Monitored Testing service on Cloud

 In the past computers were clustered together to form a

single larger computer.  In the early 1990s Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman came up with a new concept of “The Grid”.  Taking grid further into the service offering, is “The Cloud”. This takes the concepts of grid computing and wraps it up in a service offered by data centres.

What is Cloud Computing?  A pool of highly scalable.  Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access. . abstracted infrastructure that hosts your application and is billed by consumption. memory.  This technology allows for much more efficient computing by centralizing storage. processing and bandwidth.

. would you buy a cow ?  To reduce cost and maintaining overhead.Why?  The analogy is . If you need milk .


Segments of Cloud Computing .

Pay as per usage. Application .It's all On Demand. . Net Suite. Infrastructure vendors environments (such as Google gears) that allow users to build applications. Google. and Microsoft have also developed platforms that allow users to access applications from centralized servers. Can access software over internet from centralized servers. Amazon.  Infrastructure Infrastructure is the backbone of the entire concept.  Platform The platform segment of cloud computing refers to products that are used to deploy internet.

 Billed based on usage.Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2)  Virtualized Computing Environment.  Server instance managed through a web service API. .  IP Address and Host Names assigned dynamically.

.  Using this service. tuning into provided frequencies. online tests have become an efficient Examination service.What is Monitored Testing service on cloud?  Today.  Online Test Monitoring system apart from conducting tests. also provides live/online justification for provided answers. number of tests can be conducted in various colleges at same time.

 Professors can suggest the students and give hints. . by reporting all these details using graphs.  Also the students can compare their results with their classmates. Professors can know who is participating in the test and how many of them answered to given question.

 The student’s job is to take the test.  The professors session will be scheduled where he will take the test live from a radio station and monitor the students by checking whether they have answered or not. professors and students. giving hints and suggestions for questions.Description Monitored testing service on cloud:  There are mainly two users. check their result and compare their results with their fellow mates. .

Purpose  The purpose of the project is to create a Monitored testing service on cloud. . This system will be deployed in cloud like Amazon Web Service which will help in reducing the overhead cost and maintenance.

Scope  The scope of the project is to create a Monitored testing service on cloud which has a feature of tuning into community radio station and conducting test and monitor the students by giving suggestions remotely. .

.Existing System  Today there are many online examination applications. There is no way to compare his performance with other students. Students take multiple choice questions and get the results post comparison from the database. There is no provisions where the professors can actively take part and monitor the students live. The students take the test and view their marks.

The comparison is displayed in graphical format. . Finally this project will be deployed on cloud.Proposed System  In proposed system we will create monitored testing service where the professors conduct the test for students live. He will monitor their performance individually and compare with other students. The audio will appear from the community radio and the questions will be pushed on students systems one by one which can be controlled by the professor himself.

The registration details are stored in the database and whenever the user logs in.Modules  Module-1: The first module is designed to provide authentication to professors and students who wish to get connected. the user credentials are retrieved to check whether the user is an authorized user or not. . The front end is designed using Flex.

The professor will login at his scheduled time. Module2: This module is designed for professors. conduct the test for the students. give hints and suggestions live from radio. and view their marks and compare the marks with other students. .

 Module4: In this module the admin will deploy the entire application on cloud and monitor it on timely basis. After getting registered the students take the test and view their performance in graphical format. . Module3: This module is for students.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.  Flex4.5  Action Script  Mysql . J2EE (Servlets)  Amazon Web Service .Software Requirements  Java.

Hardware Requirements  Pentium 4 Processor  Minimum 1 GB RAM  80 GB HDD  Internet Connectivity .

Thank You .

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