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Science and History of Santa Claus

Surprising facts about Santa’s journey

• Or would it? Santa must circle the globe.How long does Santa have on Christmas Eve? • If Santa were to start delivering gifts at 10 pm on Christmas Eve and finish at 6 am on Christmas morning. How would that affect how many hours he has for his work? . that would give him only 8 hours to deliver presents.

International Date Line • The date in the Eastern hemisphere (to the left of the Int’l Date Line) is always one day ahead of Hawaii. . So. around the globe. Santa would gain 24 hours if he traveled west.

So how long does Santa have to deliver presents? • If Santa started delivering gifts at 10 pm on Tonga-and finished at 6 am in the Samoa Islands--how many hours would he have for his deliveries? (Hint: 24 + 8=?) .

Santa’s flying reindeer would have to travel at many times the speed of sound. that would mean that Santa would visit 108 million homes • To reach all those homes.5 children per household. . how many houses does Santa visit? • There are about 378 million children whose families celebrate Christmas • At an average of 3.In that time.

in a Roman province that is now part of Turkey • Born wealthy. he gave generous gifts to the needy . Nicholas) come from? • The historical Saint Nicholas was born in the 3rd century.But where did Santa (or St.

Father Christmas • In many countries the spirit of giving associated with Christmas came to be identified with St. Nicholas. or with a similarly generous figure: Father Christmas .

on foot. shows St. Nick delivering gifts alone. . Nick in Middle Ages • This painting. • Clearly.St. created in 1425. he would need assistance. as the world population grew.

• In 19th century America. a more modern image of Santa evolved • Elves helped him manufacture toys • Flying reindeer pulled Santa’s sleigh each year.Santa Claus in the U. .S.

• The magical powers of elves would help to create millions of toys for children. elusive spirits with mischievous personalities. .Who are Santa’s elves? • English folk tales portray elves as small.

since Santa’s reindeer have antlers on Christmas. So. . But the antlers of older males fall off in December. Dasher and Dancer are most likely girls.Are Santa’s reindeer girls? • Male and female reindeer both grow antlers.

describing gifts they desire • Still.Naughty or Nice … • Establishment of modern mail delivery allows children to write letters directly to Santa. the ultimate decision--naughty or nice--is Santa’s .

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