The United States Chess Federation by Loren Weiss

United States Chess Federation (USCF)
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With more than 80,000 members at all levels of play, the United States Chess Federation (USCF) also includes approximately 2,000 affiliated organizations. Established in 1939, when the National and American Chess Federations merged, the nonprofit USCF links American members to chess players globally through its representation of the United States in the World Chess Federation (FIDE). The USCF also sanctions 25 national championships and thousands of tournaments and supports American participation in all levels of FIDE championship events.

The Federation: Reaching Out
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The USCF promotes the study of chess, both for sheer enjoyment and to improve society, and endeavors to extend the game’s role in American life. The Federation fosters the development of professional and amateur players, promotes chess in schools, and supports the growth of a network of local, state, and regional organizations devoted to expanding the participation in chess. Additionally, the USCF acts as the game’s governing body in the United States, and as its representative in international chess projects and organizations. The federation also publishes Chess Life, an award-winning monthly magazine; and Chess Life for Kids, which comes out bi-monthly.

USCF Membership

Roughly half of USCF members attend academic institutions, from preschool to college, with some members too young to even for preschool. Children and adolescents play chess in formal classrooms, in after-school programs, in park and recreation settings, and informally. The USCF holds a number of national competitions for elementary through college students and for specific age groups through age 21.

Spawning World Champions
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Top young players also represent the United States in international competitions. The membership has included World Champions in lower-age categories as well as World Juniors Champions. information on national tournaments, ratings, standings, players, and activities, relevant articles, education, and items for sale.

• On the USCF website,, visitors can find

The website also provides listings of chess camps, certified chess coaches and programs, and other student-related data.

About the author:

Ranked 45th in his age category by the United States Chess Federation, 17-year-old Loren Weiss attends Stuyvesant High School in New York, where he excels in academics.

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