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Scoala Gimnaziala Caraula

Dolj county

From geographical point of view, Caraula is located in southwestern of Dolj County, 51 km from Craiova

Caraula term comes from Slavic and means: security, guard, sentinel The name comes from the nearby hill where was installed a guard post Village existence is documented under that name since 1597. It is proved by the archeological findings that the commune of Caraula is sitting on the same heart since the first half of XIXth century, near 1820.

Nowadays the number of families and residents is as follows: 1200 families, 2340 inhabitants. Of these 160 families have a rrom ethnicity with 750 habitants. The inhabitants of the commun are dealing with agriculture and its various branches: raising animals and birds , gardening and wine growing

Hall of Caraula

Monument rebellion of 1907 in Caraula

Church of Caraula

In the village of Caraula, Dolj County,there is an old cemetery of stone crosses from around the 18th Century, although it may be older than that.



The school from Caraula start operating since 1842 . The documents attest that since 1848 there is a local school with two classrooms and an office The school has worked with several interruptions caused by historical events and the building burned and was rebuilt and repaired several times.

The current local was built between 1910-1912 and added since 1970 five more classrooms, completed in 1974

school entrance


Fanus Neagu, Spiritual Patron of the school

Kindergarten operates its own building, built in 1971 with 4 classrooms where it operates the 3 groups of preschoolers.

Nowadays the school from Caraula has 8 classrooms, 3 laboratories, 1 teachers office, 1 secretary and school manager office, 1 room for food and 1 library, a gym. 297 students and 30 teachers are carrying on here. Of these, 163 students are enrolled in primary education, and 134 in the gymnasium. In this place operates 8 grades for primary school and 7 classes for secondary school

Info Lab

Physics Lab

Biology Lab

secretary and school manager office



The teaching staff maintains a high level of professional competence and didactic exigency. In our school 30 teachers carry out their activities. Their current activity is completed with a long series of scientific, cultural and sport activities in which there are involved most of the pupils and whose main aim is the harmonious accomplishment of the students physical, intellectual and moral profile.

sports field

Halloween parades

theatrical performance

In order to keep our national folklore alive, our school has developed different educational partnerships with schools in urban and rural areas The school offers equal opportunities to all the students, regardless of ethnicity or religion, provides cooperation between ethnic groups , promotes tolerance and tends to satisfy every students needs, in order to guide him/her to change and respect democratic values, to personally state him/herself in an inclusive background.

Constantly maintaining the balance between tradition and modernity, pupils and teachers, together with all the partners in children education, try to contribute to the increase of the prestige of our school inside the community.

partnership with the Humanitarian Foundation "Terre des Hommes" "Holiday in my community," it tried to persuade students dropout in the position to realize the importance of education act their subsequent social formation.

non-formal education camp in collaboration with the National Romanian Scouts

S.O.S the nature