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Parish Social Ministry
Moving Faith into Action
Overview on Vision, Mission, Leadership and Management Tips

Offered by: Tom Burns

September 2010

PSM Coordinator Christ the King, Commack

Day 1… September 22

1. Vision and Mission of PSM 2. Leadership – Management Church Minister
Day 2…September 29

3. An Approach to Implementation 4. Random Tips from Tom

Getting a Pulse
How long in this ministry? (volunteer and paid staff) How many consider your role to be Parish Outreach Coordinator? PSM Coordinator? Are you part of the “Pastoral Team”? How many are in it for the money?

What is a Vision
1. Creating a vision forces one to take a stand for
2. 3. 4.
a PREFERRED FUTURE. Our vision must be STRATEGIC and LOFTY. A vision works if others understand, support, and want to be part of it. A vision is an expression of hope and idealism.

The embarrassment we may feel is really our vulnerability at taking a stance of innocence in the midst of an environment that seems sophisticated, hard nosed and pragmatic.

Parish Social Ministry
The VISION of PSM is to build a truly
caring, compassionate, Christian community. (where others will know we are

Christian by our care for one another and thirst for a more just society/world)

The MISSION of PSM is to help

parishioners understand and act on Catholic Social Teaching

A Definition:

Leadership is about:
1. Setting a Direction 2. Aligning people to a

vision of the future 3. Empowering them and 4. Motivating them to pursue the challenges created by the vision.

Management is about making a Leader’s Vision a Reality by:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
Planning Budgeting Organizing Staffing Empowering and Delegating Monitoring and Supervising Working to make goals and objectives of the leader come to reality

Parish Minister
1. Rooted in the Holy Spirit 2. For the benefit of others 3. For the sake of the Kingdom
of God 4. In the name of the church 5. For the sake of her mission.
Types of Ministry: Word, Worship, Witness and Service.


Leader? Manager? Parish Minister?
• Truest sense of word… we are not leaders. • Jesus set the vision and mission. (LOFTY) • We are followers of Jesus… (CEO) • But… Christ has no body now but YOURS. • Need to hold up HIS vision • Need to provide concrete ways to follow him.
We need to call people to the great vision of God.

The PSM Coordinator
Part Leader Part Manager Parish Minister…. Like a CONDUCTOR Did not write the Music. But are Passionate about it! Do not play the instruments.

We find the musicians, teach, oversee, inspire, and follow the vision of the master songwriter and share our passion to yield beautiful music… helping to build of the Kingdom of God.

Setting the Groundwork
• PSM coordinators need basic leadership
and management tools to be a good CONDUCTOR • However, most critical:

 A Faithful disciple who challenges others to the vision of Jesus One who shows/empowers others to follow that vision  i.e.., UNDERSTAND AND ACT

Leadership 101
• Vision • Communication (of Vision) • Character • Boldness • Servanthood • Network

Leadership 101
• Vision • Communication

• Every leader MUST have a
vision.. a LOFTY vision. • The vision defines what success looks like • Leader and volunteers struggle and sacrifice for the vision. • Leaders are challenged and inspired by the Vision.

• Character
• Boldness • Servanthood • Networking

Leadership 101
• Vision • Communication

Communication (of vision)
• Every leader must
be able to communicate the VISION to the parish and volunteers, and must do so effectively and persuasively so that all the volunteers want to buy into it.

• Character
• Boldness • Servanthood • Networking

Leadership 101
• Vision • Communication

Volunteers buy into a church leader who is faithful to the gospel at any cost, and who exhibits honestly, humility, integrity, social responsibility, courage, fairness, tolerance and respect for others.
So just be yourself!

• Character
• Boldness • Servanthood • Networking

Leadership 101
• Vision • Communication

Do you have bravado to do what you know is right even when everyone is against the idea? Leaders overcome shyness, timidity, and the tendency to play it safe. Being faithful demands courage and conviction.

• Character
• Boldness • Servanthood • Networking

Leadership 101
• Vision • Communication

True leadership is not about being “the boss” but being a servant. Leading should not expand our egos, but provide a rich opportunity to serve God and others.

• Character
• Boldness • Servanthood • Networking

Leadership 101
• Vision • Communication

Leaders thrive on relationships and contact. We can bring those in need onto contact with those who can help. Keep your rolodex handy. Know who to call. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and empower those who want to help.

• Character
• Boldness • Servant Hood • Networking

Management 101…making the
• Plan • Organize • Staff • Empower • Communication • Supervision • Motivation

Leader’s vision a reality… skills that help:

Management 101

• Management starts with a plan.
Without a plan you will never get the things that matter accomplished. Figure out what your goal is. Then figure best way to get there. Resources, strengths and talents, look at all scenarios, weigh options, set goals and objectives… small steps are ok.

