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Mayan Hierarchy

Social Hierarchy A Mayan Warrior A Mayan Priest .

Social Hierarchy  King and ruling family  Priests  Hereditary nobility (from which came the merchant class)‫‏‬  Warriors  Professionals and artisans  Peasants  Slaves .

A Mayan King .Social Hierarchy  King and ruling family      Ruled from the city-kingdoms such as Tikal Ruled by semi-divine right and believed their connection with the gods was maintained by ritual human sacrifice Often had names associated with the jaguar Called themselves Halach Unich Often rebuilt temples as a means to ensure their position in perpetuity.

 This picture shows a ceremonial depiction of a Halach Unic. .  The various animals and accoutrements represent specific powers and attributes that the rulers felt they had or wanted people to believe they had.

Priests  Priests  Maintained an elaborate calendar and transmitted knowledge of writing. astronomy. and mathematics .

humiliated. tortured. and ritually sacrificed .Social Hierarchy  Hereditary nobility (from which came the merchant class)‫‏‬  Owned most of the land and cooperated with the kings and priests by organizing military forces and participating in religious rituals  Warriors  Mayan kingdoms fought constantly with each other and warriors won tremendous prestige by capturing highranking enemies  Captives were usually made slaves.

Social Hierarchy  Professionals and artisans  Architects and sculptors supervised construction of the large monuments and public buildings Fed the entire society  Peasants   Slaves   Provided physical labor for the construction of cities and monuments Often had been captured in battle .