What is BREECH ? ? "Breech is the condition of the baby is elongated with the head at the top of the uterus while the baby's buttocks at the bottom. . So do not rush to panic." he said.

• If an infant delivers with its feet or buttocks first. . they do have a higher risk for certain problems than do babies in the head-first position. It occurs in about 3 out of every 100 full-term births. this is called breech presentation. Although most breech babies are born healthy.


sometimes feet to touch the ears. Frank Breech/Letak Bokong. .type of Breech 1. Location of buttocks with both legs raised.

.Complete Breech Breech Perfect. As if the baby "squat" the buttocks above the mouth of the womb. raised knee to the stomach. The location of the buttocks where both feet on the side of the buttocks (butt location is perfect feet / folding seizures).

in the world of medicine called a breech presentation legs. However.Incomplete Breech • When one leg over the other. . the case of breech position type is rare. and below.

. most babies move into the head-down. or both down.• By the last month of pregnancy. presentation. • Most of the babie who don’t turn by then will be in a breech presentation when it’s time for delivery. • The baby will be sitting in the uterus. or vertex. with it’s head up and it’s buttocks. feet.

. • Because your baby may keep moving around until the end of pregnancy. the doctor can try to makeout the general position of the baby’s head.• The doktor makes the diagnosis of a breech presentation by carefully feeling the baby through your abdomen and uterus. the diagnosis of a breech is sometimes made when labor begins. • Ultrasound may be used to confirm the diagnosis. back. and buttocks. • By placing his or her hands at certain points on your lower abdomen.


such as fibroids. • The uterus has too much ( polyhydramnios ) or too title ( oligohydramnios ) amniotic fluid • The placenta partly or fully covers the opening of the uterus – a condition known as placenta previa.Breech presentatitons are more common when certain other factor s are present : • The mother has had more than one previous pregnancy • There is more than one fetus ( twins or more ) in the uterus. • The baby is premature. • The uterus is not normal in shape or has abnormal growths. • .

What actions should be done if your baby is breech ? ? ? ? .

the position of the stomach as if hanging down.• 1. You are encouraged to make the position of prostration (knee chest position). .

this method is painless and even death of the fetus. This method is to change the position of the fetus outside the mother's body. due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain.2. Another attempt by a physician to do is change the location of a breech fetus to normal by externalcephalic versin / ECV. . How this is done when sulfur began entering the age of 34 weeks. Unfortunately.