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Content: About practical training .
introduction of web site. content of web site. Brief introduction of content. Html. And table making. Css and php. MySQL and JavaScript. About project. Management Branch of school management system.

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And my trainer is Mr.PRACTICAL TRAINNING  My summer training is held from “WSCUBETECH. I am trained in Php language and my training duration from 25th may 2012 to 25th June 2012 in web development department. My training duration is one month .  . I am work with my guide in development department. Kushagra Bhatia(director of wscubtech). SARDARPURA JODHPUR”.

We can develop the web site two type as following : 1. dynamic web site. static web site.   Web page is a document or image or video and etc. 2.    .Introdection of web site  Web site is a collection of web pages. In the web site we can easily found the information every one from every where.

4.Cantent of web site       The web site is developed with following contains are helpful for made prefect web site. CSS. 5. JAVA SCRIPTE. 1. 2. PHP. MYSQUL Both two web site is developed with these above help. 3.  . HTML.

Sheet. . Its all files are save with .htm    CSS : . Its all file is save with . .    PHP : - Hyper Text Preprocessor Language It is used for dynamic website / effect. . It is server side scripting language.php .js.  MYSQL : -It is a database. Its all files are save with . It is used for data storage. .Hyper Text Markup Language.html or .Brief introduction of content    HTML : . Its also client side scripting language. These langue is used for static web site .Cascading Style It is used for web site making good looking or attractive web site Its all files are save with the .   JAVA SPCIRTE : -it is fast and secure. It is client side scripting language.css. It is client side scripting language.

HTML :  General structure of HTML: <HTML> ○ <HEAD>  <TITLE>ESPN</TITLE> ○ </HEAD><BODY> ○ This is a first page of web site. It is in decreasing order. .e.……………………………….. break row)  For heading of topic we used <H1></H1><H2></H2><H3></H3> so on this is used till h6 and its priority is tope to down h1 to h6 of bold case. ○ </BODY></HTML>  for paragraph general structure :  <p>………………………………….</p>  If change the line that time used the <br>(i.

it is also known as nested table .   Rule no two :-In this the column is not same in each and every row so we can used the colspan=“no of column are combined or marsing”. We can make the tabular form or web page the these type all format are makes by these above all three rules of table are used.we can used in the web page.   . In the simple table each and every row and column is equal no. and all these type of structure formed we used. Rule no three :.Table making : We can make the tables in three types as following : Rule no one :-it is also a simple table.

Example of tables rules :- .

(on repeat. padding left :10px.font-family:arial. It is used into web page two type :One is internally second is the externally used and last inline. background-repeat: repeat. padding right :10px. text indent :10px. width:1000px.border: 10px. .underline)text transform : uppercase. background:#681218.fontstyle:italic. padding :10px. blink . linethrow .x-repeat. All property of css used for web page:-backgroundcolour:# 618124. border-color: #681218. border-style : solid. Internally page is used as following:-<HEAD><style type =“text/css”>FOR INTERNALLY Style Sheet</style></HEAD> Externally page : in this type style sheet we used particular css page and then we connect the page on html page following syntax as:<link type=“text/css” rel=“style sheet” href=“style. Css is used for makes the web pages good looking or attractive.text-align:justify.border-width: 10px. padding: top. font-weight : bold.height:200px. text-decoration : none(overline . yrepeat) background-position: center . background-Image : url.CSS :       color:#682114.css”. font-size:14px.

 And following we used into php : Operator.  method :-GET.  Variable. POST.Php :Hyper text preprocessor language :-it is sued for dynamic web site and server scripting language.  Loop:-for .  We use the php server is xampp.  Include and include-once. while loop.  If-else . switch case. It is run on the browser by this syntax:-” local host/folder name”.  Require and require-once.  Inbuilt functions.  .

echo ”home ”.. If :-if condition is used for check the true or false as: If(condition){ True part. ………………………………………………. is used as a concatenation. Syntax for write in php:. <3>. And using variable:. Condition.$aa.echo $aa. Rule is < 1 >.< 2 >.?> Define the variable:-$aa = „home‟.} Else{ false} Loop is used for run one statement more then one times.Basic syntax of php :           Basic syntax of php is blow :<?php………………………………………. Here . . Initialization . Increment or decrement.‟texting‟.

