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How old are you?

60+ 42 -> 59

35 -> 41
25 -> 34 16 -> 24 11 -> 15


0 -> 10
0 5 10 15 20

Question One:
We targeted the questionnaire at people mainly between the age of 16-24. This is because we feel it would be the target audience of our film and we would benefit from their opinion about these types of films.

What gender are you?



Question Two
We found that we had a mixed gender that liked both horrors and thrillers. This is could because it allows us to see how different sexes view different genres of films.

Do you watch scary movies?


Question Three
We found out that from this question people liked to watch scary movies in their free time. This is good because this is the genre of film that we will be using which means that we know what people like to watch within a film.

If yes, do you prefer horrors or thrillers?


Question Four:
We found out that people liked to watch a mix between horrors and thrillers. This question confused many people as they didnt know the difference between a horror and a thriller. In our next survey, we should make this question more specific and make sure they know the difference.

What setting do you expect to see?

Series 1
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Castle Flat Mansion Big house Forest Hospital

Question Five:
The setting that many people expect to see is mainly big houses and a scary forest. They also chose hospital quite often as they feel this is a good setting for a thriller.

What props do you expect to see?

14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

Question Six:
Most of the people that we asked feel that Blood, Knives and guns are what they expect to see within a thriller. This wasnt as specific as we wanted it to be as they got mixed up between thrillers and horrors as they did not know the difference.

How do you feel whilst watching a thriller?

8 7 6

4 3 2

0 Happy Sad Depressed Scared Nervous Uneasy

Question Seven:
Most people say that they feel nervous, scared and uneasy whilst watching a thriller. This is good because this is what we expect to achieve in our opening sequence.

What do you expect at the beginning of a thriller to make it scary?

They expected that the tempo of the some intense music would be used to build up the tension. They also expected a very between fast and slow editing to build up the pace of the film.

What do you expect to learn/see in the first two minutes of a thriller?

Most of the people we asked expected the beginning to contain music and for it show us the beginning of the plot. This would involve the main characters; by only using close ups and the setting would be revealed.