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Analysis of Questionnaire and Focus Group Analysis

Out of 18 participants, 11 were fans of rock music (thats just 61%)

Of these 11, two were female (18%) and the other nine were male (82%)

Of the males, four (44.5%) were between the ages of 11-17, four (44.5%) were ages 18-24, and 1 was aged 35- 44 (11%)

Of the females, one was aged 11- 17, and the other was aged 35- 40 (thats 50% each)

Overall, 5 were aged 11- 17 (46%), four were aged 18- 25 (36%) and two were aged 35-44 (18%)

Iron Maiden- Two people (18%). Both were male. One was within the 11-17 age bracket, and the other in the 18- 25 age bracket. Guns 'n' Roses- Four people (36%). Three were male (75%) and the other was female (25%). Two were within the 11-17 age bracket (50%) one within the 18- 25 age bracket (25%) and the female was with the 35- 44 age bracket (25%) Marilyn Manson- Two people (18%). Both were male. One was within the 18-25 age bracket, and the other within the 35- 44 Aerosmith- Three people (18%). Two males (66%) and one female (34%) . The female was in the 11-17 age bracket, and the males were within the 18- 25 age bracket, giving the same percentages as before.

This research shows that: Our target audience are mainly male, meaning we need to gear our video towards males In their mid to late teens, which means we should keep things more current and youthful And also that we should look at Guns n Roses for inspiration, which would also mean we could combine the more current ideas with things which are more 80s

The people in our focus group fit the target audience we found from our questionnaires they were all in their late teens, and we had more males than we did females.

From our target audience we were able to gather a fair amount of information that will prove useful to us in the creation of our media product.

Our focus group told us that they mainly use YouTube to watch music videos, and that actual music channels were much less watched. However, they all watched music channels at some point, with the most common being Kerrang! and MTV. This shows us that when we come to marketing our video, we need to take into account how big a tool YouTube can be, and make sure we have a large amount of our advertisement on YouTube, where it could link to the video, and then the bands website. We would also need to make sure the video was distributed to channels such as Kerrang! and MTV as this could ensure more viewers, and therefore more income and profit. By ensuring we advertise well on each of these, we would successfully attract our target audience, and possibly more than that depending on peoples individual like and dislikes.

The members of our focus group mainly listened to rock, with the exception of one, and it seemed were open to many different subgenres of rock. When we asked them what other rock bands they liked and why, we were given the answer that they liked strong frontmen and talented musicians, specifically where the guitar came into play. They showed a positive reaction to the song when shown this. They liked the beat of the song, the way the singers voice sounded and how the instruments were played, but what sold the song to them was really the lyrics and how the emotion was conveyed. They did, however, think the song was quite slow, and were less keen on it for this reason. They also found it quite interesting how the music and lyrics contrasted one another, as the lyrics are very slow and sombre, whereas the music is deceptively happy and upbeat. As we had a small amount of dispute over the genre of the song, the band Wolfmother is actually a hard rock band and this song differs from their usual work, we decided to ask the members of our focus group what they thought the song was. For the most part we got the answer folk, and so have decided we will gear our bands image around this. As the members of our focus group were primarily rock fans and liked this song, we feel it is safe to assume that other fans of rock will also like this song, and that we can still market the band to this audience, rather than limiting ourselves, as the song is part of a very specific rock sub-genre, Folk Rock

We discussed with them how they thought the music video could look, and how they like them to look. On the side of narrative, though thought the video could be quite abstract and have the music and video contrast, meaning wed have more creative freedoms with what we do within the video, and that it doesnt have to completely fit the song, so long as it does to some degree. They also said that they like music videos to be relatable and have meaning, and be able to engage their audience, which means as a group we should aim to create a video which has relatable moments and is engaging to the audience. We asked them how they thought the narrative should end, such as whether it should be sad or happy, and open or closed. They thought that the conclusion could be either happy or sad, and that it didnt matter a huge amount what it is, so long as it does have an absolute conclusion and is not up to interpretation , as interpretations can lead to things being wrong, and the members of our focus group feel it is annoying if a story is not wrapped up. There was also the idea that the video could be quite dark and old fashioned, however we thought about this after and realised it may not work well like that. We also discussed the performance element, as all members said they like seeing members of the band in a video. There was less to say in regards to this, but they liked a quirky performance element, featuring shots which are less commonly seen, such as quirky shots of the band playing their instruments, like shots of just an arm, etc. This means we can use these shot ideas when filming to make the performance much more unique than other music videos.