right. Other mysql function is :-join(left.  Searching.  Paging.MySQL :      MySQL :-my scripting query language and syntax open the window of database :-”localhost/ phpmyadmin”. $s=“query of select or insert or delete or update”.mysql_select_db(“db name”).””root ”. It is used for storage of data into database by help of creating database as : create new database [new name of db] [GO] and for creating table used as : create new table [new table name][no of field] [GO] Some syntax for connecting of db by web page :mysql_connect(“localhost”. . Mysql_query($s).  Multiple delete. inner join).”password”).

. integer.write(“hello”) and for alert :alert(“please enter the your name”). float.variable.. ………….js” type=“text/JavaScript”> Syntax for simple print :-document. double and etc. <head><script type=“text/JavaScript”> ………………………. Data type :. ……………………….Java script :          Basic syntax of JavaScript :-its syntax is write on the same page only one condition which is write between <script></script> tag and into header part.</script> </head> If we used extern page that time used JavaScript page and write on this page only one syntax an one page :<script href=“validation. . character.


. And all notice are attested on wed site .day and time. examination form . staff card detail and etc. . In this project all these information is necessary for knowing as different in our areas schools so it is all necessary work like as admission . making bus card. Admiration conformation detail online and also examination form detail online. play ground card and collecting information about staff member and more about it. All examination schedule online with date . All classes examination centre also on school wed site. examination form last summation date.About the project       This project is made for the school management system to use easy and Any one of person who has interested into this school these access about school all information like as admission date. play ground card. staff card and all these type of works is done online and these all information are provides on school wed site early to early . bus card detail. roll no. bus card.

and it is used in school so it is online school management system.to control or be in charge of a business. and etc. when we create these type of system is called management system . an organization.the action or result of. it means when we used the techniques which is helpful in manage the team or some one special organization by the team lieder or manager of organization .What is management system ?  Management word is made by two words one is mange and ment. and these are perform on online is called online management system.  Manage :.  Ment :. a team. .

Transport cell 5. Sport cell 6. Staff centre 4.What is branch of school management system?  In the school management system branch is following : 1. in above all stream are works together and in only one aim of students development or student‟s future and allover development so these are work under in director of school or education group. Admission cell 2. . Examination cell 3. Information centre and etc.

comm.What works of Admission Cell ?       The admission cell is works for all admission of students and all information about each and every student contain in dbms maintain Provides the admission application form for play group to 12th all faculty (i. science. art) With all fees structure of all classes. . One counter is counselor for counseling of student‟s parents regarding to our question according to our son/ daughter admission in class.. And provides the identity card of students and staffs In the admission cell building contain one fees counter and enquire centre and etc.e.

Admission form .

What is examination cell?            These part of building in school those organize the exam and schedule on the examination cell notice boards by permeation of examiner control. All results are show on notice boards or school web site. All details o r information are provides on examination cell notice board s. All exam supervisor details provides individually for each teacher. All examination form provides on online for all students those are study in school. Time schedule or result date and examination centre details. All fees structure of each and every exam fees on school web site. Each and every exam form is different for all classes. . All students admit card for exam provides for each students. And provides the admission exam form. All other staff duty schedule or report provides the management member.


What is work of transport cell?        Mainly works of transport cell it is provides the transport facility for students and faculty and staff member. . It is provides proper bus facility in school for students. It is provides bus station in the school champs. All bus and van list according to the station number with bus or van number show on notice boards or online. All buses or vans stations list provides with the fees structure and bus driver name with mobile number. In the transport cell all member is work under the manager of transport cell. The transport facility is manage strongly and work by planning properly. staffs and etc.


Bus staff and etc. .School staff :        First of all principal of the school. Cetin staff . One director and also managing director. Each and every class teachers. Each and every department head. Each and every head of department's peon.


.INFORMATION CENTRE :   This cell is provides all information about all activity of school. This cell is work as a enquiry centre for all information about the school and connected board of education. All information on the school web site for online user and for school staff and students provides on each and every department‟s notice boards.

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