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Source of information: UEGIS project documents

Wilfred Mogado DA ITCAF

Agricultural Mapping Activities Nov. 21, 2012 Davao City

Outline of Presentation

What is UEGIS Objectives Components Project Framework Implementation Strategy Applications/Expected Benefits Other Agricultural mapping applications

Project Description

Integration of spatial and non-spatial information, i.e. integration of bio-physical resources, infrastructure, investments and farmers information Establishment of Farmers Registry and Inventory of Agriculture and Fisheries Investments Database
Updating of selected thematic maps and generation of SAFDZ-related decision maps

General Objective

To establish a geospatial database of agricultural resources information, agrisocio and agriculture/fisheries infrastructure and support services organized in GIS framework

MAJOR FINAL OUTPUT ACTIVITIES Performance Indicator Target for the Year Category 4: Plans, policy, programs and project formulation, coordination, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation INFORMATION SUPPORT SERVICES Information Technology Activities 1. Design, Development and Maintenance of Information Systems 2. Establishment. Maintenance, Analysis & Integration of Databases 3. GIS & RS for spatial integration & production of digital technical reports & maps Information Systems 4 Databases No. of spatial database derived Area covered (has) No. of scenes classified Area covered (has) No. of IT resources maintained No. of IT resources upgraded No. of WS for linkage to LAN No. of IT resources evaluated No. of websites updated No. of websites maintained No. of MB of info in WEB page developed and maintained No. of users who visited the web No. of trainings/seminars attended No. of training organized No. of participants No. of reports No. of trainings conducted No. of spatial databased derived Area covered (has) No. of reports reproduced No. of digital maps reproduced No. of prints 4 33 3 10,000,000 5

4. Maintenance/upgrading of IT facilities and other equipment

5. Web updating & maintenance

100MB 3 2 10 3 30 10 10 40

6. IT capability building

Technical Assistance 7. Technical Assistance to LGU and other clientiles

9. Reproduction and sales of technical reports & regional maps Banner Programs GOAL 1 ORGANIC AGRICULTURE WATERSHED MANAGEMENT SSIP Activities relating to foreign assisted projects a) Evaluation and Adoption of Improved Farming Practices on Soil ans Water, Bohol Island (ACIAR) c) Mainstreaming Disaster Risk-Reductionin Sub-national Development and Physical Planning in the Philippines (NEDA) d) Science and Technology Coordinating Council Committee on Space Technology (STCC-COSTA) c) Philippine Portal for the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector (NWRB) d) Sentinel Asia Joint Project Meeting (JPTM) (DOST) e) Development of Alternative Sampling Design and Surveys Strategies for the Conduct of Census of Agriculture and Fisheries (NSO)

Farmers database & inventory of investments

Specific Objectives

To provide a precise/accurate mapping of the countrys A&F resources using RS/GIS technologies; including crop suitability, inventory of public/private investments such as FMR, irrigations, warehouses, etc.

To develop RS/GIS-based decision support systems for sustainable management of agricultural production areas at the national, regional, and local levels; e.g. , crop suitability, vulnerability assessment, damage assessment due to extreme climatic events

Specific Objectives

To improve the institutional capacity/capability of the various DA RFUs, selected Bureaus and attached Agencies, and regional centers with regard to the application of space technologies for informed decision making and intelligent planning. To establish a reliable database of farmers and farm parcels to be used for more effective planning, program design and monitoring of agriculture support services. To develop an Integrated Development Plans (IDPs) for the agriculture sector

Component 2 Ground truthing/Participatory Mapping Component 3 Capacity Building



Component 1

1-National Farmers Registry System (NFRS) 2-Inventory of A & F Investments (ISAFI) 3-RS/GIS Laboratory 4- High Resolution Satellite Imageries

Component 4 Formulation of IDP



Project Framework
High Resolution Satellite Image

Component 1 Development of spatial database, NFRS & ISAFI Establishment of RS/GIS Lab Component 2 Ground truthing of HR satellite imageries/Participatory mapping

Spatial Database
Updated SAFDZ/NPAAAD Soil Land Cover/Vegetation Land Management Unit Pedo-Ecological Vulnerable Areas Farmers registry Support Infra

BSWM SAFDZ Maps for Updating

Crop Suitability

DEM Digital Topographic Data Administrative

Component 3 Capability building

Crop Modeling Investment Areas A/F Insurance A/F Damage estimation

Component 4 Integrated Development Plan


Implementation Strategy

It is recommended that the system should get inputs at the local (municipal, provincial and regional) level to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of the performance of each zone/area. The system would also get relevant data from the appropriate feeder systems.

Implementation Strategy

Also, since each region is distinct from one another, the Regional GIS Laboratories established under the UEGIS Project should not only be for sharing the DA GIS to the regions but also for the regions to help in the integration of the GIS effort of the Department.

Application/Expected Benefits

More precise/accurate spatial information for better planning and decision-making

Basis for Improving Service Delivery of the DA Establish database for the existing agriculture and fishery investment resources which eventually will be used to determine the gaps and/or needs of the sector Basis for Developing Private/Public Partnerships (PPP) in meeting the needs of the sector

Application/Expected Benefits

Identification of vulnerable areas in the light of climate change A&F insurance claims assessment More accurate A&F production forecasting/ prediction and markets Improved Governance Monitoring and evaluation Characterizing production environments Distribution network management for agribusiness Minimizing risks of resource investment

Sample Suitability Analysis

RICE suitability map in the province of Bukidnon

Other Agricultural mapping applications

NFRS (Pilot RFU3, Bukidnon, Quezon & Leyte ISAFI (Region 08) AFMIS (Food Terminals & Trading Centers) DAAN Project (DA Projects)

Inventory of Barangay and Municipal Food Terminals (BFTs, MFTs) in the Philippines

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End of presentation