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‘How I Met Myself’ by David A.

Name : Marwan Alif Bin Ahmad Fauzi 2 (2012),3 (2013)

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Author David A. He worked for the British Council for 18 years and had long associations with Pilgrim School of English in Canterbury. as a summer school teacher trainer. He typically works in about 12 countries around the world each year. Hungary. He is currently with Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE). Hill is a freelance author of educational materials. . and also gives poetry readings and musical (blues/folk)performance. United Kingdom. teacher trainer and lecturer on English language and literature working out of Budapest. Norwich.

In modern vernacular it is simply any double or look-alike of a person. in a position where there is no chance that it could have been a reflection. . In some traditions. typically representing evil or misfortune. Doppelgängers often are perceived as a sinister form of bilocation and are regarded by some to be harbingers of bad luck. a doppelgänger (German "double goer") is a paranormal double of a living person. a doppelgänger seen by a person's friends or relatives portends illness or danger. It also describes the sensation of having glimpsed oneself in peripheral vision. a vardøger is a ghostly double who precedes a living person and is seen performing their actions in advance. while seeing one's own doppelgänger is an omen of death.In Norse mythology.Doppelgänger In fiction and folklore.

Hungary. John did some research and found that a man. with a similar to his. . He was walking home from work one day when he bumped into his doppelganger. and daughter. The person’s wife and daughter were killed in a tragedy. had lived in that area many years ago along with a wife and a daughter – whose names were also Andrea and Kati. Andre. and live there with his wife.Synopsis This story is about a man who met his doppelganger . Kati. John Taylor was an English computer programmer who worked in Budapest. The timely warning from John’s doppelganger saved John’s wife and daughter from a similar fate. John believed the doppelganger had come to give him a message. a ghostly double of a living person.

The man apologized and John saw the man had his face. a strange thing happened to John on Monday evening in January. From building came sounds of a door shutting and someone run out and straight into John. He was offered to lead a young Hungarian team. He worked as a computer programmer and worked in a multinational company in Bristol. Finally. Getting to know me John introduced himself. John met himself in one of the streets there. John was walking home from office and was deep in thought about an office problem. They lived in the Hollan utca and Thirteenth District on the Pest side of the city. A strange meeting In the Thirteenth District in Budapest. Chapter 2 . they fell in love and got married 18 months later.He had attended one-to-one Hungarian language lessons with a pretty teacher named Andrea.Synopsis Of Each Chapter Chapter 1. . It was a strange and fearful meeting.

That dream made him awake. . John stayed for an hour and had a few drinks. Then. The man had come out from flat 7 Felka utca. He flashed back to the incident of meeting a man like him. He had to lie to Andrea the reason he came back late. John dreamt of himself running out of the buliding and into someone who fell down. Chapter 4. He thought out carefully the time he should be outside the building where he had met the man yesterday. A search John took some rest before following the man that had face like him and reached the entrance to a bar cellar. Tuesday. John waited the opposite to number7 Felka utca but it was a useless wait. He entered the café and asked the café owner about the man but he did not saw him. That night. He saw that it was himself lying on the ground. John was distracted at work. 7 Felka utca The following day.Chapter 3. He cannot sleep as he could forget the image of the man. He then realised that only his footprints seen while that man’s footprints did not. John went to the cellar bar at Gergely utca. The barman asked whether John had found his friend.

. John and Andrea walked to Felka utca. I tell Andrea Starting that day. One evening. Talking to the housekeeper On Saturday morning. a lady who had there for 21 years. Chapter 6. John felt happy and relaxed because not having the nightmare last night. Andrea cannot believe that the man could be the spirit of a dead person such as being told by John. Andrea questioned him with tearful eyes and he had to tell the truth. they asked the housekeeper at Gergely utca but got the same answer. He began to lose focus especially at work. They went into the cellar bar and had drink. Every night he had the same nightmare and woke up feeling fearful. They questioned the housekeeper. He became grumpy and impatient even with Andrea due to tiredness and lack of sleep. She laughed with relief that John was not having an affair. She cannot help them very much. John would wait outside 7 Felka utca. She suggested that they did investigation. John was disturbed by the fact the man had left no footprints. Then. go to the bar and then went home after work.Chapter 5.

