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Fast Talkers, Slow Eaters

The commercialization of the French diet

 France

takes pride in its culture, language, and cuisine.  They are known for taking their time to eat and enjoy the food.  America= go, go, go. The quicker the better.  With American corporations trying to extend their influence overseas, is there any place for fast food for the French?

Fast Food- Nourriture Rapidement Corporation- Société Commerciale

A History of Fine Dining
 During

the reign of Louis XIV (1661–1715), the nobility would hold twelve-hour feasts with over ten different dishes served. The presentation of the food was just as important as the taste and quality of the ingredients.  Feast- Fête

Fast Food = Cheap Food?
The US
 Cheaper

 An

in the US.  Dollar or Value Menus

equal meal at McDonalds could cost up to $6 or $7

Inexpensive- bon marché

Protein and Protests

The diet of the French people is considered healthy and nutritional. There have been protests at some fast food restaurants in an attempt to drive them out of the country to keep the traditional quality of French food and the lifestyle.

Diet- Régime

Political Impact?
 

The fast food chain Quick has begun serving halal-only food, targeting France's large Muslim population. France is starting to debate what integration means and is preparing to ban the wearing of burqas in public. The mayor of a Paris suburb of Sevran said the plan would encourage "ghettoisation" instead of healthy multi-culturalism.

Politics- Politique

A trend on the rise?
-COJEAN -Opened in 2001 -Nine location -Noted for its nutritional foods and wide variety -All of these places emphasize fresh products, clearly labeled ingredients and absolutely nothing fried. -Although hardly a chain like we have in America, it is growing in popularity in Paris

Healthy food- nourriture saine

 Fast

Food- Nourriture Rapidement  Corporation- Société Commerciale  Feast- Fête  Inexpensive- bon marché  Diet- Régime  Politics- Politique  Healthy food- nourriture saine

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