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Amar engineering(AE) works is the largest Engineering and manufacturing enterprise and leading company in the field of STEEL Equipment manufacturer AE WORKS Manufactures over 80 products The first plant of AE WORKS was set up at BIDAR in 1988

AE WORKS has 4 Manufacturing units.

AE WORKS established itself as a market leader in new generation steel products . Besides manufacturing and supplying collosisble gates. irrigation gates. outlet gates. . kptcl equipment and systems for power plants and process industries.

creativity and team work Loyalty and pride in the company Strict A adherence to commitment Ensure speed of response . Industry. Through Quality Products . Systems and Services in the fields of Steel. and other potential areas  Values Integrity and Fairness in all Matters Respect for Dignity and Potential of Individuals Faster learning .Vision A World-Class Engineering Enterprise Committed to Enhancing Stakeholder value Mission  Is To providing Total Business Solutions.

 ISO 9001 Company: Quality Policy  ISO 14001 Company : Environmental Policy .


•Production Model • Fabrication Shop & Tool Room • Product Designs Department • Procurement of Materials • Materials Management • Materials Planning And Control (MPC) .

Verifying the Compliance of Raw Materials Inspection of the Final Product .

Market exploration Order booking Bidding Preparing annual budget projections .

Establishment section Bills payable section Bills receivable section Costing and materials accounts section Cash section Provident fund section .

Payments To Materials .

WORKS is aware about the changing business situations and challenges before it .        AMAR ENGG. One of the new approaches to human resource management is the developing and maintaining of a dynamic work culture that enables joint optimization of organizational goals and individual goals and individual potential Personnel And Administration Department Recruitment & Selection Source of Recruitment Selection Welfare And Benefits Leaves Health & Safety Department .


.•It has very good product mix that is place. •Quality products and services. and high employment. •It has an effective human resource management. promotion. price. product . •Good work culture. job security.

Union . intervention in the company’s policies and working. Slow Poor processing of documents due to centralized administration. accountability on people contribution and performance.Slow updating of technology with time.

•Order and collaborations from many industries.OPPORTUNITIES •Customers looking for new products capability. •Support by Government. •Enter into civil construction Business •To expand its market share by introducing new products. .

High cost price in view of overheads. .Fast technological changes may affect the company. New entrants in the field.

. Many dealer are still not come to know about the new products from the company until the company has to inform them personally. AMAR ENGINEERING WORKS is managing its Human Resources and marketing very effectively by conducting various types of training and other sessions. As the database application were old version and not user friendly . The website contains a form for new dealers to take dealership with the company. due to increase in demand. we need to implement new application which is centralized one and user friendly . (which is being under construction).       Recruitment process has been increased from last two years. There has been constant rise in AMAR ENGINEERING WORKS profit year after year. so that a website has to created to know about the company and its products. And also have a facility to order the products online which is helpful for the new and old dealers . Because of computerization there is cost reduction in the form of reduction in paper work and also quickness of action.

RECOMMENDATION & SUGGESTIONS Company should improve the facilities for employees Proper rules have to be followed in recruiting contract labors A suggestion box can be maintained by the HR department Provide signboards within the factory premises to facilitate easy identification of the department. .

WORKS Bidar.     I was assigned as a database admin. . Maintaining the information about dealers and customers Depending on the sales of the product incentives will be given to dealers. The department staffs helped me all through my project by giving me excellent guidance and all the related information regarding my project Hence I would like to thank everyone who was part of my successful completion of my project in AMAR ENGG.

The organization has to explore new ways to tap the market for business and adopt strategies like lease financing. joint financing. joint bidding etc . which is extremely creditable in the changing environment.All the products of AE WORKS have continued to be the undisputed leaders in the categories. AE WORKS has earned profits from the initial stage of its operations and it is confident of meeting all the challenges that lies ahead and aims at achieving the highest turnover. a responsible member of the eco-conscious community. contributing towards the preservation of the environment. AE WORKS is more than just a company.