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What is a Farming

 Let’s pretend that all of you live in
the town of Timbuktu, which is a very
small and remote town in the
 The town receives most of its income
from farming and livestock
 The main agricultural products are
rice, cattle, carabao, and goat
 Livestock are grazed on grasslands
not converted to crop lands
 Timbuktu have access to a very
small amount of irrigation water
where the nearby river is flowing,
other than that they have to rely on
 When rice is harvested the farmers
must use either carabao or horse to
haul the crop to a town 15 km away
so that it can be sold.
 What is the relation of each one to
the other? (eg. What is the relation of
Gian with Maica? With Arvin? Etc.)

 Howwill the farming situation be
changed should ___ be removed?
 Could they still continue to farm?

 What should they do in order to keep
farming in the future?

 What if you added a component to
the farming system?
 What would happen to the farming
system of the community if a new
variety of rice is introduced the will
increase yields?

 Whatare the components of the
Timbuktu farming systems?
Definition of Farming systems
 Itrelates to the whole farm rather than
individual elements of the farm.

 Itis driven more by overall farming
household welfare than yield and
profitability goals.

 FS is closely linked with livelihoods, as
agriculture remains the single most
important component of rural people’s
living (NRI Org., 2004)
 FS is the complex combination of all
of the factors that influence the farm
and the family
 Whatare some of the constraints
shown in the play?

 Which among the constraints
identified will you eliminate and how?