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Name Shanu Uddin Rubel Safinaz Amin Anni MD. Maidul Islam Nisita Roy Toma ID 0901010054 0901010028 0901010017 0901010026

Overview of SJIBL
Commenced its commercial operation in accordance with principle of Islamic Shariah on the 10th May 2001.
Islamic Banking, in essence, is not only INTEREST-FREE banking business. May 10, 2001 started its commercial operation . No. Of Branches 73

ATM Booth 23
SME Center 6

To provide quality services to customers. To make significant contribution to the national economy and enhance customers' trust & wealth, quality investment, employees' value and rapid growth in shareholders' equity.

To set high standards of integrity.

To make quality investment. To ensure sustainable growth in business.

To strive for customers best satisfaction & earn their confidence. To manage & operate the Bank in the most effective manner. To diversify portfolio both the retail & wholesale markets. Committed to Cordial Service.

Group Corporate Structure

Board Of Directors (Cont.)

Board Of Directors

Liability Product

Asset Product


Product & Services

Mudaraba Millioanare

Mudaraba Saving deposit

Al-Wadiah Current deposit

Mudaraba Foreign Currency deposit

Liability product

Mudaraba Double / Triple Benefit Scheme

Mudaraba Income Scheme Mudaraba Hajj Scheme

Mudaraba SJIBL School Banking

Monthly Income Scheme

Double Money Scheme of SJIBL not only doubles the money, it triples your money in nine and a half years. If you encase after six years youll get it doubled.

A fixed deposit for 3 years term. Profit is distributed every month at an estimated rate.
At the end of the term you would get the principal.

The term for Millionaire scheme of SJIBL is 12, 15, 20 and 25 years. You have to deposit the installment every month.
After completing the term you would get about a million taka.

BaiMuazzal Investment Scheme for Education


Investment Scheme for Marriage

Asset product

Invesment Againest LC

Car Investment Scheme

Housing Investment Scheme

Car Investment Scheme

List of Purchasable cars under the scheme The following brand new and reconditioned cars (without registered) will only be purchased under the scheme: 1.Private Eligibility of the investment client
Analysis over General Banking of Shahjalal Islami Bank LtdThe permanent employees working in the following organizations aged between 20 to 55years are eligible to avail investment facility. 1.Government Organizations. 2.Banks and Financial Institutions. 3.Senior teachers of University & Government College. 4.Executives/Officers working in any Multi-national Companies or in ant renowned Non-governmental Organizations.

Housing Investment Scheme (Cont.)

Location of the facility Initially the scheme shall be implemented in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna,Rajshahi & Narayangonj cities of the country.

Tenure of Investment Repayment period will be from 1 year to maximum 20 years on case to case basis, under prudential judgment of approving authority. Investment proposals with repayment period of 5 years shall get first preference and that up to 10 years shall get 2nd preference.

Housing Investment Scheme

Bai-Muajjal (F.O.) Investment Scheme

Depositors may even be in need of money to purchase required products/goods for their personal/family use or to meet urgent family requirements. In such a situation, they require investment facility against their deposit with the Band.

Shahjalal Islami BandLimited (SJIBL) is also providing such investment facility to its depository customers as part of financial obligation (FO).

Key Performance Indicator

1) Good asset quality 2) Satisfactory business growth 3) Diversified product lines 4) Good profitability 5) Experienced top management

1) Negative retained earnings 2) Dependent on fixed deposits 3) Moderate risk management system 4) Limited delegation of power 5) Limited branch network Limited market share

1) SME and Agro based business

1) Increased competition in the market 2) Market pressure for increasing the SLR 3) Market pressure for dollar crisis

2) Real time online banking

3)Credit card in duel currency 4)Basel- II compliance to tap advantages from RM system

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