Plan Organize Staff Empower Communication Supervision Motivation

• •

The Main thing is to keep the Main thing the Main Thing

• You have a plan, now
you have to make it work. Do you have space? Do you have volunteers? Are they trained? Do you have resources for them? Procedures? Systems? Files? Forms?

Management 101
Plan Organize Staff Empower Communication


Mission is to get parishioners to understand and act on CST. You should NEVER be playing an instrument. Do you have receptionists, case managers, drivers, companions, helpers, pantry workers? Scheduled? Volunteers want to help!

Management 101
Plan Organize Staff Empower Communication Supervision



Good Managers delegate tasks to others.

Management 101
Plan Organize Staff Empower Communication

Signs of Empowerment: Volunteers answer phones, see clients, make decisions, run office, arrange rides for homebound, arrange companionship visits, take care of Christmas….

90% if understand will make it happen…unless….

PSM is about the empowerment of the laity… Not YOU helping those in need.

Good managers keep those that need to know informed of pertinent activities and latest information. This includes training, updating resources, and good public relations.
Does everyone understand their role and importance to overall success?

Management 101
Plan Organize Staff Empower Communication


• Keep an eye on things. • You will have to make
• •
adjustments just like a conductor has to adjust tempo. Problems will come up. Develop contingency plans and try to anticipate new needs. Have trained Substitutes available.

Management 101
Plan Organize Staff Empower Communication



Managers must keep people interested and passionate about doing what they do. Regular meetings, prayer and inclusion in decisions are essential. To manage church volunteers it is critical to be centered on the gospel and to show appreciation.

Management 101
Plan Organize Staff Empower Communication


Implementing PSM: An Ongoing Cycle
• Awareness • Obligation • Empowerment • Response:
Direct Service Social Justice

Implementing PSM – Step 1: Awareness
• Of Needs – Local – National – Global • Of volunteer opportunities at parish • Of current events and implications of faith • Of good works taking place at parish • Of Basic Themes of Catholic Social Teaching
How? Bulletin – Local Papers – Speak at Mass – Trainings – Ministry Fairs – Bulletin Boards - Video Awareness – Obligation – Empowerment – Response

Implementing PSM – Step 2: Obligation
• Of Gospel • Of Catholic Social Teaching • Nudging parishioners to action • Of Baptismal and Confirmation Call
Vatican ll Documents: “…from the reception of these gifts, including

those which are less dramatic, there arise for each believer the right and duty to use them in the Church and in the world for the good of human kind and for the up building of the Church.”
(Apostolican Actuositatem, 3)

Awareness – Obligation – Empowerment – Response

Implementing PSM – Step 3: Empowerment
• Good Training so volunteers know what to do…
• • • •
including procedures and resources Decision Making Volunteers RUNNING Parish Outreach Volunteer Heads of Committees FORMATION Pray with them and be sure volunteers are doing ministry for right reason.

Awareness – Obligation – Empowerment – Response

Implementing PSM – Step 4: Response
1. Direct Service: Volunteer initiatives
addressing the needs of individuals residing within the local community.
Examples: Office Workers, Case Managers, Drivers, Companions, Pantry Workers, Pro-bono professionals, Christmas volunteers…….

2. Social Justice: Address root causes of

injustice; locally, nationally and globally.

Examples: World Hunger, Capital Punishment, Immigration, Discrimination, Welfare Reform.

Awareness – Obligation – Empowerment – Response

Key PSM Relationships

• Pastor • Parish Team • Outside Support

Key PSM Relationships Pastor
Ideally: • Understands and supports full scope of PSM • Considers PSM an integral / essential component of parish team • Willing to pay a just wage • Provides a workable budget and resources for PSM • Offers benefits, retreats, and conferences • Understands and supports CST – willing to take an occasional hit when applied to current events Suggestions:
Meet with once a month, report accomplishments, number of people served, types of situations, volunteer activities, and write a quarterly summary for pastor and Pastoral Team.

Key PSM Relationships Pastoral Team (staff)
Ideally: • PSM considered essential to parish life • Supportive of Goals and Events • PSM is integral part of yearly planning and staff meetings.
The parish team should all believe that “Effective social ministry helps the

parish not only do more, but be more – more of a reflection of the gospel, more of a worshipping community, more of a faithful community. It is an essential part of parish life.” (Communities of Salt and Light, U.S. Catholic Bishops )

Key PSM Relationships Outside Support
• Regular support / meetings with local peers • Support and guidance from Catholic Charities
– Training of Coordinators – Training of Volunteers – Help with Public Policy and other resources. – Catholic Charities USA, USCCB, CRS, Network, Education for Justice, NYSCC, etc….. – Workshops, Conferences, Retreats, vacation, quiet work time.

