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War and Peace A CCIO and ICT Director working together

Dr Jack Barker and Colin Sweeney CCIO and Director of ICT Kings College Hospital

Who are we? What have we done? Different projects different perspectives Some statistics

Kings EPR Milestones

1999 EPR Pilot with i.CM 2002 Completed roll out of orders and results 2000-2 Electronic discharge notifications and TTA drugs 2003 Replaced IRC PAS with i.PM 2004/5 PACS integrated with EPR 2005 First attempt at inpatient ePrescribing 2007 Moved i.PM to CSC as part of iSOFT7 2009-10 Inpatient bedside noting using Kings Documentation Framework 2008-2010 2nd attempt at Inpatient ePrescribing 2010 to date development of Kings Specialty System Framework as adjunct to help move to paperless/light hospital 2011 WardWare to capture vital signs and calculate Early Warning Scores 2012 - HIMMS Analytics score us 5.386 on their European EMR Model

Clinical input has always been important

Clinical Champions : original EPR product research team had:
A medical and a surgical consultant, A nurse and change leader Representatives from diagnostic departments

Implementation team had technical and clinical members

Clinical Analysts what are they? Clinical trainer?

Original Project Board chaired by A&E consultant and membership included 2 doctors from the pilot area as well as nursing and diagnostic representatives

Jack is not alone

Current IT Strategy Group has 3 consultants including Medical Director and Jack as well as nursing representation Current EPR Support/implementation team includes 9 members who are either still registered and practice or were nurses previously Deputy IT Director is a microbiologist by background

Managing the Executive

Key players Medical Director Chief Executive Director of Finance Director of Operations

Electronic Prescribing

Electronic bedside Clinical Notes

Vital Signs WardWare


Managing priorities

Develop or Buy?

Kings Health Partners

In summary
Strengths of the CCIO
Knowledge of clinical processes Active use of the IT

Strengths of the Director of IT

Knowledge of his staff Management of contracts

A united front Shared problem solving

I was so much older then

Im younger than that now

S1: Number of orders placed each year

S2: Number of results placed in each year

S3: Number of inpatient prescriptions placed in each year

Any Questions?