Your most priceless possession

What determines our Attitude ?
• Environment • Experience • Education

Personality traits of people with +ve Attitude
• • • • • • • Caring Confident Patient Humble High expectations of themselves and others Anticipate +ve outcomes Like a fruit of all seasons

Steps to building a +ve Attitude
• Change: Yes Easy ? : No • How to build and maintain a +ve attitude ?
– Become aware of principles that build +ve attitude – Desire to be +ve – Cultivate discipline and dedication to practice those principles

Steps to follow to build +ve Attitude
• • • • • • • • Change Focus, Look for the +ve. Make a habit of doing it now. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude Get into a continuous education programme Build a positive Self Esteem Stay away from –ve influences Learn to like the things that need to be done Start your day with a +ve

Winners V/s Losers

Winners V/s. Losers
Winners Always a part of the answer Always has a Program Says: “Let me do it for you” Sees answer for every problem Losers Part of the problem Always has an excuse “That is not my job” Sees a problem for every answer Makes promises

Makes commitment

Winners V/s. Losers
“It may be difficult but It is possible” Have dreams “I must do something”

“It may be possible but it is too difficult” Have schemes “Something must be done” “It was not my fault”

“I was wrong”

Winners V/s. Losers
Part of the team See the gain Believe in Win/Win

Apart from the team See the pain Believe for them to win someone has to lose. See the past Are like thermometers

See the potential Are like thermostat

Winners V/s. Losers
Choose what they say Use hard arguments but soft words Stand firm on values but compromise on patty things

Say what they choose Use soft arguments but hard words Stand firm on petty things but compromise on values Let it happen

Make it happen

Why Attitude is so important ?
What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to

what lies within us.
And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.

Manage from the heart at three levels GLOBAL


How to manage from heart at global level
PROCESS LEVEL Integration Insight Inspired Action
•Working actively across nations for a greener planet Earth.


•One World •Synergizing the use of resources •Electronic Networking

•Seeing the unity of mother earth. •Seeing the wholeness and

of all creatures. •Generating insights globally.

•International initiatives on pressing human problems.

•Sharing resources wherever they are needed.

How to manage from heart at organizational level
PROCESS LEVEL Integration Insight Inspired Action •Actively caring for and sharing with others. •Innovation and Creation. •Loving service. •Minimum waste and effectiveness in action. •Unleashing collective power in the service of life.


•Integrating with •Shared vision the community and and values. industry. •Needs of internal & external •Connecting with other departments customers. •Giving & •Connecting with receiving customers/ feedback suppliers •Seeing the power of our •Connecting to unique collective other people potential

How to manage from heart at individual level
PROCESS LEVEL Integration Insight Inspired Action •Working with passion and responsibility. •Giving the world the best I have. •Sharing from my deepest strengths and talents. •Being total in my actions and working from love.


•Integrity: Walking my talk.

•Understanding my body-mind. •Listening to my •Committing myself inner calling and to my inner calling seeing my own potential. and values. •Understanding who I am. •Integrating with •Understanding nature. the laws of nature. •Connecting my •Getting insights body-mind spirit into the heart.

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