After exchanged news. he did not know the reason why it appeared. Chapter 8. A holiday John and Andrea had a baby girl on 16th September and they named her Kati. They went to England for the Christmas holiday. fifteen hours a week at an international bank. This attracted more customers. Andrea wanted John to be more focused on the family but he was distracted. Paul said that phenomenon did exist and warned that they also were the messenger of bad news. John went to the village pub hoping to meet some old friends. Zsolt offered to take in Andrea as a helper in the cellar bar. She agreed and managed to make changes. The following day. John and Andrea went into Swindon town to do some Christmas shopping. Andrea had lost her biggest job. John found that what happened to him was called doppelgänger. Doppelganger John’s life had returned to normal. However. He was not having the dream and visited thevcafé again. He met Paul. He got news that Andrea was pregnant that time. one of his closest friends at school. However. John told him about the doppelgänger. His family returned to Hungary and spent New Year with Andrea’s family. .Chapter 7.

A man ran out into John causing John to fall. The date gets closer again On 11th January night. John ran after the man until Zsolt’s bar which was closed. He persuaded Andrea to follow him to Felka utca on 18th January. They spent time a Margaret Island but not in a happy mood.Chapter 9. He ran off and saw he had John’s face. 18th January On Sunday. He read his diary and realised that he met with the strange man on 18th January of last year. they were standing opposite number 7 Felka utca. there was a loud noise.00 p. . as they were supposed to attend a tea party. John had the dream again that night. Andrea said that she did not see anyone other than John.30 p. By 6. This time he dreamed of hearing aloud noise in the street just before the man came out of the door. John and Andrea prepared for their trip to Felka utca with uncertain feelings.m.m. Chapter 10. Suddenly. They left home at 3. John suddenly had the fearful dreams again. He had to find out what happened at Felka utca and Gergely utca on 18th January in the past. Andrea stayed there while John stood outside the door of Felka utca. She agreed but that was her last involvement..

A little bit of history John asked for some time off work as he must take care of Kati. he attracted to a headline. John secreted his arrangement from Andrea. John went to the Budapest City Library. He was given afternoons off for a week or two.Chapter 11. For the next few afternoons. ‘YOUNG MOTHER AND CHILD KILLED AS FIGHTING ENDS IN PEST’. He read news about Budapest starting from ten years before then. Fischer and got the information needed. The story was of a Mrs. Looking for the truth John knew that Andrea had the right to be upset but he needed to solve his problem. On Saturday. However. Andrea refused to help him anymore. Andrea knew that he was lying and wanted to know the truth. He was told that a Szabo family was at the third floor. Chapter 12. He later went to Gergely utca and asked the housekeeper the same question. Szabo and her daughter who were killed in a cellar in a Gergely utca building that was destroyed by a bomb on 18th January. That person was unfriendly and not the one that John looking for. John met the housekeeper at Gergely utca and asked about Szabo family but got useless answer. . John talked Mrs. When John got home. He explained it and seeks for her help.

He lost his wife and daughter in the incident of the Russian bomb that destroyed the cellar in a Gergely utca building. Fischer’s story about Janos Szabo. John was happy because knew the truth. He felt that his doppelgänger was linked to Andrea. Although he knew that Andrea was not interested. John memorised back the fact that he got. Andrea thought that John was ill. John was disappointed with Andrea’s attitude. They spent a quite Christmas at home and New Year with Andrea’s family. Chapter 14. The rest of the year was good as Andrea and John spent time on their work and Kati. However their relationship started getting better as they took Kati to England for the second time in August. Problems at home John was both interested and worried by Mrs. Janos himself died in the street fighting in 1956. This made him forget about meeting himself. Another year goes by John and Andrea were not close anymore. Chapter 13. John took the risk and told her about Janos. John had his dream again as 18th January was around the corner. Their relationship was not as close as before. .

On Saturday. She went on and told that John’s wife was called Andrea and his daughter named Kati. From a sign in a tailor’s shop. there was a loud explosion in Gergely utca and followed by shout for help. The same was the sound of a man’s voice shouting for help and calling out Andrea and Kati’s names. John panicked when he saw the note and immediately ran out into the street to get to the bar but turned into 7 Felka utca. he made the connection between his name and the doppelgänger. Feeling uncomfortable. Just then. . 18th January. John woke up feeling afraid. Chapter 16. John felt sick after hearing that. I discovered some more facts As John walked home from work. John ran out and into his doppelgänger with worrying about what would he found in Gergely utca. A note from Andrea mentioned that they were in Zsolt’s bar. he wondered if he should go to Felka utca on 18th January. Fischer in Felka utca. he went to see Mrs. She told him straight off that he looked like Janos. he had a drink at Zsolt’s bar. Then.Chapter 15. John reached home at half past six but Andrea and Kati was not at home. The final frightening fact was that he and Janos had the same birthday which is on 23 October. John believed his doppelgänger was trying to tell something and hoped he could meet again on 18th January. It all happens again John had the dream every night with all different aspects in different degrees.

