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Continuous Improvement
Budi Aribowo Total Quality Management

Race is never over We continuously improve by :
Viewing all work as a process Making effective, efficient and adaptable Controlling in-process performance using measures Eliminating waste Investigating activities that do not add value Eliminating nonconformities Using benchmarking to improve competitive advantage

Process refers to business and production activities of all organizations Business processes purchasing, engineering, accounting, marketing , etc The process is the interaction of some combination of people, materials, equipment, method, measurement and the environment to produce an out come product and service

Juran Trilogy
Planning, Control and Improvement The planning component begin with external customers QFD, Taguchi Control is used by operating forces to help meet the product, process and service requirement SPC, Capability Process Improvement begin with the establishment of an effective infrastructure such as Quality Council

Improvement Strategies
Repair simple strategy, anything broken must be fix Refinement improve efficiency and effectiveness Renovation Innovation and technological advancement are key factors Reinvention the current approach will never satisfy customer requirement a new product , service, process or activity is developed using team based

Type of Problems
Compliance occur when a structured system having standardized inputs, process and output is performing unacceptably from users viewpoint Unstructured resemble compliance problems Efficiency system Process Design Product Design

The PDSA Cycle

PDSA cycle was first developed by Shewhart and then modified by Deming Plan carefully what is to be done Do Carry out the plan (do it) Study/Check did the plan work as intended ? Action Act on the results by identifying what worked as planned and what didnt

A Japanese word for the philosophy that defines managements role in continuously encouraging and implementing small improvements involving everyone More effective, efficient, under control and adaptable Improvement are usually accomplished without sophisticated techniques or expensive equipment

Kaizen Non Value added Activity

Kaizen - Muda

Kaizen Motion Study

Kaizen Material Handlings

Kaizen Standard Operating Procedures

Kaizen 5 S

Kaizen Visual Managements

Kaizen Just in Time

Produce only the units in the right quantities, at the right time and the right resources

Kaizen Pokayoke

Team Work
Include problem solving, communication skill and conflict resolution

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