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MARKFED'S success is the true reflection of the spirit and dynamism of the people it represents: the people of Punjab, Markfed began its operations in September 1954 with13 members and a share capital of Rs. 54000. Initially, the major functions of Markfed included production and procurement of agricultural inputs and market agricultural commodities for Punjabi farmers. And what began with 13 members, a share of Rs. 54,000/-, three employees and one bicycle has today become Asia's largest Marketing Cooperative. Markfed with an annual business turnover of over 2 billion USD. Now, Markfed is a federation of 3021 member cooperative societies, representing the interests of over one million farmers. MARKFED VISION:

Our vision is to continuously motivate the farmer and provide a substantial base for production and marketing of value added agro food products both for domestic and foreign market while retaining safety, purity and quality.

NAMES S.Harminder Singh Jassi Chairman DESIGNATION

S.G.S Grewal, I.A.S

RanaSurinder Pal Singh S.Malkiat Singh Bahrowal S.Ravinandan Singh Bajwa S.Harsharan Singh S.Jagdeep Singh S.Sharanjit Singh

Managing Director
Vice Chairman Director Director Director Director Director

S.Bhalinder Singh
S.Balwinder Singh S.Chitenderbir Singh S.Sandeep Singh Randhawa Sh.AmritLalVohra

Director Director Director Director

Activity of Markfed:
1.) Procurement of Agri produce is one of the main activities of Markfed. 2.) It procures wheat, paddy and cotton. 3.) Distributes Agri-inputs, including quality seed, fertilizers, Agro-chemicals. 4.) Supplies cattle feed to farmers through the cooperative societies & Dealer. 5.) Process vanaspati/Refined oils, Ready-to-eat canned foods and bottled products and Basmati Rice at its own units.

Special Activity:Entered into contract farming for Basmati/ Long Grain varieties of paddy in the year 2006-2007. Has registered 3171 farmer, cultivating 45878 acres of land in 15 districts of Punjab during the year 2008-2009. Physical and technical inputs are provided to the member farmer under contract farming programme for Basmati production. Declared as nodal agency for export of fruits, vegetables and food grain by state Govt.

Provide water and soil testing services at the farmer door step.
Markfed packaging Testing laboratory at Mohali to check losses/spillage/pilferage. Markfed state of art food testing lab at Ropar test all agricultural produce, milk and milk products, fresh/processed fruits and vegetables, cereals , honey and honey based products, soil and water etc.

STRENGTH 1) Trading & export house:-Markfed hasachieved the status of an export house form the government of India. Markfed has also been declared as nodal agency for export of fruits, vegetable and food grains by the government of Punjab.

2.) Research & Development:- Markfed contributes towards research and development wo carried out by the Punjab Agricultural university, Ludhiana (Punjab) 3.) Latest Techniques:- In keeping with the fast moving scenario, Markfed has adopted latest methodologies like radio-wireless communication system, electronic data processing with computer facilities to quicken processing and analysis of information. 4.) Outstanding Performance:-In recognition of its contribution towards development of agro-industry, Markfed has received National productivity Council Awards.


Old plans require substantial modernization. Weak advertising network.

Since it is a government enterprise so change in the government policies.

Weak infrastructure and no up-gradation of factory. Being a government its business may be effected due to change in government policy. Slow down in expected demand of some products. Increasing competition from domestic and international market

Strong possibility for Markfed to capture 90% of people in India. Favourable demand potential for growth in the economy led by the investment in construction and infrastructure. It has been accorded to the status of export house by the central government


Processing Food/ Other Edibles : SarsonKa Sag, Dal Makhani, Rajmah, ChatpataChana, PalakPaneer, Matter Paneer, AluWari, AluPalak, AluMethi, KadiPakoda,Tomato Ketchup, Mixed Fruit Jam, Synthetic Vinegar Honey, Sugar, Basmati Rice, Parmal Rice

Edible Oils/Ghee

Vanaspati Ghee, Refined Oil, Sunflower Oil, Mustard Oil, Kachighani. Agro Chemlcals& Animal Feed, Cattle Feed.


Type of research : Descriptive Research Data collection methods: Primary data: For primary data collection, we collect information by making questionnaire, direct interview, public opinion etc. Secondary Data Chandigarh market profile, various sectors wholesaler & Retailer studies are important sources of secondary data. Sampling Size: The sample size of my project is limited to 50 people only. Sampling Design: Data has been presented with the help of pie charts & column charts.

The main objective of field survey during the project was to find out the consumers satisfaction level of the services offered by other brand. The other objective of the research was to identify the other needs of consumers with respect to number of brands plying role in market.


Do you have a favorite brand which you buy repeatedly?

INFERENCE : 66% respondents said that they use there favorite brand repeatedly where is other said no.

Which brand of basmati rice do you use?

INFERENCE: 28 % respondents were edicted to the Kohinoor brand of rice and 34% of respondents uses the other local brands.

What does your brand gives you?

INFERENCE: Most of the respondents believes that the brand they use is for taste and they are least considered about the value of money.

On what basis do you select a brand?

INFERENCE: Basis on which respondents select their brand is quality then popularity and followed by friend price and other basis.

What influences you the most when you make decision to purchase?

Decision to purchase







% of Respondents




Do you keep brand name in your mind while purchasing?

Brand Name Respondents % of Respondents

Yes 38 76%

No 12 24%

Are good quality of Rice very important to you?

Good Quality Respondents % of Respondents

Yes 50 100%

No 0 0%

Do you prefer buying the most selling brands?

Most Selling Brand Respondents % of Respondents

Yes 30 60%

No 20 40%

In this chapter I would like to suggest some recommendations to MARKFED CHANDIGARH to adopt more successful operation in INDIA as well as other country which you supply your products. Since a huge portion of the Urban people or major cities people are demanded your products. The reason behind that now a days both husband and wife are working in out of home and they havent give time to make food, hence there can they purchase ready-to-eat product which are they are like now these days. Markfed should expand their target market also towards the rural people. They should also conduct different promotional activities in rural fairs and socially responsible promotional activities to attract rural consumers and social awareness .Because Markfed has produce different type of packaging style and presentation in Rice Brand so now if they provide different types of Packagingproduct for various type of quantityofRicepackaging, i.e. Riceit might increase their sales. Lastly, as Indianpeople have use Rice in daily eatingand the other thing isthat the Punjabis has mainly eats good quality of rice. Why I am giving you suggestion because of the Markfed has many competitors in Rice and other product also like Haffed, LalQuila, Jagat etc. These are the recommendations suggested by me to Markfed Chandigarh Ltd. to adopt for a more successful operation in India and other country with large market share.

The Rice industry of India consists of a many producers in the industry. The demand for this product is very much vulnerable in terms of pricing because of it is daily need of product in eating purpose. MarkfedChandigarhis providing Rice at a price which is affordable to most of the people in the country. TheRice is an uprising product in India as a greater portion of the population, and other thing isthat few states are producing rice on large scale. As a Markfed company Chandigarh with heavy promotional activities, has been able to penetrate the market in Mohali also. With six different types, three different sizes, international standard and high quality design, as a product,Ricehas been highly successful over the years. Its distribution process is highly efficient. Its promotional activities, like to give discount on the product has been a milestone in attracting a huge number of customers. Overall with its marketing activities SOHNA has been a successful brand in Mohali also. The only place where rival companies are progressing is in giving customers redemption offers. Research revealed that Mohali and other Indian customers also are highly attracted to this sort of offers.


Some of the respondents of the survey were unwilling to share information. The information given by the respondents might be biased because some of them might not be interested to give correct information.. Resource and time constraint.