Innovations in Language Teaching

Creative Reading and Writing

Kitchen n Garden
Take a look at the pictures kept on different tables. Pick up the picture with which you can associate yourself. Introduce yourself with the help of that picture.

Bring out your creativity
Watch the following video carefully. The only trick here is to use your visual senses as the video will be mute. Formulate a dialogue based on the video in groups in any language of your own choice.

Different Ways of working with a Text
• • • • • Class reading Read Rally- Skimming n Scanning Role Play out of a text Poster making out of a text Write a song/poem out of a text

Some new ways of poetry writing
• • • • • • Elfchen- Eleven Words Poem Snowball Pyramid 7-Line Poem Avenida Serial Writing

Elfchen- 11 Word Poem
Structure 1st line, 1 word- adjective 2nd line, 2 words- Noun and article 3rd line, 3 word statement about the noun 4th line, 4 word statement connecting me and the noun 5th line, 1 concluding word Example blue The See It is wide I love the view Homesickness

Snowball- Poem
Structure 1st line, 1 word 2nd line, 2 words 3rd line, 3 words 4th line ( n) , 4 words (n) Example German Foreign Language I learn you You are not easy

5th line (n+1) , 4 words (n-1)
6th line (n+2), 2 words (n-2) Last line, 1 word

I have patience
I practice German

Pyramide Poem

Structure 1st line, 1 word 2nd line, 2 words 3rd line, 3 words 4th line, 4 words ……… ……… Line n, n words

Example I I see I see him I see him here I see him here and there I see him everywhere He is my God whom I see everywhere

7 – Line Poem
Structure Title /word about which the poem is written 1st line, thing/ place related to the word 2nd line, I + an activity 3rd line, A question or comparison 4th line, 1 word from 1st or 3rd line Example Flower Flower on the field I always stare you How do you bear so much heat? You small, red flower

5th line, continuation of 4th line You fill the field with magic 6th line, repetition of 1st line 7th line, repetition of 2nd line Flower o Flower You Flower on the field

Structure Example

1st line, 1 word
2nd line, word 1 and word 2 3rd line, word 2 4th line, word 2 and word 3 5th line, word 1 6th line, word 1 and word 3 7th line, word 1, word 2 and word 3

Sun and Flowers Flowers Flowers and Birds Sun Sun and Birds Sun and Flowers and Birds

8th line, word 4


Group Activity
• Have a look at the ,,live models’’ being shown to you. • Write a poem on each model. The types of the poem to be written by each group are as follows: • Group I- Elfchen, Avenida • Group II- 7 line Poem, Pyramide • Group III- Snowball, Avenida • Group IV- Elfchen, 7 line Poem

Individual ActivityChoose any one picture and write a poem in any one form of your choice

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