police and ambulance team arrived and persuaded him to leave. He saw Andrea and Kati. . rescue fire. They held each other and Andrea told that they were saved by John’s friend. The police told him that they did not get any news yet. Zsolt’s bar looked completely destroyed and a terrible thought struck John. He shouted that his wife and daughter were in the bar and needed to be rescued. he insisted that his wife and daughter needed help. He slept for a few minutes and woke up. feeling hopeless. He regretted not having a deep thought about what the reason of his doppelganger to appear. He walked into somebody and looked up saw his doppelgänger.Chapter 17. Car alarms were ringing and broken glass were scattered. Unexpected help John walked alone along Gergely utca. his doppelgänger. However. He also regretted not telling Andrea abou this dream and the information he got from Mrs Fischer. He was helped to the ambulance and had rest. Chapter 18. John has to answer before being asked to go home and wait. Soon. The doppelgänger pointed at something. John realized that nobody can survive with the explosion. We must get them out! The street at Gergely utca was full of smoke. The people managed to cooperate and formed a team to get rid of wood and stone.

she heard the explosion and quickly went to check it out. She was afraid John might be in the bar. Kati cried that the person was not John. . She understood that the man wanted her to leave and so she went home. when Andrea and Kati wanted to get into the bar. Andrea and John concluded it was a strange story. From the flat. they were stopped by John’s doppelgänger stood in front of the door and refused to move aside. Andrea remembered that the book had said about being seen by someone else if it had an important message.Actually.

Characters John Taylor -An English computer programmer -34 years old. blue eyes and a beautiful smile -Taught John and fell in love before getting married 18 months later -Did not understand John’s problem – feels John too obsessed with the phenomenon -Eventually understands the message given by John’s doppelganger and feel grateful . nearly two meters tall -Light brown hair with a moustache -Working in a multinational company in Bristol -Sent by company to head a young Hungarian team at Budapest office. Hungary -Met Andrea. a pretty teacher and married with her 18 months later -Met his doppelganger – initially had difficulty understanding the phenomenon -Feared for wife and daughter but finally relieved they were safe Andrea Taylor -John’s wife and a teacher of Hungarian -Pretty with dark brown hair.

Kati Taylor -John and Andrea’s cute baby daughter. born on 16th September -Saw John doppelganger at Zsolt’ bar -Recognised and told Andrea it was not John who was blocking their way to the cellar bar .

. The family often visited the island park in the middle of the River Danube. John with his wife and daughter spent their Christmas holiday with his family in a village near Swindon in England. lived in a flat in the Hollan utca. After the incident. to get some fresh air and to relax. John went to the Budapest City Library to read up on every incident that happened in Budapest’s Thirteenth District every 18th January. Andrea. John Taylor and his wife. The main character. he used to spent time at a bar located at Gergely utca owned by Zsolt. His office was located at Vaci utca. The incident of him stumbling upon his doppelgänger happened in front of number 7 Felka utca.Settings Time Present day Place The story was set in Budapest in Hungary.

. As the saying goes. Family support Andrea showed her love and support for John and in his quest to find the truth as much as she could. She felt that John should be reasonable and support her and look after the family.Themes Determination in solving problems John was determined to solve his problem of meeting with his doppelgänger especially to know the message he was bringing to him. it is better to light the candle than cry in the darkness.

she was willing to work at Zsolt’s bar. Andrea was helped as much as she could. He was afraid because he could not understand what was happening to him. Furthermore. John did not allow his unusual situation to spoil the family holiday and allow it to become a family crisis. When she lost an important teaching job. his life changes and he lived in fear. his fear took a turn for the worst when he started having nightmares about the doppelganger. Fear of the unknown From the moment John first saw the doppelganger. .Positive approach to problems John and Andrea were positive in their approach to their problems.

Moral Values Thinking positive about problems We must be positive and not afraid to face our problems. it still not wise. We may have witnessed something unusual and people will say that we are mistaken. we know what we have seen and so we should stay strong and have faith in ourselves. . If he told the truth earlier. Although John had a white lie with Andrea about coming home late. we should be positive and face up to them. But. when we have problems of whatever nature. Honesty We must be honest with our family members about ourselves and our action. Like John. he would not suffer that problem alone Believing ourselves We must believe in ourselves what we see with our own eyes.