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Introduction to RosettaNet

XML Working Group 5-16-01 (Minus RosettaNet Template)
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In this Presentation…
• • • • • Industry Overview Consortium Organization Business Process Architecture RosettaNet Roadmap Conclusion

Major Industry Trends Demand Action
• Competitive pressure to achieve extreme operational efficiency • Transition from linear to dynamic supply chain model • No explicit agreement on data exchange process • Increased support for XML, a lower cost alternative to electronic data interchange (EDI)

000 B-to-B Online Net Markets $4.457 CY2005 $8.555 $2.260 $1.758 $4.678 $3.000 $B-to-B Online Net Markets CY2000 $11.000 $2.000 Global Trends in E-Business Business-to-Business Trade Growth Source: Jupiter Research 2000 $10.120 $311 $25 CY2001 $11.391 $617 $83 CY2002 $11.000 $8.206 .137 $2.000 $6.128 $812 CY2004 $9.235 $275 CY2003 $10.$12.135 $1.

The RosettaNet Vision. . high-technology trading network. Mission • Vision: The Leader in global e-business standards • Mission: RosettaNet drives collaborative development and rapid deployment of internetbased business standards. creating a common language and open ebusiness processes that provide measurable benefits and are vital to the evolution of the global.

RosettaNet In the News “RosettaNet is bold. Where other e-business efforts start small – working on a single business unit first and then building up – RosettaNet is working on the entire IT industry.” Y2K Top 10 Winner – Internet Week .

12/EDIFACT/JECALS Regional Large businesses Custom industry dictionaries .Information Exchange Standards Process-centric Message-centric • • • • • • • Real-time 100% of B2B processes Internet-enabled XML Global All businesses Standard industry dictionaries • • • • • • • Batch 10% of B2B processes VAN-enabled X.

In this Presentation… • • • • • Industry Overview Consortium Organization Business Process Architecture RosettaNet Roadmap Conclusion .

RosettaNet History • • • • • • 6/98 Information Technology (IT) Board Formed 8/99 Electronic Component (EC) Board Formed 4/00 RosettaNet Japan Formed 11/00 RosettaNet Announces Global Leadership 12/00 Nokia Joins 1/01 Semiconductor Manufacturing (SM) Board Formed • 02/01 RosettaNet Korea Announced (16 Companies) • 02/01 Sony Joins .

etc.RosettaNet Partners Trade Associations Standards Bodies Government Agencies Solution Providers Supply Chain Companies • RosettaNet standards led at global level • Regional focus on implementation support. • Partners have option of global or regional membership .

RosettaNet Governing Process RosettaNet Executive Board Individual Supply Chain Boards RosettaNet Partners • Vote on Provide overall • Address supply standards guidance chain.specific • Participate in • Address issues workshops prioritization and • Prioritization • Implement integration • Resources across boards • Implementation and adoption X3 .

Information Technology (IT) Supply Chain Board 3Com Arrow Electronics Avnet Cisco Systems Compaq CompUSA Dell Federal Express GSA Hewlett-Packard IBM Ingram Insight Intel Lucent Technologies NEC Netscape Office Depot Pioneer Quantum SAP Siemens Solectron Tech Data Trilogy UPS .

Electronic Components (EC) Supply Chain Board Agilent Altera Arrow Electronics Avnet AVX Bourns Cisco Systems FCI Future Electronics Hitachi IBM Intel Kemet Lucent Technologies Memec Micron Technology Molex Motorola National Nokia NEC Philips Semiconductors Pioneer Samsung Solectron Sony STMicroelectronics Texas Instruments Toshiba Tyco Electronics Xilinx .

Semiconductor Manufacturing (SM) Supply Chain Board Air Products & Chemicals Agilent Technologies Amkor Technology Applied Materials ASE Chartered Semiconductor Intel JSR LSI Lucent Technologies Micron Technology Motorola National Semiconductor NEC Philips Semiconductors Samsung Electronics Shin-Etsu Handoutai Shinko Electronics SPIL Sumitomo Bakelite Sumitomo Metal Texas Instruments TOK Tokyo Electron Toppan Toshiba TSMC UMC Winbond Xilinx .

Potential Future Boards • Automotive • Telecommunications .

In this Presentation… • • • • • Industry Overview Consortium Organization Business Process Architecture RosettaNet Roadmap Conclusion .

Partner-to-Partner Electronic Business Interface Company A Company Specific processing SAP ERP Company B Internet & XML Company Specific processing I2 APS Translate from Rosettanet standards to Company A system data set. . RosettaNet defines processes and a framework for how data gets passed over the Web and certain handshake criteria. Translate from RosettaNet standards to Company B system data set.

Business Processes Customer Private process (Company -specific) Process PO Receive PO Request Supplier Public process (Standard) Send PO Supplier Public process (Standard) Send PO Customer Private process (Company -specific) Process Sales Order Receive PO P O Figure provided by Vitria Systems Select Supplier Generate RFQ Send RFQ Select RFQ Response Send PO Send PO Receive PO Check Customer CRM Receive PO Acknowledge Send PO Acknowledge Check Credit Check Availability Receive PO Response Send PO Response Create Sales Order Send PO Response SCM Close Send PO Response Acknowledge Receive PO Response Acknowledge Close ERP .

E-Business Exchange Telephone Telephone Business Process Business Process Dialog DIALOG Grammar Words Alphabet Sound human-to-human business exchange Ecom Application eBusiness Process RosettaNet PIP™ Framework Dictionary XML Internet Partner-to-Partner eBusiness exchange .

