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Cape Town to Vic Falls 19 days

Acacia Desert and Delta UOF
UOF Desert and Delta
Pre trip arrival meeting
• There is a pre trip meeting at 6pm where the leader collects LP and other formalities and outlines plan for next day
• Leader doesn’t really organise a group dinner but normally group members will get together at the hostel restaurant/bar to eat on first
• The Backpack has a range of accomm- from large dorms,luxury dorms, doubles/single no ensuite up to double/single with ensuite.
• If clients want to upgrade their comp pre trip acomm night they can subject to availability and pay the hostel directly.
• There is a good indoor/out door restaurant/bar,
• a pool and travel agency
• Security is good.
• No personal lockers available
Day 1
• Need to be up and had breaky by 7.30am and have luggage loaded into
truck for an 8.30 am departure. Passengers can choose their own
locker,. They need to provide a padlock if they want to lock it
• Head to the district six museum which is history of the townships. We
have a local township person give the tour
• Head off to the township which is about 20kms away from the city
centre. Take a walk around and look inside a bar, some houses, a
school etc
• Head off for a local lunch- BBQ meat, pap (semolina) and salads
• Visit a supermarket to stock up on water/toilet stop then
• head off on the drive north towards the Namibian border
• Drive for around 3 hours (about 300kms) to just past
• Springbok.
• Camp at a lovely property with full ammenities block
and hot cold showers. There is the chance to do some wine tasting and
drinks are available in the evening.
• It can be very cold here!
Cape Town Township tour
Camp site night 1 Citrisville
Day 2
• Today we drive from Citrisville to Orange river, just over
the Namibian border
• It is about a six hour drive including the border formalities
which are straight forward.
• Clients exit the vehicle, fill inan exit form for South Africa
and are stamped out, then drive one km and exit the
vehicle again where they are stamped into Namibia. No
money involved
• The campsite on orange river is gorgeous!
• It has caravan park style ammenities block and a good
bar by the river
• There is the chance for customers to upgrade to cabins
here subject to availability and paid directly on the ground
Camp site night 2 Orange river.
Day 3 Orange river to Fish River
• Option of a morning canoe ride (about three
hours USD20)
• Other clients just relax or a good chance to do
washing as there are washing machines and
clothes lines
• After lunch head off to Fish River canyon
Campsite.(about a 1 hour drive) and set up
• The campsite here does not have great
facilities with only two showers and three
toilets for all guests (when I was there that
would be around 65 women!)
• No bar but a small swimming pool
• Set up camp and head out to the canyon for
sunset (about a 15 minute drive) and then
dinner our at the canyon
• A campfire tonight
Day 4 Sesriem
• Another long driving day
from FRC to Sesriem of
around 8 hours on good
roads. There are
toilet/drink stops while the
crew shop. We are here as
the closest camp to the
sand dunes at Sousesvlei
• Sesriem campsite is huge
with lots of amenities
blocks, a bar and
swimming pool.
Day 4 Soussesvlei
• Up at 4am for a 4.30 departure .
• 30 min drive to dune 45 and then a
steep climb up the dune (around 30
mins) ready to watch the sunrise-
• Wander (or roll) down to have a
pancake breaky at the truck
• After breaky there is the option to
head to the Svlei and go for a desert
walk with an incredible guide who
knew so much about this local
environment- a real highlight!
Return to Sesriem campsite this evening
Day 5 drive to Swakopmund
• Another early start with a
long driving day to
Swakopmund (around 10
hours) with lots of interesting
stops along the way
• First stop is at the Tropic of
• Then a cool canyon- the
landscape is stark but
• After a look at Walvis bay
head into Swakopmund for
the night
Days 6-7 Swakopmund
• Swakopmund is a cute little German style
• It is a chance to eat at restaurants and go
to bars
• Sleep in dorms at a backpacker
• It is also the adreneline capital of Namibia
with may activities available such as sky
diving, sandboarding, quadbiking, dolphin
cruises, horse riding, ballooning and more
Day 8 Cape Cross/Spitzkoppe
• Leaving Swakopmund at lunchtime head to Cape Cross to look at the
massive seal colony there
• The head to Spitzkoppe (about a two hour drive) which is a huge rock
formation, for a beautiful bush camp. There is only one bush style pit toilet
Day 9 and 10 Etosha
• Drive the short distance to Etosha national
Park (around 2 hours)
• Set up camp here in the very large public
camp site. Lots of toilet blocks and a good
pool and bar
• Head out at on a dusk safari
• In the evening visit the flood lit water hole
Day 11 Windhoek
• Drive from Etosha to Windhoek
• Spend the night here- either in a dorm or
• Good chance to visit a local
Day 12- Ghanzi
• Today we cross the border into Botswana! Again it is a
simple matter of being stamped out of Namibia, then
entering Botswana (cost is approx USD20) From
Windhoek to the border is around 3 hours.
