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Definition:The collecting, writing, editing, and presenting of news or news articles in newspapers and magazines and in radio and television broadcasts. Objective:The fundamental objective of journalism is to serve the people with news, views, comments and information on matters of public interest in a fair, accurate, unbiased, sober and decent manner. Thumb Rule:Nobody will be prejudiced unheard.

Basic Principles of Journalism

Seek truth and report it
Minimize harm

Act independently
Be accountable

Judicial Body
The Press Council of India First set up in the year 1966 by the Parliament on the recommendations of the First Press Commission Press Council Act 1978 An Act to establish a Press Council for the purpose of preserving the freedom of the Press and of maintaining and improving the standards of newspapers and news agencies in India.

Press Council of India

Head Chairman Retired Judge of Supreme Court of India

Total Members 28 20-Represents Press

5 - House of Parliament
3 - Cultural & Legal fields of the Sahitya Academy , University Grants Commission & The Bar Council of India

Codes Laid By Press Council Of India

Accuracy and Fairness

Pre-publication verification
Caution against defamatory writings

Parameters of the right of the press to comment on the acts and conduct of public officials
Criticism of public figures/music reviews

Right to privacy

Privacy of public figures

Recording interviews and phone conversations

Caution in criticising judicial acts

Professional rivalry

Newspapers may expose misuse of diplomatic immunity

Investigative journalism, its norms and parameters

Confidence to be respected

Newspapers to avoid crass commercialism

Fraudulent activities

Professional misconduct

Plagiarism Unauthorised lifting of news Illegal reproduction Non-return of unsolicited material Advertisements Management-editor relationship

Letters to editor Editors discretion Obscenity and vulgarity to be eschewed Glorification/encouragement of social evils to be eschewed Violence not to be glorified

Covering communal disputes/clashes

Headings not to be sensational /provocative and must justify the matter printed under them Caste, religion or community references

Paramount national interest


Right of reply

Unethical Incidents Given By Insiders

Mr. Subhash Wagholikar, (Editor, Lokmat)

Ms Anita Iyer (Ex - Journalist, The Times of India)

Misreporting of News

16th August, 2005

Name of attacker Age of attacker

Name of murdered woman

Leish Choan, Leishachoan Leishi Choan Shaizi Leisha Choan Lei Shichon, Qui, Leishichon Lenchen Shaiza Nisa Choan, Chouthi Shaiza

TOI Mirror Newsline HT

Umer Patel, Uzer Patel Junaid Patel Junaid Patel, Ujair Patel Ujjaid Shah Patel

27 25 22, 28



Age of Was the killer Did he kill woman who mad? his father? survived
TOI Mirror Newsline HT

20 23 23 20

No, Yes Yes, No Probably mad Probably mad

No No No Yes



Probably mad


Age of murdered woman

TOI Mirror
Newsline HT

Name of woman who Time of survived attack

23 23
20 18,23

Ngakuim Raony, Ngakuimi Raleng Ngakuimi Rateng

Nga Kuimi Raleng, Ngakuimi Ralang Ngal, Ngauni Raleng, Ngakuimi Raleng Nagakuimi Ralang

5.45 pm

5.40 pm 5.30 pm



6.15 pm

Obscene Pictures And Unethical Use Of Photographs

Cover story and pictures on sexual trends in Mumbai Mirror Buzz spell trouble Times of India, Mumbai publisher Sam Dastoor, arrested Headline MERCURY RISING. The caption read: How hot is Mumbai?---17th Nov, 2005.

Damage To The Face Of Courageous Journalism

Advertising Departments approval before Editors for space Ravishing models Film stars personal life stories Sad stories of our common man's daily encounters hardly finds a proper place in media

Presentation Of Sensitive News

After Bullets, Media Terrorises Mr. Jadhav

Reports Been Influenced By Pvt. Entities

12th May 2008, the Times of India reported that:" Lift crash leaves 2 dead, 7 hurt The Times of India was careful to leave out the name of its Private Treaty partner Sobha Developers while reporting a worksite accident in Bengaluru. Critics comment on BCCL Trend of considering financial gains at the cost of the readers

Impact Of Ignoring Minute Details

The Times of India, The Indian and The New Indian Express, The Hindu, the Hindustan Times, The Deccan Chronicle Photo provided to the media not to protect anyones identity but to precisely create a definite sense of identity. Identity masked by tricky Palestinian Rumaals indicating origin as Arab, West Asian or Islamic origin. A clear case of racial profiling.

Fabricating Of Stories By Journalist

Young female New York Journalist- Pulitzer award winner Came up with false story that created ripple in the society Later the truth been revealed by the investigation done by President then

Confidentiality Of Source
Dubey (Civil Engineer) for Golden Triangle Highway Project was killed due to revealing of his identity

Golden Triangle Highway Project

Right to Privacy
Molestation event of an NRI woman at Gateway been covered by Mid Day on 31st Dec,2005

Mental harassment by ambitious journalists

Personal details disclosed viz their current location, nationality, period of their stay.

Easily Identifiable and Merciless Photographs

Yellow Journalism
The New York World, run by Joseph Pulitzer The New York Journal, run by William Randolph Hearst Eye-catching headlines, scandals, sensational news, masala news Boosting newspaper sales

Yellow Journalism In Terms Of Characteristics:

Scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news Lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings Use of fake interviews, misleading headlines, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts Emphasis on full-colour Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips Dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system

Bangalore - Bride Burning Capital

November 14, 2008.
Bunch of Journalists who Journalists were Anti-Karnataka, Report Anti-Bangalore agencies
250 Bride burning death American Talk Shows in Bangalore.

244 Dowry death in Karnataka state.

Any Sting Left In Sting Operation?

7 Sep, 2007.
A Delhi Government school mathematics teacher was arrested for a crime not done by him Paapi pet ke liye sab kuch karna padhta hai journalist

Our Say As An Observer

Journalism is the fourth pillar of democracy thus, journalist should, consider Journalism as a Mission and not as a Business take ownership of his article verify the authenticity of the data and its source foresee the impact of his reports on the minds of the people not forget the basic objective of seeking truth