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What is endosulphan?
The Kassargod Tragedy with sequence of

A proposed solution.

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is an agricultural pesticide. is a neurotoxic-organochlorine insecticide. It is an endocrine disruptor & is highly toxic. Banned in more than 50 countries including INDIA, BRAZIL & AUSTRALIA.

Various reports and other features reveal that there has been

an Endosulfan tragedy in Kasaragod. Endosulfan, a highly toxic organochlorine pesticide was sprayed in the cashew plantations in Kasaragod District since 1976, till 2001 regularly three times every year. The aerial spraying of Endosulfan was allegedly undertaken to contain the menace of the tea mosquito bug. The intensive use of Endosulfan resulted in a chemical disaster.


INDIA, Hindustan Insecticide Ltd is the producer of Endosulfan. names

Sold under trade 1. THIONEX 2. ENDOCIL 3. PHASER 4. BENZOEPIN.

ACUTE : 1)ADULTS -0.015 mg/kg. 2)CHILDREN 0.0015 mg/kg. CHRONIC: 1)ADULTS -0.006mg/kg. 2)CHILDREN 0.0006 mg/kg.



neurotoxin brown solid crystals same as sulphur dioxide CNS stimulant chlorinated cyclodiene

Applied when insects first appeared . Repeated applications were done when

necessary. Minimum intervals between last treatment & harvest varied from 15-42 days. Endosulfan was sprayed at a height of not more than 2-3 m above foliage.

Effective on plants..but side effect on humans?

Just after three years, the ill effects of Endosulfan spraying came to notice. As early as 1979, stunted growth and deformed limbs were noticed among new born calves. By 1990s health disorders of very serious nature among the human population came to the lime light. Children were found to be the worst affected with congenital anomalies, mental retardation, physical deformities, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hydrocephalus etc

The National Institute Occupational Health (Indian Council of Medical Research) says that after studying various factors responsible for health problem was aerial spraying of Endosulfan

2001- Event though no political party took the matter initially, it was the Kerala CPI took the issue first. BJP has also decided to take up the matter and join the protest. But having lost their faith in the political leaders poor villagers decided to approach the court. And a petition was filed in the court.

2003- The central government banned endosulfan in Kerala.

2004- Kerala banned endosulfan, but even then endosulfan was still was used in the state by other names. Availability of pesticide in the neighboring states also affected effective implementation. 2011- Strong protests from Kerala to ban the killer pesticide. Stockholm convention bans pesticide world wide.