Country Package 3.

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Paolo Manfrin solution developer @ coresystems ag

Major Features 1/4
• Enterprise Search – Search for equipment cards • Enterprise Search – Mouse scrolling support • Enterprise Search – Search for blanket agreements • Enterprise Search – Include searchable fields for Brazilian localization • Enterprise Search – Search by Partner Catalog Number in document Rows • Framework – Simple installer

Major Features 2/4
• Framework – Support for coresuite mobile Checklist • Designer – Simplified option to send email when creating documents • Customize – Easy Function, show messagebox with a SQL Query result • Customize – Easy Function, new parameters $[USER] and $[USERNAME] • Customize – Easy Function, new command ExecuteQueryFromSAP

Major Features 3/4
• Customize – Easy Function, support for Function Button • Customize – Searching tool for customize rules • Customize – Show rule name in the editor • Customize – Template rules for coding howTo • Customize – Rules for Brazilian localization • Customize – FormLoaded event • Customize – Optimizer and Function button layouts

Major Features 4/4
• Customize – EasyRowFunction, highlight all affected rows in a matrix • Customize – EasyFunction, select a specific row in a matrix • Content – Layout for coresuite mobile checklist • Content – Document DinLayout includes taxes for Canada and Brazil

Enterprise Search
• Two new categories have been added to the search engine:
– – Blanket Agreements Equipment Cards

• Usability has been increased allowing to use the mouse scroll within the search result screen when a long list is displayed.

• Full Set of Searchable Fields to support the Brazilian Localization
• • • • • • Serial (nota fiscal / marketing documents) Model Carrier (Transportadora) Vehicle (placa de veículo) TAXID0 = CNPJ TAXID4 = CPF

• • • • Usage = Utilização CFOP Code = CFOP TaxCode (Código de imposto) Batch Number (número de lote)

• A simple installer will guide you through the first installation. • Even without registering your system in the partner portal you can try coresuite for 60 days

• •

Support for coresuite mobile checklist It is now possible to use ready-to-use classes in the framework to perform actions on incoming checklist from the cloud
SAMPLES: – Close a service call when a checklist received from the mobile has the signature of the customer – Send an email to the customer when a checklist received from the mobile has the flag «send email» set.


• • User can sends emails, faxes or pdf, when a document is created Designer offer now the possibility to specify in the PrintDefinition what should happen after a document is created

• It is now possible to use Easy Functions to display a result of a query as MessageBox without coding • Use Case: Before creating a sales order check how many open invoices a certain customer have.

• Avoid creating the same query for multiple users. You can now use the placeholders $[USER] and $[USERNAME] to create user-dependent queries Use Case: stop some users from changing or adding new Activity Types in Business Partner Activity

• • Display a SAP Query with a simple click of a function button or when executing a certain action. (command ExecuteUserQuery) Use Case: Display the open service calls without the need to browse through the SAP Menu

• Easy Functions and Easy Row Functions can now be linked to a function button.

• It is now possible to search for specific content that you wrote inside customize rules

• Coresuite customize contains now a set of rules to support the Brazilian localization: • • • • BRA-001: Validate Brazilian ZIP-Format BRA-002: Make combobox field "State" mandatory BRA-004: Make ZIP Code mandatory BRA-009: Get address data from a webservice based on ZipCode Information

• Optimizer and Function Button Layouts • You can now get a nice printout of your customize rules to archive or handover to your customer.

• EasyRowFunctions have been enhanced allowing you to highlight rows based on a custom logic (HighlightRow command) • Use Case: You want to highlight products with special promotions

• EasyRowFunctions, select a specific row in a matrix ( command SetValue) • Use Case: The User wants to change the Form Settings with just a function button without the need to search in the SAP Menu

• CheckList layout • It is now possible to create checklists on the mobile devices and attach them to a SAP object (e.g. Service Calls, Activities, etc…) • In Business One it is then possible to print out the layout of such CheckList

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