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Our Presentation Outline

To achieve our presentation objective, we are going to have the following approaches:
Part I What is WWW ( Whole Life Well-Being Watch) ? How can we apply WWW into our Company ? adMarts Mission, Objective, Value Proposition. Company Description as well as the Key partner and key resources (Ocean)

Part II What is the current environment? What kind of Competition we will facing? What is our STP Environment Analysis, SWOT Analysis
adMart Segmentation, Positioning, and Targeting. (Kit)


Part IV What is the adMart Marketing Strategies, and What is the key factors for our business to success, as well as the business model of adMart Marketing Strategies, Business Model and Conclusion(Frankie)

Mission Statement

Get the right second half in your life thru our Alice Dating Mart (adMart)


To provide online and offline dating service for those single individual, so they can match with the right other half to create a personality matched romance relationship is the ultimate goal of adMart

Company Description

adMart is a new company that will provide high quality romance matching services to its clients after performing a survey of WWW regarding psychological, physiological and financial aspect.

Business Concept

In addition to traditional dating service, adMart is offering a platform which you and your dating object have a better understanding on each others personality and life well being type thru our questionnaire.

What is WWW

Whole Life Well-Being Watch

Well-Being Index Personal Profile

What is WWW
Psychological: Stress Life Strategy

Physical Health Lifestyle

Financial Income inflow Income outflow Different eyes, face, mouth symbols will represent poor, neutral and good psychological, physical and financial well-being level.

Business Concept

With the combination of eyes, face and mouth symbols, the system will generate a completed simple face icon which can differentiate 27 types of whole life well being.

Business Concept

So when the customer reviews the dating targets information before they chosen to participate in the dating even with the targets, they can tell the objects life well being type by simply looking at their face icon. Other than the factual background identity, customer can also consider if objects well being type fits which his/her ideal individual.

Business Concept

In order to honor our company mission statement, we will also recruit a in-house psychologist to provide profession comment summary for each of 27 types of whole life well being face icon free of charges.

Business Concept

adMart will provide life improvement consultation service which will focus on their psychological, financial and physical life well being element as an added value service. Because sometimes people dont know what they want.

Value Proposition

As we can see the unmatched singles are showing increasing trend in the coming decades. Therefore there are needs for the groups of unmatched signal to look for suitable romance relationship partner thru alternative route, which is not only providing factual background information, such as income and age. By providing a simple whole life well-being face icon, customer can easily distinguish the life well-being type of their favorite candidates in terms of financially, psychological and physiologically. So we are foreseeing a high business potential for these social segment.

Key Partners

Psychological consultant-Offer metal health consultation and suggestion Dietetic consultant-Provide professional dietetic consultation Partnership with ATV Tart Chat program to introduce our male/female customers to participate in the public dating match.

Key Resources

Target customer can reach thru social media thru Twitter, Facebook, and Sina mini-blogs etc. as well as the search engine Google and Yahoo.

Environment Analysis

Technologic al

Environment Analysis



Environment Analysis

Political Environment

Amended the Marriage Ordinance in 2006 Celebrated before a civil celebrant at any time and place Simplifies the marriage process and encourages the lover to marry Increase from round 43000 in 2005 to round 58000 in 2011 High inflation rate (5.3% in 2011) Long working time Earn for their life

Economic Environment

Environment Analysis

Socio-cultural Environment

High social pressure form family and friends Arrange a dating for you or push you to join the speed dating.

Technological Environment

Internet Penetration Rate very high. 87% in 2011 Social networking system like facebook and mini-blogs are widely use

STRENGTH INTERNAL EXTERNAL Advanced Technologies Uniqueness Service High Security WEAKNESS Limited Budget Limited Human Resource

OPPORTUNITIES Rising the Demand on

THREAT Low entrant barriers

Matching service

Intense Competition
Other social networking websites


Advanced Technologies

provides the high quality romance online platform for matching service, provide a iPhone apps for their matching offer online matching service in terms of the three whole life well-being elements: psychological, physiological and financial generate a completed simple face icon which can differentiate 27 types of whole life well being provide professional consultation service to improve their wellbeing according to the result. concern privacy issue provide high security website and never sell these data to others

Uniqueness Service

High Security


Limited budget and human resource

start-up company with limited budget no huge investment at the early stage lack of professional team to handle daily business such as administrative work.

