Presented by Pat McMahon Budget Advisor, Australian Department of Finance and Deregulation

What is the plan and its timing? Pilot and Implementation!
Pilot • Pilot set-up of program structures and MTEF baseline 2008 Implementation (all agencies) • Training & guidance for all agencies – 2009-2011 • Establish MTEF and all the institutions required to support an MTEF – 2010 • Set-up program structures and performance indicators – 2010 • Set-up new reporting of budget and outcomes by program and on a forward estimates basis - 2010

What is the plan for a performance framework? Beyond 2010 !
Moving to a more mature PBB beyond the “set-up” stage • Phase 1 – introduce modest operational flexibilities – 2012 • Phase 2 – expand operational flexibilities – 2014-2016 • Phase 3 – introduce evaluation and monitoring mechanisms – 2014 • Phase 4 – Review and evaluate the entire performance framework - 2016

Discussion - Issues that need consideration by you
• Are these realistic time-frames for a plan? • What still needs to be done to meet this plan? e.g. – Defining expenditure groups for operational flexibilities – Defining what is to be included in the reporting to Parliament for accountability purposes, and when do you report? – Defining which institution is responsible for the Performance Framework – Is it DG Budgets? – Defining who are to be the users of performance information