• Drive to Ghanzi for bushman experience . The drive is
around 2 hours from the border on a good road
• Go for a walk through the Kalahari desert bush with a
family of San people (bushman of Kalahari)
• They show you the way they use the trees for medicine,
food, how they hunt, store water, make clothes and
make fire by rubbing two sticks together!
• Campsite tonight has nice natural flush toilets and
Day 13 Maun
• Drive to Maun
• There is the chance today to go to the bank,
spend time at the internet café.
• Cooking group will go shopping
• The campsite has a pool and bar for relaxing at.
• There are toilet blocks with flush toilets and hot
and cold showers
• A chance to do some hand washing this
Day 14 Okavango Delta
• Up early and transfer all sleeping and
cooking gear to an open truck.
• Drive for one hour to the local village
where we meet our cook and mokoro crew
• Each mokoro (local canoe) is crewed by
one poler and two passengers
• A relaxing pole through the Delta to a
• Set up camp and dig our toilet hole
Day 14 afternoon/evening
• Head off on an afternoon walk to a hippo pool and see what other nature we
can spot. In the evening after dinner the crew will sing around the campfire
and then encourage the clients to join in
Day 15 Maun
• At dawn on day 15 rise and head off for nature
walk to watch sun rise. Then it is back into the
boats, reload the gear and clients into the
transport and head back to the campsite at
Maun where lunch will be waiting
• Your leader/driver (one of the crew stays behind
to service the truck) will have lunch waiting.
• After lunch there is the chance to head off on an
optional joy flight over the delta (approximate
cost USD60 per person) or visit town/internet
café. Can choose to just relax back at camp
Day 16 Chobe
• This morning we head to Kasane, our
base to visit Chobe NP
• The campsite here is excellent with great
amenities blocks, a pool and fun bar.
• The rest of the afternoon is free to go into
town or relax by the pool with a book.
Day 17 Chobe
• Up before dawn and into our safari vehicles
for game drive. Chobe is the only place
where you do not do game drives in our
truck. The vehicle is open, bench seats on
the back of a truck chassis and graduated-
higher in the back to lowest behind the
driver. The driver acts as guide.
• Chobe is very pretty as you drive along the
river. It is possible to spot the big five.
• In the afternoon we go on a cruise along the Chobe river.
There are non intrepid clients also on the cruise. It goes
for about 2.5 hours and clients can bring along their
• You will see lots of elephants both on the shore and
swimming if lucky. Also hippos, crocs and lots of birdlife.
Day 18 Zambia/Livingstone
• We head off to Zambia, crossing the border on a
car ferry before getting our visas from an office
immediately over the bank.
• We stop in central Livingstone to visit the bank
and grab some snacks etc before heading off for
our visit to Vic Falls
• We stay at the falls for around 2 hours before
heading to our campsite – The Waterfront
• When we reach the campsite, set up tents
while a late lunch is prepared.
• After lunch the clients head to a talk which
outlines all the optional activities/costs,
timing etc
• There is also the possibility for clients to
upgrade to permanent tents (with beds) or
chalet accommodation based on
Day 19
• Departure day- clients are free to stay in their tents until they are
needed by another group- they just pay the campsite fee.
• Clients might want to add a couple of days onto the end of their trip
if they are into adreneline/animal encounter activities. They are not
cheap at around USD100 a pop, so tell the clients to bring their
credit cards
• Some of the optional activities include
• rafting on the Zambezi (seasonal)
• Ultralight flights over the falls
• Bungy jumps
• Elephant rides
• Lion encounter
• Visit to Zimbabwe
The end.
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