus on Vegetarian products. more variety in the vegetarian section might help. Also. hence.

.Ambience of the Dine In restros need significant improvement in order to come at par with its competitors and also. add to customer satisfaction. Garlic Bread and Choco Lava are a hit amongst the customers as secondary options so this can be used as a tool by including them in offers and coupons to lure in more customers.