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Marketing Mix

It consist of 4 Ps of marketing.
Product: It is seen as an item that satisfies customer wants and need. Or It is a tangible good or an intangible service. Price: The price is the amount a customer pays for the product

A practice involving the application of branding and sales strategies to different regions and countries e.t.c Promotion: represents all of the methods of communication that a marketer may use to provide information to different parties about the product.



1. Statistical methods applied to measure the impact of media investments, promotional activities and price tactics on sales or brand awareness. 2 . Used to assist and implement a marketing strategy by measuring: •Effectiveness: contribution of marketing activities to sales •Efficiency: short term and long term Return-OnInvestment of marketing spend.

Introducing the Company.
 ZONG is the first international brand of China Mobile, launched in Pakistan.

 Subscriber base :13.2 million(2011).


Market share of Zong

Research Methodology
•Qualitative and Quantitative data both are use.

•Secondary data(Two research papers, Zong website ,PTA and academic journals).
•Primary data(Questionnaires and email.) •Sample Selection: Non probability convenience

Marketing strategy by Zong.



•Post Paid •Pre Paid

Post Paid Strategy.
Market Segmentation: This includes price
conscious subscribers. •Psychographic segmentation. •Network quality and high availability. •Behavioral segmentation on the basis of youth taste.

Target market
Target market is divided in to two groups •Youngsters having limited pocket money and ages b/t 18-25 yrs. •Business class.

 Both direct and indirect distribution is carried out.  DDS is possible through 178 franchises and 22 CSC.  Indirect distribution ZONG uses its 100,000 retail outlets. ZONG label basket for good placement.

PRICE ZONG pricing objectives
•Survival •Maximum current Profit •Maximum market share Both for Post paid and Pre pay Zong uses Market Penetration strategy. .

Product Mix pricing strategy
•Line pricing.(Rs.100-Rs .300)

Price Adjustments settings.
•Geographical division of offering and customers base on discount..

Price changes
•Sweezy Kinked Model

Pricing strategies by ZONG (Assumed)
•Competition based pricing •Psychological pricing •Market penetration.

ZONG invest $25 million in covering more than 5800 sites . More than 21 switches and 1100 KM network of optical cable.

•Physical presence •Indoor spillover coverage •Outdoor spillover coverage

Distribution strategy
•Intensive distribution •Extensive distribution •Selective distribution

Logistic management and ZONG
•An integrated technology infrastructure in more than 100, towns, villages, and countless remote destinations, including International Roaming in 43 countries through 300 partner operators

Logistic partnership and ZONG
•The couriers companies by which ZONG have partnered are as follows: TCS OCS UPS

Advertising Goal The chief advertising goal of ZONG is to increase its customer base and to stimulate more usage. ZONG is currently using: •Information Advertising •Reminder advertising •Advertising media •Advertising campaign

Strong Brand Ambassadors •Zong heir the most charismatic superstars in its advertisements. The tested method of having a pretty face holding a ZONG PACKAGE makes its advertising campaigns booming. •Brand ambassador (Syra Yousaf.)

Primary Data. Questionnaire analysis.
In how much price you have bought the connection?

Why do you use ZONG?

Are you satisfied with the roaming of ZONG?

Are you satisfied by the time takers to the responsiveness of your problem by the Zong connection?

Discussion with Subjects
What is your core, expected and augmented product? Core
product(unique and customer centric Basic product(Cheap packages) Expected product(Innovati on)

Augmented product(LBC and Branchless banking)

Method you use for market testing of your service design? •Outbound campaigns Service suggestion head is added up in Workflow to see customers interest and also keeping record of it. Price planning
Low call rates

By reducing existing call rates



Low end users All the time

•What are the sales objectives? Long-term earnings. •What are competitive objectives? Providing services that are unmatched.
•Critical Success factors of Zong? Innovation and new offers.

Internal findings and problems.

a) Job rotation and advancement b) Lack of staff c) Unequal distribution of work

Business portfolio of PTA
M a r k e t G r o w t h

Stars •Ufone •Telenor Cash Cows •Mobilink

Question marks •Warid


Market share


Zong life cycle with respect to its competitors.

S a l e s

Telenor, Warid


I Introduction

I Growth

I Maturity

I Decline

Low rates nation wide Strong image of parent company Network portability(over 5000 people switch their network to Zong.)

Weaknesses  Bad image with Paktel.
Poor management information system Still now old staff

Expand globally Mergers(As Warid is going in loss so it is a big opportunity for Zong to acquire Warid team.) Innovation

Bargaining power of buyers New entrant Loosing customer base for service blockage on events and occasions.

Conclusion o Complains
from northern and southern region belong to maintenance flaws. oLack of strong advertising oLess number of franchises (only 272 which are not enough for huge customer base.) oLack of diversity from competitors oBusy network and get jammed on events.

 Lack

of innovative services as compare to customers. Zong does not have the proper list of customers which results in un authorized Sims and creates threats for prepay package.

•The franchise staff should be well trained and professionals. •The one of major issues that mostly customer complaint is billing issue, the system performance should be updated. •Management information system is updated and Zong must use improve technological versions for the data record of customers. •Increase focus on advertising campaign to fetch more and more customers.

From marketing point of view 4 Ps suggestions are:

Product: Functionality ,Quality, Brand ,Warranty,

Price:Discounts,Affordability Place: Channel motivation, market coverage

Promotion:. Personnel selling, Increase
budget for advertising

THANK YOU References
Mr.Salman Wassay (Branch head at Zong Isb) Mr.Adil Ashraf(CS Analyst in CS channel.) 92-313-5100070 Www. - 94k