India’s advertising industries and top 10 advertising companies – Global and India

Presented to: Prof. Shashank Mehra Presented By: Group – 9 Atindra Kundu Mrityunjay Das Sadhana Devi Shantanu Bera Som Subhra Das


 Advertising is the non-personal communication of information

usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about

products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the
various media.

 Stimulates demand.

 Strengthens other promotion mix elements.
 Develops Brand preference.

 Cuts Costs.
 Lower Prices.

 Competitive Weapon.

Types of Advertisement Medium
 Electronic Advertising– Radio, TV, Internet.

 Print Advertising– Newspaper, Magazines.

 Outdoor Advertising– Hoardings, Bill Boards.

Types of Advertising:
 Surrogate Advertising.

 Proof Advertising.
 Emotional advertising.

 Financial Advertising.
 Gorilla Advertising.

 In Store advertising.

History of World Advertising:
 The first advertisement was done in 1472.

 It was a handbook.
 It was printed in English.  It was an announcement of a prayer book for sale.  The first newspaper add appeared in the 17th century

offering a reward for finding 12 stolen horses.  The first advertising agency, VOLNEY B. PALMER, was opened in Philadelphia in 1841.  The oldest American advertising agency is J. Walter Thompson.

Entry of other Medium
 In 17th century, classified adds were appearing frequently in

England's news weeklies.
 Later on coloured advertisements appeared in the late 19th

 Radio became a commercial medium in the 1920’s.  Television became a commercial medium in the year 1950

and still now continuing today by aggressively dominating the rest of all .

Advertising Agency
 An advertising agency is an independent organization set up to

render specialized services in advertising particular and
marketing in general.
 Creates add films/ Designs the print adds.  Prepare slogans, brochure and logos.  Also issues press releases for upcoming programmes events, as

well as products.
 Chooses the best media available.

History of Indian Advertising
 1800 – Classified Advertising.

Adds appeared for the first time in print in Hickey’s Bengal Gazette (India’s First Newspaper).
 1905 – B.Dattaram and co. claims to be the oldest existing Indian agency in

Girgaum in Bombay.
 1920 – Enter the first foreign owned add agencies JWT.  1970 – Concept of commercial programming accepted by All India Radio.  1976 – Commercial television in initiated. Bombay Deying becomes the First

Colour TV add.
 1990 – marks the beginning of the new medium internet.

Pre Independence
 Press advertisements – largely imported goods

which had reached Indian shores

 The talkies and radio emerge as media

 Colour movies

 2nd World War

 Famine
 Fight for Independence

 Watershed years for Indian advertising  Industrial revolution in the Nehruvian era  1st survey of the rural market (Wood)  Burmah Shell vans used for advertising  Cinema advertising began  Kolkata gets the privilege of India’s first ad club  Leading ad agency - Press Syndicate  National created the Murphy baby

 India’s first Advertising Convention (1960)

 Advertising to to be Indian in thought and content
 Shift to marketing orientation  Professionalisation within agencies  1st Asian Advertising Congress at New Delhi  Research data generated

 MRI (Market Rating Indices)

 Shop Audits
 NRS I and II  Creativity was emphasised  Photography find increasing use  Social marketing

 Media boom

 Special magazines
 2nd Asian Advertising Congress at New Delhi  Lifestyle studies, positioning  Rural marketing


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Indianisation of western advertising Public sector advertising Expansion and diversification of agencies Aug 15th 1982 – Colour TV introduced Radio commercials introduced NRS III by IMRB Colour Printing more popular

 Regional broadcasts, expansion of radio

 Formation of Indian chapter of International

Advertising Association  Formation of ASCI  Adoption of a new code  Concept of sponsored programmes on TV

 NRS IV ( 2 surveys – ORG and IMRB-MARG)  Niche magazines  Emphasis on Direct marketing  Satellite TV  CNN – 1st channel to be beamed to India  Star bouquet  Zee bouquet  DD Metro to counter satellite channels

 DD Audience surveys

 Movie channels and pay channels
 FM Radio  Emphasis on Brand Equity

 Internationalisation of Advertising
 NRS V  IRS survey

 Consumer Tracking and Satisfaction studies


 Internationalisation of domestic agencies  Net Advertising  The role of the advertising agency – changing to

that of a marketing consultant

Major Add Agencies of India
 Ogilvy & Mather

 Mudra Communications  FCB Ulka Advertising Limited  Rediffusion DY & R  McCann Erickson India Limited  RK Swamy BBDO Advertising Limited  Grey Worldwide (India) Private Limited  Leo Burnett India Pvt. Ltd.  Contract Advertising India.

Worlds top 10 Advertising Companies
 Ameredia

 Arnold Worldwide
 BBDO  Doyle Dane Bernbach  Goodby Silverstein & Partners  N.W. Ayer & Son  Ogilvy & Mather  Saatchi and Saatchi  Partnership Advertising  Wieden+Kennedy