CC Malaysia was first launched in March 2006 by Professor Lawrence Lessig, Chairman and CEO of Creative Commons

CC Malaysia was initiated by former Affiliate Institution, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) lunched in 2006 and we are grateful to MDeC for bringing CC to Malaysia.

Organizing Member: Board Member: Hasnul Nadzrin Shah (Multimedia Development Corporation, MDeC) Hasnul Hadi Samsudin (Rhythm and Hues Malaysia) Pete Teo (Musician) Project Lead: Alina Ng (Legal Lead) Muid Latif (Project Lead)

Current Jurisdiction or license version of CC Malaysia: • Attribution 2.5 Malaysia • Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Malaysia • Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Malaysia • Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Malaysia • Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 Malaysia • Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Malaysia

Our past activities:
1. Creative Commons Malaysia Photography Workshop coorganized by Lensa Malaysia, Cyberjaya, 2007 2. Workshop & talk by Muid Latif, MSC Innovation Centre, KL Sentral, 2008 3. ‘Here In My Home’ by Malaysian Artist For Unity video project by Pete Teo and Yasmin Ahmad, 2009 4. 'Fire Remade' (Digital Art), CC Digital Visual Arts Exhibition, In line with Creative Commons Global Summit (Poland) 2011

Personal Contribution for CC Awareness:
1. Exposure on sharing culture and collaborative artwork using CC license at TEDxMMU (independently organized event by host last week on 10th of December 2011) 2. Knowledge sharing of CC in Behance Malaysia meetups. Behance meetup where I host frequently with creative people to discuss about how to understand the concept of All Rights Reserved and Some Rights Reserved and how Behance actually come in to support our publishing options (as behance provided the options for behance users on how to share their work online). The video of my talk in one of the behance meetup is here:

Personal Contribution for CC Awareness:
4. Spin-off to ‘Fire: Remade’ collaboration with Nazri Ishak, I release free and cc-licensed creative work made from mobile 5. Also introduce free stock photos, illustrator patterns via Muid’s facebook page to all audience under Creative Commons license: i) Free Stock Photos: Textures I - ii) Free Stock Photos: Textures taken from mobile - iii) Free illustrator file of patterns -

‘Fire Remade’ is a digital art collaboration of photographer, Nazri Ishak and Muid Latif using iPad application under CC license for CC Digital Visual Arts Exhibition, In line with Creative Commons Global Summit 2011

Malaysia Case Studies

Malaysian Artist For Unity
Malaysian Artistes For Unity, a collaboration which has since swelled to over 150 active members working with creative, non-partisan projects to build awareness and tolerance in Malaysia.

Current Project
1. E-book ‘Mekarnya Cinta Reka’ (Blossoming of Design) by Muid Latif – Compilations of artworks, articles, tips, quotes, poetry under CC License (Ongoing)

Thank You
Muid Latif, Project Lead, Creative Commons Malaysia Contacts: Website: Email: Twitter: Mobile: +60192359610