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A Study on Customer Perception regarding Purchase Decision of Two-Wheelers in Bhubaneswar Market

By Avik Mitra (11DM010)

8%.Introduction • ICRA: domestic two wheeler industry is expected to report a volume growth of 8-9% in 2012-13. a strong volume expansion over the last 3 yrs.the key contributor to the two-wheeler industry’s volume growth over the last 10 years. . • Addition of 77 million youth to the Indian population mix in the last decade . At a CAGR of 21.

• Make an assessment of any marked deviations in the perceptions affecting purchase decisions. • Look into the effects as well as the magnitude of such effects of those perceptions on the purchase decisions of customers for two wheelers. . • Check how far customers’ perceptions and purchase decisions are linked to one another. check whether certain set of perceptions play an important role consistently or whether a certain set of perceptions is insignificant in the context of purchase decision of two wheelers.Objectives • Identify certain underlying perceptions customers take recourse to while making purchases of two wheelers.

Literature Review • Suresh Vadde (2010) in his study on “Consumer Behavior towards two wheeler automobiles: A comparative study in rural and urban areas”. their study was aimed to find out the consumer behavior towards show room services of two wheelers. . • S Saravanan. experience and belief. Their results show that the ages of the respondents are positively correlated with Yamaha and others brand and negatively correlated with TVS. Hero Honda and Bajaj. professional status. N Pachanatham & S Pragadeeswaran (2009) their study on “Consumer Behavior towards Show room services of Two Wheelers with reference to Cuddalore District”. Their study was conducted in cuddalore district with a sample size of 200 users who were selected randomly. Result exhibits that five variables (age. personality. size of family and educational qualification) have significantly contributed for predicting the Availability of spare parts. it was found that the consumer decision to purchase a two wheeler is based on own perception.

a scale of preferences should be established to understand the preferences of customers. an inventory of attributes for motorized two-wheelers should be established to understand how customers choose between the products. In other words. In the same token.Literature Review (contd…) McAlister (1982) demonstrates how an inventory of attributes of products may be used to understand the choice of products by customers. .

. Correlation for determining the level of association b/w variables affecting customer perception and their respective purchase decisions. if any. • Primary data collected with the help of questionnaires.Research methodology • Convenience sample of 200 respondents. ANOVA to determine the effect of perception on purchase decision and look into the sources of variations. Secondary data. ii. • Incorporation of certain statistical tools for data analysis: i.

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