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which are tied (connected) by one or more specific types of interdependency. financial exchange. dislike. Orkut. LinkedIn  . Famous examples are: Facebook. knowledge or prestige. sexual relationships. or relationships of beliefs. such as friendship. kinship. common interest. A social network is a social structure made up of individuals (or organizations) called "nodes".

Fast and secure. People can stay in touch easily irrespective of their global position.   . Major business tool.

        Advertisements Sales Recruitment Fan Pages Event Promotion Collaboration Polls and Discussions B2B Marketing .


     The major advantage which business gets by advertising on Social Networking Reaching target audience Deepening relationships Budget controlling Tracking Performance Following are the steps to get started for creating an advertisement on such sites: Identifying goals of advertisements Knowing the audience Creating an advertisement Agreeing to site’s policy      .

Turns your customers into ambassadors for your brand on social networking sites. 3 key points which boosts a company’s turnover with social networking websites: sneak previews of the products on networking sites can improve the firm’s visibility in search engines brand awareness      . Method of e-commerce in which consumers shop in a social networking environment.

 .  Among larger US companies 17% have disciplined an employee for violating blog or message board policies.  80% of employers said they use social media to support recruitment. Perfect place to recruit employees Recruiting through social media spreads brand awareness.slideshare.  A study from the website www.  35% reported they found content in social media that caused them not to hire the reveals the following data:  45% of employers screen social media sites.

Social media is the form where the money is mostly spent on candidate attraction followed by career sites and job boards. LinkedIn (95%) and Facebook (58%) held the largest share in the recruitment support system followed by My space. Jobster and second life. By senior managers and entry level.    . Twitter. Mid manager are the type of candidates attracted the most through social media.


Fan pages have active fans. Facebook and LinkedIn fan page provide business owners with analytics and data to test and track responses.lots of content variety. Enables to drive traffic to a unique place separate from your profile page.branded applications. contests    Currently COCA COLA is the most successful brand on Facebook. plus. with over 21 million likes. pictures and notes. good video. .

social bookmarking and other social media        . twitter etc. Social Media Press release Promote through RSS. Blogs. Social Networking can be used at various stages of an event promotion. This is illustrated as follows: Before meeting or event: Create or leverage a social network Setup mobile alerts & reminders Define social media tags for flickr.

 During meeting or event Ensure Wifi access Bluetooth Text to screen for vote /survey Incorporate social media tags on name tags SMS alerts / reminders Mobile event assistant (web based) Moderate live blogging        .

 After meeting or event: Share everything Post video of what was missed Continue to social network Follow the conversation and take note Add crowd sourcing to add or replace post-event surveys      .

The most well-known collaboration tools on the market at the moment.          Social media is not just about conversations. Abode Acrobat Atlassian Confluence Basecamp Broadvision Clearvale Colaab Wiggio Google Documents Share Points Yammer . it’s also about collaboration.


   Should be relevant to audience and network. Estimates the popularity of any object. . opinion or scenario. Poll questions will differ from product to product. Polling is a method to collect the data in surveys or research.

 Can connect with potential customers and partners Check in on relevant industry news 5 steps to build a successful partner community: Define the business goals Identify the benefits for the partners Drive Adoption ROI? First Measure Align around an Initiative        .

. meeting new people. •You can find people with similar interests as you and get to know them better.PROS: •Online social networking offers people great convenience for social networking like keeping in touch with friends. even if they are in a different country without having to worry about an enormous phone bill or going over the restricted minutes on a phone card. and even conducting business.

Though suicide is quite drastic in this sense. they increasingly isolate themselves. Therefore. and according to Durkheim’s theory of egoistic suicide. being socially isolated leads to suicide. it explains how people can become depressed.CONS: With an increased amount of time spent on the Internet comes with consequences. even though it has its benefits in the virtual world. •More time spent on the Internet browsing through online communities and chatting through instant messenger means less time spent socializing with real people • People slowly become disembodied with real life and believe they live in a virtual world with virtual friends • As they begin to lose touch with other people. the real world is greatly impeded by the increasing use of online social networking. .

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