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Social Problems in Pakistan

Social Issues Of Pakistan

Corruption Smuggling

Health Care Conditions

Educational Problems Terrorism Food Crisis Poverty


Corruption in widespread.Pakistan

is ranked as a 42nd corrupted country of the world according to Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.

The expert sources indicate that the following sectors are among the most affected by corruption.
Police and law enforcement. Judiciary and legal professions.

Power sector.
Tax and customs. Land administration.

Health and education.


To import or export without paying lawful

customs charges or duties.

Smuggling severly harms the economy of

Pakistan in multidimensional ways.

Smuggling undermines the local industry, discourages the legal imports and reduces the volume of revenues collected from duties. Unfortunately a parallel underground economy has taken roots in Pakistan.

Health Care Conditions

Even after decades of existence there is no equal distribution of wealth and resources.

Many Pakistanis suffer from physical and emotional problems but there is no proper health care system in place.
Mental illness is still surrounded by visible stigma.

Children still suffer from malnutrition because of pervasive poverty.

Many patients with emergency only see a doctor when they get violent and have a nervous breakdown.

Educational Problems
Pakistan illiteracy rate is decreasing continuously as the schools have not kept up with the population explosion. Most people in villages cannot read or write.

There is no standardized educational system.

There is also a problem of different medium of instructions in private and public sector.

In Pakistan there is also a lack of technical education.


Pakistan play a key and highly conflicted role in the global war on terror. Today terrorism is threatening the very roots and fabric of Pakistans nationhood.

The major causes of terrorism in Pakistan are

Political crisis.

Economic conditions.
Standard of living. Illiteracy.

Food Crisis
The world financial experts have placed Pakistan on a list of 36 countries that face a serious food crises. It has two aspects

Unavailability of edibles. Soaring prices due to gap in demand and supply of edibles.

Child Labor
The full-time employment of children who are under a minimum legal age.

The last survey in 1996 figured out 3.3 millionchild labourers in Pakistan, out of which 2.4million were boys and 0.9 were girls.
Most of the child laborers are working in ruler areas as compare to urban areas.

In Pakistan child labor is related to

Craft and related trade activities.

Brick making.
Stone crushing. Carpet making. Agriculture sector. Factories and industries.

Poverty In Pakistan

Poverty is one of the main issues of Pakistan.

According to 2007-08 analysis,17.2 % of the total population lived below the poverty line which is the lowest figures in history of Pakistan.

Main factors of poverty in Pakistan are:

Inequality. Natural disasters. Feudalism. Lack of adequate governance. Poor industrial standards.