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It is a premier association of dentist In india. It is commited to public oral health, ethic,science ad advancement of dental professionals through its initiatives in advocacy, education, research and development of standards of dental care In the country Ida is commietd to dental excellence and professional advancement of dental professionals in the country


The Indian Dental Association was founded in 1945 with by Dr. R. Ahmed, being the Founder President, along with four other Founder Members. This is the only organization that has represented dental professionals and the oral health of the nation for the past 65 years. It was started soon after the dentist act was passed in the parliment it was earlier called the All India Dental Association and was registered in Delhi with Reg. no. S/265 The constitution of Indian Dental Association was drafted by Dr. N.N. Berry And others and the same was unanimously approved by the General Body during the first Conference in 1945. Dr. R. Ahmed started a dental journal in Kolkata and later it become the Journal of IDA. Council on Dental Health was founded in 1950 under the name of Central Dental Health Publicity and it was founded in 1950 under the name of Central Dental Health Publicity and it was changed to the present name council on Dental Health in 1953


become the authoritative voice of dental profession in India and represent it on the global map. To become the nations foremost organisation for excellence in advancing oral health for people, member services and advocacy thus promoting oral health and the profession of dentistry


The mission of the Indian Dental Association is to improve oral health of the public and render services through innovation in education, advocacy and related programs and provide support to dental professionals in their practices to enhance and update skill and knowledge, We aim to accomplish our mission by: Advancing oral health for every citizen of India, by supporting and promoting science in its most meticulous and complete form thereby meeting the changing needs of the society and promoting the well being of the Nation.


encouragement and advancement of dental sciences. To encourage members to take measures for improvement of public health and education in India Maintenance of honor and dignity and the upholding of interest of dental profession and the cooperation between members thereof.


Holding periodical meeting and conferances of the member of association and dental professional in general. Publishing and circulating journal. Encouraging the opening of libraries i the branches and buy books out of the fund of the association. Conducting educational campaign among the masses in india Encouraging research I dental and allied fields with grants out of the fund by establishment of scholarships and maintaining international contact with foreign dental associations. Protect public from unethical treatment. Trying to set excemptions on customer duty for essential dental materials and instruments.


It has a registered office where the Honorary Secretary resides. Branches of this association spread all over the country. They are

Local branches- situated in the district headquarters of other area in the district. They can have a minimum of 15 ordinary members and there shall not be more than one town in the same branch. State braches-they are made from several local branches.

27 State Branches 195 Local Branches and more than 40,000 Members


Head of an elephant- adopted only in India by IDA.

Tusk of an elephant- denotes the dental profession and dates far back as the egyptians.
Staff of ausculpius- stands for captor of authority and represents the professional authority of the profession. Serpent entwined around the staff- Aesculpius was the roman god for healing and he used serpents and rods. Hippocrates adopted this as a symbol. Wings of staff- represents spread of knowledge according to greek mythology.


members willl be supplied a copy of journal and other such publications free of cost. All members can use the library and association rooms if necessary. All the members have the right to attend association meetings, lectures and demonstration or confrences


Dental practioners registered under Indian Dentist act - 1945are eligible to become members. The diffent catogories are

Honorary Members- persons of high scientific or literary attainment or persons who rendered conspicuous service to the association or persons whose connection with association is deemed desirable. atleast 25 members of the association or 10 members of the central council should propose his or her name along with the claims of the candidate for such honour in the central council.

Ordinary members- general dental practioners and those associated with the dental profession. Direct members- persons eligible for membership but who are not residing or practicing in the local branch. Student members- only undergraduate studets of recognized institutions. Affiliated members non residential foreign dental practioners having a dental qualifications are affiliated members. Associate members- persons registerd with medical council of India

A.Central Council:

The general management of the Head Office (HO), as a whole, shall bevested with the CC. Nobody in receipt of salary or an honorarium from the funds of the Association can be elected as a office bearer of the Association

B. Representatives from State Branches to CC

The number shall be on the basis of the total strength of the state branch as on 31st July as per HO records


President-Dr. George Thomas President Elect -Dr. Anand Godshay Imm. Past President- Dr. L. Krishna Prasad 1st Vice President -Dr. T. N. Tilakraj 2nd Vice President -Dr. T. Murali Mohan 3rd Vice President -Dr. Pradeep Jain 4th Vice President -Dr. B. B. Verma Hon. Secretary General -Dr. Ashok Dhoble Hon. Joint Secretary -Dr. Sanjay Joshi Hon. Assistant Secretary- Dr. Mukul Dabholkar Treasurer -Dr. Deepak R. Muchhala Editor Journal -Dr. Dilip Pol Chairman CDE -Dr. Jatinder Singh Walia Chairman CDH -Dr. Ajay Khatri Chairman-International Committee -Dr. (Capt.)R Bellie Vice Chairman-International Committee -Dr. S. G. Damle Chairman-ICCDE India Division -Dr. R K Bali Secretary-ICCDE India Division- Dr. U. S. Krishna Nayak



Indian Dental Association (IDA) has taken an initiative to provide 24x7 Emergency Dental Care to the patients as and when they are in need. These centres are equipped to offer a high quality dental service to the public. Emergency Dental Centres are listed in the city ,area-wise search list wherein needful patients can easily locate them in their nearest areas. IDAs Emergency Dental Centre powered by public demand --- offers affordable, steady and reliable 24x7 dental care. A venture geared to offer quick and prompt relief for all dental ailments anytime .The clinics will meet your dental demands and provide satisfactory treatment for dental pain.



Dental Centre is an initiative of the Indian Dental Association, conceptualized with a view to pioneering programmes aimed at preventing dental caries among the children in the country, where dental caries is a highly prevalent and rapidly emerging disease among the children


The Code of Ethics are set of principles of professional conduct to which the dentist must aspire to fulfill their duties to their patients, public, profession and colleges. It promotes ethical conduct, professional responsibility and facilitates dialogue on common problems in dental practice. IDA recognises that continued public trust in the dental profession is based on the commitment of individual dentists to high ethical standards of conduct. The Code of Ethics pertains to 1.Service to the public. 2.Conduct in a clinic. 3.Conduct between dental practitioners. 4.Promotion of dental practices and services. The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to provide a set of guiding principles to promote exemplary ethical standards by dentists for the benefit of all