RosettaNet Business Process Architecture • Partner Interface Process™ (PIP™) • RosettaNet Dictionaries • RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF) Core (Messaging Services) .

Partner Interface Process™ (PIP™) • Depict activities. decisions and interactions that fulfill a business transaction • Specify structure and format of business document payloads • Organized by clusters and segments .

fit. function) – Specifies common product properties • Business dictionary – Specifies common partner properties – Enables partners to identify one another • Shares common standards – Partner Identification – Product Identification .RosettaNet Business & Technical Dictionaries • Ensures consistent information exchange during PIP™ execution • Technical dictionary (form.

0 features and benefits: – HTTP and SMTP transfer protocols better support for e-marketplaces – Support for .greater security.can send complex documents – Support for S/MIME v.RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF) Core • Defines RosettaNet Object (RNO) • Specifies how to transport RosettaNet Object between trading partners’ network applications • Version 2.2 . privacy and authentication .gif files . .pdf.

RosettaNet Process Model RosettaNet Partner Interface Process™ Standards Partner Profile Management Product Information Manu-facturing Order Management Inventory Management Marketing and Support Manage Profile Subscriptions Request Profile Data Profile Change Notification Profile Process Request Preparation for Distribution Product Change Notification Product Design Information Collaborative Design Design Transfer Manage Manufacturing WO and WIP Distribute Manufacturing Information (Genealogy and Quality) Quote & Order Entry Transportation & Distribution Returns & Finance Ship from Stock & Debit/Credit Demand Planning and Release Inventory Allocation Inventory Replenishment Inventory Reporting Sales Reporting Price Protection Lead Opportunity Management Marketing Campaign Management Design Win Management Provide Service .

Standards Management Process Standards Development Methodology Configuration Management Portfolio Management Development and Vote Public Feedback Validation Prioritization Maintenance .

In this Presentation… • • • • • Industry Overview Consortium Organization Business Process Architecture RosettaNet Roadmap Conclusion .

FY 2000 Accomplishments • Built formal global presence • Formed the Semiconductor Manufacturing Board • Re-engineered the PIPTM assembly line • 55 board members moved into PIPTM production .

Members Cluster: PIP 2A1: PIP 2A2: PIP 2A9: Cluster: PIP PIP PIP PIP PIP PIP PIP 3A2: 3A3: 3A4: 3A6: 3A7: 3B2: 3B4: Product Information Distribute New Product Information Query Product Information Query EC Technical Information Order Management Request Price and Availability Transfer Shopping Cart Manage Purchase Order Distribute Order Status Notify of Purchase Order Acceptance Notify of Advance Shipment Query Shipment Status Inventory Management Allocate Inventory Marketing Information Management Distribute Product List Request Design Registration Request Design Win Cluster: PIP 4B1: Cluster: PIP 5C1: PIP 5C2: PIP 5C3: .PIPTM Production FY 2000 .

and Japan-based partners Samsung & Sony IMPLEMENTATION SUCCESS . enabled Compaq to receive the P. improved customer service Reduced the order processing lead time to several minutes. results in inventory reduction. improved customer satisfaction New process converted access to inventory information from a week’s delay to real-time data. expected to shorten lead time Intel & WPI (Taiwan) Implemented PIP 3A4 and PIP 3A7 First implementation between Korea.O.Implementation Successes Partners Arrow & Carrier Bourns & TTI Compaq & Delta (Taiwan) Implementation Results Up and running in six weeks Implemented PIP™ 3A2 in two weeks Implemented PIP 3A4 and PIP 3A7 Reduced a 5-day batched delivery cycle to overnight. acknowledgement immediately and allowed departments involved in the process to receive related information in real time Automated process reduced the cycle time for order processing between the companies Moved into production this month.

RosettaNet 2001 Priorities • Increase global membership • Evaluate and embrace major intermediaries • Expand into logical/urgent adjacent vertical supply chains • Extend standards for new business processes and new business models • Produce and enable adoption of PIPsTM .

including existing and emerging processes • End-to-end process scenarios developed and ready for validation • • • • Integrated demand management Process manufacturing management Distributed discrete manufacturing TBD based on board member milestone analysis .Standards Priorities 2001 • Increase number of member validated PIPsTM • Business process scenarios outlined.

E-Business Process Scenarios Forecast to Order Management Produce Sales Forecast Produce Order Forecast Query Shipment Status Request Price and Availability Transfer Shopping Cart Manage Purchase Order .

10.2001 TBD X .2001 12.2001 10.10.Board-Approved 2001 Milestones Milestone Program SM Readiness iHub SM Manufacturing RosettaNet Basics* Collaborative Forecasting Ship from Stock SM Materials Management SM Order Management Design Win Order Management in Japan PROGRAMS Configure To Order IT X EC SM Milestone Date X X X X X X X X X X * Name being finalized X X 5.2001 12.2001 6.2001 10.6.2001 10.10.2001 10.

In this Presentation… • • • • • RosettaNet Overview RosettaNet Business Process Architecture The RosettaNet Consortium RosettaNet Roadmap Conclusion .

Summary • RosettaNet is a global leader in e-business standards • RosettaNet Business Process Architecture • RosettaNet is a consortium of 400 partners and growing • FY 2001 will see increased momentum .

but what you do with it once you’ve got it.The Rosetta Stone Made 196 b. Discovered July 1799 Information is Power. but… Competitive advantage lies not in how you gather the data. .c.