Rockefeller is Born

 July 8, 1839- John D. Rockefeller is born in Richford, New York to William and Eliza Rockefeller.

 1849- Father moves the family to Owego, New York, following allegations of rape.

 1855- John D. Rockefeller drops out of high school and enters a professional school.

“Job Day”
 September 26, 1855John D. Rockefeller gets his first job, he would celebrate this day for rest of his life.

Civil War
 1861- Civil War begins, at first hurt the oil industry but eventually would make Rockefeller a very rich man.

The Start of Oil
 1863- Rockefeller gets into the oil business starts out in Cleveland, Ohio.

 September 8, 1864John D. Rockefeller marries Laura Celestia Spelman.

Rockefeller becomes a Father
 1865- Laura gives birth to John’s first son. John D. Rockefeller owns the largest refinery in Cleveland.

The Largest Corporation
 1870- Rockefeller founds Standard Oil of Ohio which is the largest corporation in America.

 1872- Rockefeller is tainted by the scandal surrounding the South Improvement Company scheme, a secret alliance between major refiners and the railroads.

The Beginning of a Monopoly
 1873- A Depression hits the United States but Standard Oil takes advantage and takes over companies in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York, and Pennsylvania's Oil Region.

Oil Refineries
 1977- Rockefeller at age 38 owns about 90% of all the oil refined in the United States.

 1882- Standard Oil makes its business more efficient and therefore undersells all of its competitors.

 Mid 1880’s- Standard Oil starts to sell Globally, and eventually sells more to other countries than they do the United States.

 1888- John D. Rockefeller has to go to the stand and gives his testimony after an investigation has been done on Standard Oil.

 1895- Rockefeller decides to retire from Standard Oil gradually and didn’t want people to know about it.

A True Monopoly
 1890’s- Standard Oil has taken over everything and has no competition.

The President
 1906-1907- Theodore Roosevelt attacks Standard Oil and Rockefeller. The U.S. government has lawsuits against Standard Oil and its monopoly.

The Fall of Standard Oil
 1911- The United States calls for Standard Oil to be dismantled within six months.

Giving Back
 1913- Rockefellers makes a foundation "to promote the wellbeing of mankind throughout the world."

The Death of the Oil Tycoon
 1937- Rockefeller dies at the age of 97, three years short of his goal.


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