Question: Why Do We Lose Our Baby Teeth?

So our adult teeth can grow in
Humans are born with 2 sets of teeth – baby & adult (permanent) As a person grows, the adult teeth push the baby teeth out and we lose them

Development of Baby Teeth
•How many baby teeth do humans have?

•How many adult/permanent teeth do we have?


Math Question:
If humans have 20 baby teeth and 32 adult teeth, how many more adult teeth do we have? Answer:
32-20= 12 Humans have 12 more adult teeth than they do baby teeth!!!

What kinds of teeth do we have?
1. Incisors Front teeth 2. Canines Pointy teeth 3. Molars Back teeth *They are all shaped differently to help us eat and digest food

How do we take care of our teeth?
Brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste
Floss once daily

Visit the dentist every 6 months
Play safely (wear mouth guard for sports) Eat healthy foods (fruits and vegetables)

What about animals? Do their teeth fall out too?
Yes, they do!

Some animals like cats and dogs have 2 sets of teeth (like us). The baby teeth fall out and are replaced by the adult teeth. Other animals, like elephants, have several sets of teeth that fall out and grow back in several times during the life span

Every animal is unique!
Sharks have several rows of teeth and can lose them every two weeks to replace worn or broken ones. Beavers, guinea pigs and rabbits have front teeth (incisors) that never stop growing. Alligators have a total of 80 teeth that fall out and grow back in all the time.

How do animals clean their teeth???
Pets can have their teeth cleaned at the veterinarian’s office Crocodiles wash their teeth in the water and then sterilize them in the sunlight

By eating their prey and then chewing on the bones, animals like wolves help keep their teeth clean

Do all animals have the same teeth?

It depends on the animal and what they eat
Plant eaters have more flat teeth called molars to chew and grind with Meat eaters have sharper teeth called canines to catch prey and tear their food with

Do animals have different types of teeth like us?
Yes - Mammals are heterodonts, which means some of our teeth are shaped different.
However, fish and reptile teeth are all shaped alike but vary in sizes

How are animal teeth the same as human teeth?
We both use them for eating and digestion
We both have to keep our teeth clean, just in different ways

Our teeth have different shapes and jobs like animal teeth do (heterodonts)
We both lose our teeth and have more than 1 set We both use our teeth to show emotions and send messages (happy, angry, scared)

How are animal teeth different from human teeth?
Fish and reptile teeth all have the same shape
We don’t use our teeth for all the same reasons (catching food) Animals in the wild use natural resources to keep their teeth clean Some animals have several or many sets of teeth, while most humans only have two

Discussion Questions
Can you think of other ways that animals might keep their teeth clean?
How else are animal teeth the same as human teeth? How else are they different? What happens to teeth when they are not taken care of properly?

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