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A voice controllred prosthetic hand has been desinged and implemented where communication technologies and Internet have been used. All these techniques are successfully merged in a voice controlled prosthetic hand system. The embedded hardware is connected to PC via serial communication. The VOICE RECOGNITION software is running on the PC with WINDOWS operating system and the system has to be trained first. The devices which are to be controlled are connected to the Microcontroller through linear motor driver. The commands are sent to the Microcontroller by the user from the headphones to the voice recognition software. This system offers a complete, low cost, powerful and user friendly way of real-time monitoring and control of a prosthetic hand.


Prosthetic hand


The main part of this project is the VOICE RECOGNITION SOFTWARE which is a computer software package and also has the remote access utility. The prosthetic hand that is to be controlled are connected to the circuit. Speaker independent is a system trained to respond to a word regardless of who speaks. Therefore the system must respond to a large variety of speech patterns, infections and enunciations of the target word. The command word count is usually lower than the speaker dependent however high accuracy can still maintain within processing limits.

12 V DC
INPUT AC 230 Power supply 5 V DC GND


A 12 v step down transformer is used so that it is suitable to microcontroller. To convert 12V AC to Dc we are using a bridge rectifier followed by voltage regulator to limit output voltage to 5V. To provide 11.0592 MHz of frequency we are using a crystal oscillator. The MAX232 is an integrated circuit that converts signals from an RS-232 serial port to signals suitable for use in TTL compatible digital logic circuits. We have used voice recognition software and is connected through serial port to the PC where we have head phones to recognize the voice and consider the commands. The movements of the prosthetic hand that are to be controlled are connected to the hardware kit through linear driver circuits. The MAX232 is a dual driver/receiver and typically converts the RX, TX, CTS and RTS signals.


MAX 232

Functioning of prosthetic hand



Logic symbol of max232 advantages


It if affordable as it is low in cost.

It is simple to design Easy to carry.

Small in size.

MAIN components
Microcontroller (89C52). Power supply Regulator MAX 232 Linear motor

Thus developed a prototype for the hand gripper using the microcontroller. The prototype developed can be interfaced with the human being by attaching the hand to the plastic sleeves which are fabricated based on the stump of the client at the surgical. For further development one can develop using the EMG signals, and can also work on the degree of firmness of gripping the object

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