SWOT ANALYSIS: Opportunity

Rising the demand on matching service

Financial independence Long working time 2011 Trends
Sex Ratio

High education level

87 804

Female group
Senior position + Higher expectation+ Less opportunities to meet their partners

Senior position + No opportunities to make new friends in other industries e.g. Nurses, Teachers, Researchers


Gender imbalance in HK

Make new friends **Increasing demand on speed dating market

Female market increasing



Low entrant barriers

No any specific competitive advantages and high investment Low entry barriers attract to provide similar service Face high competition in the future Shiji Jiayuan (market leader in china). established by Ms Gong Haiyan. 40.2 million registered users in 2011. 882000 paying members 25.4 million revenues in 2010. J ponsor the top Chinese dating shows Fei Cheng Wu Rao on television A social networking web site like QQ a casual environment for meeting people through the internet not have to fill out a lengthy questionnaire receive advertisement revenue and do not charge a subscription .

Intense Competition

Other social networking web sites

Market Segmentation


District that facing gender imbalance problem in Asian Pacific where is developed country or district


Age: aged between 25 and 39 years old single men A aged between 20 and 34 years old single women Life Cycle: working people Income Money: more than $20000 per month Social Class: university-educated, urban professional, white-collar

Market Segmentation


Interests: internet surfing Lifestyle: busy, social network is narrow Response to product / service: consumers are not price-sensitive Attitude towards environment: relax and comfortable spend more time on internet like using social media to share with others ( Facebook, Twitter and Blogs)


Market Targeting

District : Hong Kong

face serious gender imbalance problem in Asian Pacific. the sex ratio is 876 males per 1000 females in 2011. 27.3% of Hong Kong population has earned more than HK $20000

Market Targeting


aged between 25 and 39 years old 50.00% single men AND aged between 20 and 34 years old 45.00% single women While-collar people who interest in internet surfing and sharing in 40.00% social media 35.00%

Male Unmarriage Rate

HK Median Age at First Marriage

31.1 28.8

2001 40% 38% 36% 34% 32%


Female Unmarriage Rate



30% 2001 2011


Service Differentiation

offer a high quality romance online matching service in terms of the three whole life well-being elements psychological, physiological and financial provide health consultation from our partners when below your ideal well-being type provide professional consultation service to let you know exactly what you want generate a completed simple face icon which can differentiate 27 types of whole life well being


Channel Differentiation

provides on-line matching service provide online consultation service organize the speed dating activities for the different types of whole life well being.

Marketing Strategies7Ps

Marketing Strategies--Product/Place

Marketing StrategiesProduct/Place

Marketing StrategiesProduct/Place

Marketing Strategies--Price
VIP Membership: Check who visited my personal website The sent SMS will placing on top of the mailbox Tailor-Make personal homepage design Large Storage for placing more pics Offer Consultation service to make you more understanding yourself

Marketing Strategies
Tailor-Make your Personal Homepages

Your Message Always on Top of the Mailbox

Marketing Strategies--Pricing

Marketing Strategies--Promotion

Promotion Channel: Search Engine

Local Discuss Forum and Facebook

Marketing Strategies--Promotion

Marketing Strategies--Process

Marketing Strategies--Process

Marketing Strategies--People

Technician for the Website Design R&D Professionalism

Customer Relationship Management Consulting Professionalism

Marketing StrategiesPhysical Evidence

Business Model

Successful Cases

Successful Cases

Financial Highlights of Facebook

Facebook Profit Margin

Facebook Profit Breakdown

User , 10%

Advertistin g, 90%

Business Model
Membership Service Online VIP Service
Advertising/ Promotion R&D

Special Events

Offline Event Organize

Consulting Cost Technician


Online Ads Widgets

Website Maintenances Mgt Cost

Lose Leadership

Cost Breakdown
Website R&D Maintenance Cost, Cost, 5% 7%
Technician , 3%

Management Cost, 10%

Consulting , 8%

Marketing/Pro motion Cost, 60%

Customer Relationship , 8%

Alice Wonderland. It is hard for small investment to reach Alice Wonderland: the Dreams Do Come large market share. But withButfiling IPO of Facebook, its a new milestone for IT industry. With the right direction and True! great effort,

Platform: Excellent Online Service, No Charge People: Key Factors in Our Business Model Liability: Security & Responsible for your Data Easy to Use; Efficiency; Economical


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