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Contents 1. Application 3. Inspection . Selection and Sizing 4. Mounting 5. General 2. Slewing bearing gear 6.

. radial and moment loads acting either singly or in combination and in any direction. Often used for a horizontal platform   Advantages  Compactness and large inner diameter simplify the design of the bearing arrangement and its associated components  Low sectional height of these bearings which can be pinion lever kept short  Flat surfaces on the associated components are needed. Can perform both slewing (oscillating) movements as well as rotational movements.1. Slewing Bearing   “Slew" means to turn without change of place Slewing bearings are large-size rolling bearings that can accommodate axial.

4. 8.Slew Ring Bearing Features 1. 6. Inner race Outer race Rolling Elements Spacer Mounting Holes Seals Filler Plug Gear Grease Fitting Identification Mark . 2. 5. 7. 10. 3. 9.

offshore applications Robots Railways bogies Rotary platform Stackers Solar mirrors Tunnel Boring machines Wind turbines Medical instruments Defense equipment . medium and large excavators Index tables.2. Application Slew ring bearings perform extremely well in a variety of applications such as:                Access platforms Bucket wheel excavators Conveyor booms Cranes Small.

Recommended О .Suitable . Selection of slew ring bearing type: Following factors to be considered when selecting bearing type and selection guide as shown in the table  Accuracy  Magnitude and direction of loads  Operating temperature  Vibration  Operating speed  sealing Suitability of bearing for Slew Ring Bearing type Heavy high running High Long Static Vibration accuracy Speeds Service Loads ˉ О О О О О Single row four point contact ball slew ring bearing ˉ О О Light bearings ˉ Χ Χ Medium size bearings ˉ Cusomized bearings Single row crossed cylindrical roller Χ Medium size bearings Χ Χ ˉ ˉ О О Χ Χ Χ Χ Cusomized bearings Χ Χ .Not recommended .3. Selection and Sizing A.

B. Selection of slewing bearing size Load distribution diagram .

Calculation of Axial Force by Total Weight of Upper Structure: Weight table of upper structure Items Engine Assembly Radiator and oil cooler assembly Hydraulic tank and filter assembly(excluding hydraulic oil) Fuel tank assembly(excluding fuel) Revolving frame Cab Operators seat Counter weight Swing machinery Control valve Swing motor Center swivel joint Boom assembly Arm assembly Bucket assembly Boom cylinder assembly Arm cylinder assembly Bucket cylinder assembly Link (large) assembly Boom pin Arm pin Bucket pin Link pin Total Weight in kN Unit : in kg Model .XA 200C 780 115 130 134 1750 480 40 3735 250 235 75 42 1394 633 640 350 223 134 95 120 60 50 35 112.82kN .815 Total Weight of Upper Structure 112.

372 12.6 .Calculation of Digging force by Bucket and Arm Cylinder as per SAE J1179: Radial tooth force due to Bucket Cylinder (curl) (Fb) in kN Radial tooth force due to Arm Cylinder (crowd) (Fs) in kN Radial tooth force due to Boom Cylinder (crowd) (Fb)in kN Tilting moment load calculated from bucket load from the previous load diagram in kN 14.467 14.999 128.

7 Load Point must be below static limit curve of the selected slew ring bearing .Determining the equivalent static bearing load without radial load (static limiting load diagram) F0q is the axial force in kgf 141 M0q is the tilting moment (max) in kNm 160.

987 5.064 1. Bearing subjected to combined loads .666/n)*(Ca/Paxial)^10/3 14860 Determine the dynamic load factor Kf from the figure .1 Basic dynamic axial load rating of slewing 1050 bearing with internal gear selected from manufacturer catalogue (Ca) in kN Required Basic Rating Life Lh in hours Lh = (16.1 3. the life Lh is calculated as follows: Calculation of load eccentricity parameter ε.Dynamic Load Carrying Capacity and Life for Slewing Ring Bearing. radial and tilting moment loads.064 Required Basic Rating Life Lh in hours Calculation of equivalent dynamic axial bearing load Paxial in kN Paxial = Kf*Fa 575.3 Swing speed in rpm (n) 5.axial. Determine the ratio of the dynamic radial load bearing load Fr to dynamic axial bearing load Fa (Fr/Fa) 3.

 Strength bolt grade should be 10. following are the design considerations:  Bearing rings must be fully supported around circumference and entire width of the axial side faces by strong and rigid structure as shown in figure. Mounting: To fully utilize loads axial.4. . radial and tilting moment acting on the bearing.9  Bearing is properly sealed  Flatness of the support surfaces must be within defined limits.

to avoid excessive surface pressure on the support surfaces. Bolt Tightening Pattern Sealing  Efficient sealing arrangement has influence on the service life of bearing  Normally equipped with contact seals made of rubber NBR  Secondary seal will be used to prevent solid contaminants and moisture penetrating into the bearing Integrated seals Secondary seals Sheet steel cover .Bolted Joints  Use hardened or quenched and tempered flat washers beneath the bolt head and nut.  Spring washers of any type should never be used.

6.1. 5. 7. 4. 2. 7. 8. 3. PCD of sprocket in mm No of teeth of the sprocket (Z) Diameter of idler (D)in mm No of chain links Number of track shoe Track shoe width (w)in mm Chain length in mm Number of carrier roller . 2. Tractive torque (TR) in Nm Motor torque in Nm Flow to the travel motor in lpm Travel motor speed in rpm Travel motor torque in Nm Sprocket torque in Nm Travel speed in kmph 1. 6. 3. 5. 4.