• Connection with Larger Picture

• Personal Support and Education

Key Qualifications of a Parish PSM Coordinator
• Deep spirituality, with an Understanding and Passion

for Catholic Social Teaching Leader/manager skills:
• • • •
Ability to Prioritize Empower Delegate Communication Skills Set up office Schedule Procedures Systems

• Holy Fool
– – – – –

Doing right thing for right reason Can handle criticism Prayerful, peaceful, centered, courageous Can Laugh at self Take care of self (i.e., retreats, vacations, quiet work time)

Tidbits from Tom

Humbly offered for whatever they are worth.

Things that work for me… a
Parish Social Ministry Coordinator….

presented in no particular order

When do I find time to do all this?
Managing….Planning…. Ministering?

• Are you overwhelmed yet? • DON”T BE! • But be sure to create time to do YOUR job
 

Close your door Work at home Close the office

• Take time each day to pray. • Ask God what is most important for you to
do this day…. Month… year…. 5 years. • Listen to how it should be done. • Remember, HE is your only boss. • And HE called YOU by name.

Think…… Dream…… Plan
• Close the door and put your feet up. • After talking to the Boss, what do you

need to do today. Align these with your passions. • Set priorities to most important task. • Schedule a time in your day to work on your ToBeDone List

Put down that instrument … be a good Conductor!
If you are doing tasks you are not leading, managing, or being a minister. Focus on YOUR job and if need be, stop…. RECRUIT TRAIN EMPOWER Or call for help!

Focus on your volunteers (musicians) REMEMBER THE MISSION!
• • • • • • • •
Monthly meeting Gospel Readings and Faith Sharing Challenge them… stretch them Force them to make decisions Allow them to run the office Inspire, empower and delegate. Spread around the tasks Ongoing Recruitment and training.

On Decision making Good leaders make decisions….
• • • • • • •
Get information Look at pros and cons Ask others for advice Pray Follow First the Gospel and Second your Heart Decide and be at peace, you did all you could. Expect criticism… but know you did your best. (what more can anyone ask)

“When you get criticized, let it be not because we are too emotional but because we are not emotional enough; not because our passions are so powerful but because they are so puny; not because we are too affectionate but because we lack a deep, passionate, uncompromising affection for Jesus Christ.”
from The Ragamuffin Gospel, by Brennan Manning , Multnomah Publishers, Inc.

Nourish Your Soul
• Pray • Retreats • Vacations • Quiet reflection time • Seek the common ground • Go to workshops, conferences… • Be grateful… be passionate… live by grace

Distractions and Interruptions
• Learn to deal with them: • Recognize them… and be sure this is where you • • •
want to spend time. Set a time when they are acceptable Set a time when they are not acceptable. Make sure other people’s priorities do not alter yours! You have a mission…. Stay on course. Respect other people’s time… and be sure others respect yours. You are a leader.

• •

WE have the BEST Sandbox
(but don’t tell anyone)

• Moral Issues of Church bit Conservative • Liturgical Issues of Church bit Conservative • Social Justice Issues Bit Liberal • Enjoy our Sandbox and try to stay out of
the other ones.

On Negativity
• Don’t get caught up in the negativity
around the institutional church • Don’t become overly critical yourself • But don’t sign on unconditionally • Take your teachings from Jesus • Is it a church question or gospel question? “Catholicism taught me to talk this way”
Father Richard Rohr

Help set the course
• Be positive but
be unrelentingly faithful

• Ask challenging questions • Challenge parish priorities • Quote the gospel • Always strive to Help parish remember:
The Main thing is to keep the Main thing The Main Thing

Have Fun
• We have a GREAT JOB • We are following Jesus… • We have people willing to work for us

without pay. • We are in touch with the needs of others and have the opportunity to help. • God loves us… in all our brokenness.

If you take nothing else:
1. Make Time to
Lead – Manage - Minister 2. Empower: Get others to act on their faith 3. be Grateful / Happy :
We have an awesome job and God loves you (us).

Thank you!

This presentation was humbly offered by:
Tom Burns Coordinator, Parish Social Ministry Christ the King, Commack Phone: 631-864-2314 E-mail:

Please feel free to contact me for additional information, comments, or to voice your constructive criticism. Your feedback is most appreciated as we work together to build truly caring compassionate Christian communities.

And remember…

The Main thing is to keep the Main thing the Main thing.

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