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A Presentation On La-Shampoo

Presented By Leela Dhar Rathore Nitin Cholkar Manish Pal Ajay Bhumarkar MBA (FT) 3rd Sem Sec. D


Shivani Mehta Brand Manager Mr. Aseem Narang Sales Manager Mr. Piyush Mathur Representative of Ad. Agency Mr. Mrinal Sinha Director of new product Devl.


case is about La-Shampoo and its marketing strategy. La Shampoo was launched in 1975, it was targeted at the women of 15-30 years of age. For about 25 years its steadily held its position with a 4% market share. But in year 2000 the brand started to decline. After the many modification (repackaging) there were no positive response of that.


Mehta was the Brand Manager of La Shampoo. A new look campaign was launched but it was also not working, since 8 months were passed and the sales were still declining. Aseem Narang suggest to cut the price but the Piyush Mathur was not agree with him. At the last of the case it is decided that to launch the new combo packs.


Good Quality Product Efficient workforce


Conflict between Employees Limited targeted customer


Wide Market Product Diversification


Huge Competitors Low Price Products


Who do you think would be the customer for La Shampoos? Ans. La Shampoo was an elite brand so basically its customers were the women of higher social status , as the rates of the brand were also quit high. But if a slight modification in price could be done and then a proper ad campaign could be started, keeping in mind the middle class the a whole new market segment could possibly be made its customer.

2. What should Shivani do? Ans. Instead of a completely changing the image of the brand she should focus on targeting the other classes of society because till now the brand was attracting only the upper class women but the other women were not being attracted may be because of the price. so she should keep the image of the brand intact, and should not focus on changing the packaging, but should introduce new marketing strategies such as discount offers, bulk purchase offers, buy 1 get 1 free offers, etc.

3. If you were the customer what would have been your experience Ans. Being a customer I would definitely look out for better and convenient options and if I would be getting a new and better option I would definitely switch. And so for this brand I think that instead of completely changing its brand image it should simply modify some of its features, along with launching a better ad campaign .

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